Menstruation- Top 12 Foods To Avoid During Periods

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Every month, women cross a period known as the time of the month. Some of the slangs used to refer to monthly periods are code red, monthly visitor, lady time, and um..whatnot!

So, apart from the mood swings, bleeding for 7 days (it varies), women experience uncomfortable pains and cramps. Most women face some unpleasant problems during menstruation.

Menstruation is another painful period in women’s life other than childbirth. During this monthly cycle, they suffer from abdominal cramps, physical pain, fatigue, and depression.

That is why our ancestors at that time were contributing to women’s medicinal foods such as dill (Ventayam), for pain and cramps. Because it has a lot to do with food and the menstrual cycle.


Menstruation Time

During menstruation, certain types of foods are likely to reduce your menstrual pain like fruits, leafy green vegetables, ginger, fish, dark chocolate, peppermint tea et al.

Nutritionists say certain types of foods can increase your menstrual symptoms as well. Doctors have done a lot of research on this. Here’s a look at what kind of foods can make a woman’s menstrual period worse.

The consultant obstetrician and gynecologist at Mumbai’s Voghart Hospital said that women’s abdomen area works more during menstruation.

Increased progesterone hormone secretion in their body increases gastric function in the stomach.

So when you eat spicy foods that cause too much acidity, you may have several bowel problems. So it is advisable for women to avoid taking these 12 types of foods during menstruation.


1. Avoid Chilies During Menstruation

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Avoid spicy foods like chili because your stomach is already working fast during your menstrual periods.

Eating spicy foods is likely to worsen your stomach health. Doctors say there is an increased risk of stomach ulcers and abdominal pain.


2. Milk Chocolates – Cravings And Menstruation

If women want to eat chocolate during menstruation, choose bitter chocolates. Doctors say no to milk chocolate. Because Milk Chocolates can make your stomach work worse.

Alternatively, when you take dark chocolate, it will help reduce your stomach cramps. Try Mogo moringa bars, one healthy super-nutritious bar. If you like to go all-natural, peanut chikki and sesame chikki can also add up flavors to your cravings.


3. French Fry

It is a high-fat diet. So do not choose high-fat foods during menstruation. It is best to avoid high carb and high-fat foods in general. Potato fried in oil is not so good.

It will start to tighten the abdominal muscles. During menstruation, it can cause additional difficulty.


4. Pizza

is a complex carbohydrate diet. It is therefore likely to take longer to digest. So avoid eating pizza during menstruation. Maida(white flour) foods slow down digestion. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid gluten-rich foods during menstruation.


5. Red meat

It is a complex nonvegetarian diet. So avoid grilled, processed non-vegetarian foods during menstruation.

Non-vegetarian food usually takes longer to digest. Red meat in particular can cause excessive lethargy and stomach upsets. So it’s best to avoid it during menstruation


6. Really!!Alcohol? A Bad Choice During Menstruation

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During menstruation, women already have problems with nausea and dizziness.

Therefore, women drinking alcohol during menstruation can create dehydration and cause severe headaches and inflammation.
Alcohol overall is bad for health.


7. White rice

Brown rice opts for menstrual times instead of white rice. If this rice is mixed with curd, you are more likely to cool your stomach. Take a rice dish with lighter foods like curd and Rasam.

It is best to avoid carbohydrates at this time with other foods. It will also slow down the digestion of other foods. Use millets instead of white rice, which are body essentials and vitamins.


8. Is Drinking Coffee Bad, At Menstrual times?

Coffee is likely to speed up your bowel movements. So drinking coffee during menstruation can make you feel more pain. Some people have excessive pain. The abdominal muscles begin to tighten.

They drink coffee to forget that pain. But too much caffeine in the coffee can make your abdominal muscles tighten and increase the pain. Instead, drink a lot of water. It helps to reduce pain. You may use copper water jugs that help to beat anemia.


9. Beans and chickpeas

Both of these foods have the potential to speed up gastritis. So it’s best to avoid these two foods as long as possible.

Both beans and chickpeas have very high fiber content. But it is best to avoid them during menstruation as they can cause excessive abdominal pain.


10. Avoid White bread During Menstruation

It is advisable for women to avoid white bread during their menstrual periods.

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Instead of a gluten-free diet, choose a variety of small toast snacks. Bread types in gluten are likely to worsen your menstrual periods.


11. Salty foods

Foods that have a high content of salt can increase bloating and flatulence during periods.

So, it is best to avoid such high salted foods while you are menstruating. Excess intake of salt can cause water retention in the body that results in bloating.


12. Does Sugar Affect Menstruation?

Intake of sugar can make you moody, depressed, or anxious during your period.

It is fine to consume little. Some believe that sugar intake can increase blood flow. To beat your sweet craving, use palm jaggery (karupatti) as an excellent substitute.


Word of Caution

Doctors recommend that you keep your menstrual period healthy by avoiding the above foods. Instead feed on natural foods that are healthy.

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Bharathi I am a Medical Student with a passion for writing and a thirst for knowledge.
Bharathi I am a Medical Student with a passion for writing and a thirst for knowledge.

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