Technology Is A Fortune For Your Kids! – 7 Positive Impacts

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Technology! Which has a hidden word inside “agathokakological” (means, both good and evil)!

Took a long time to read? Well me too:) I find this word using technology by lying in my bed with a mobile! We all must admit the technology is magnificent!

If you are a 80’s or 90’s kid, you grew up with the dawn of internet. You were the first generation to probably try texting. But those late-lucky 20’s kids, they are growing up in a different world.

There are abundance of technology available to them through televisions, mobiles, I pads, tablets, laptops, car screens, smartwatches etc. The world of children should be adjusted to learn life experiences from adults also.

Does your child ever seem to understand more about technology than you do? If you are having a problem in your mobile, you are asking your child for assistance right?

Yeah, adapting to new technology is difficult for adults, but it seems alot easy for young kids. Children undergo early brain development under 7 years called critical periods. In this period, the brain gets so thirsty to take new information and suck new skills.

Despite of some debates like “Too much of Tech is A Tragedy”, we should also admit the virtual world have makes our kids smarter through many apps like YouTube kids, Byju’s , discovery etc. Many parents nowadays have even admit that their mobile phones hold 6-7 entertaining and educational apps for their children alone!

Let’s dive straight to see how much technology have turned beneficial for our children’s lives WHEN USED IN A RIGHT WAY!


1. Improves Language Skills

This happens through a very simple phenomenon. Children used to watch “Dora the explorer” and used to speak like dora like “To help dora climb up, you gotta say subida, can you say subida? ” I have my little cousin who used to speak the whole episode of dora. In no days, we could find a great improvement in language.

By watching their favourite shows and easily skipping when they are bored makes them enthusiastic all the time and makes them easier to learn new words and proper ways to pronounce them.


2. Develops Problem Solving Skills

Faranc Blumberg, PhD and Sabrina S Ismailer, MSED of Fordham University ( associated with American Psychological Association) mentioned that kids are more interested in winning short term goals to reach the next level. When playing a game, kids wonder which step comes next which is helpful for their learning especially in maths and logical reasoning.


3. Opens To The Virtual World!

Children easily get connected with variety of places, animals, food, technology culture, music, documentary and space science by sitting as a couched potato in one place. Technology exposes things to children which they can’t be seen in reality.

Kids will be ready to read the old stuffed books and can also be updated with the newly discovered animal in Amazon and the last white rhinoceros which got extincted in Kenya! He can understand that life is more than the four walls around house and classroom.


4. Grows Self Esteem

We have come across many people who fear failures during interviews, interactions, competitions, seminars, sports and they move on without trying it. But growing up with technology makes children to try varying approaches until they reach their goal.

They become more confident and grows the ability to watch situations patiently in a real-based time, allowing for deeper observation and critical thinking.


5. Learns How To Work With A Team

Technology offers children to go along with their other players. Many games are coming in multiplayer options which affords them the opportunity to communicate more, work on team projects and share their strengths.

It instills responsibility and insists critical thinking skills. Kids today have many opportunities to practice teamwork skills in their daily lives and online.


6. Brain development

Have you noticed children run over television set on listening to certain advertisement and song? They used to give voice behind the ads same like them! It may appears simple for us but it’s not!

The children are first noticing the ads and memorizing them (without any intention to memorize), retaining and recollecting.
All the above processes have very active and strong brain development.


7. Positive Influence

Kids are not matured enough to know their role model and think about their future. But watching TVs makes them positively influenced by their favourite characters and start following them without even realizing it.

Make your children watch programs having moral values like honesty, peace, confidence, respect, patriotism and hardwork.


Technology is nothing but a fortune and it depends on parents to advise children to how wisely they should use it! Teach children to use technology in a healthy way and pick up the skills and habits that will make them brillant.

Eating is healthier but eating excessively is not! Rain makes us happy, but raining excessively leading to flood will make the situation worse!

Remember, “Too much of anything is good for nothing along with the child lock or password option in your mobile !


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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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