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25 foods to avoid eating at night

We must keep our diet clean to lead a healthy life. Do you know what counts the most in this case?...
Anyaja M
6 min read
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Cleanse Lungs Naturally: 5 Ways To Cleanse Lungs

Breathing polluted air can increase the risk of many health problems such as lung cancer, heart attack, stroke and premature death...
Asiya Naaz
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Refrigerate Or Not – Foods Not To Refrigerate For Your Own Good

To Refrigerate! or not. When it comes to household accessories, it doesn’t matter what else we buy, but one will always...
5 min read
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Menstruation- Top 12 Foods To Avoid During Periods

Every month, women cross a period known as the time of the month. Some of the slangs used to refer to...
3 min read
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Top 17 Foods That Causes Cancer and Stay Away

Cancer, the word itself brings some kind of fear in one. By the way, to avoid confusion by cancer, I mean...
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