Top 17 Foods That Causes Cancer and Stay Away

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cancer causes

Cancer, the word itself brings some kind of fear in one.

By the way, to avoid confusion by cancer, I mean the disease. But why though? Coz, though we have all sorts of treatment till chemotherapy, they all have their own contradictions.

Speaking of cancer, how to avoid them? Did you know, our diets can influence our risk of developing certain types of cancer?

High-sugar, high – salt and high-fat diets can lead to obesity, High BP and are generally thought to increase the risk of some cancers. So, how do we balance our diet accordingly?

Let us discuss below, the 17 foods you need to avoid to prevent cancer.


1. Bisphenol A Lined canes – Cancer Food

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BPA- line canes cause cancer, infertility, obesity, diabetes, and a lot more. Canned tomatoes are widely used and believed to be healthy. Well, they are not.

Tomatoes are acidic and can cause abrupt leeching of BPA from the can lining into food. You can always feed on natural ones, that are rich in lycopene.

BPA is found in many different types of hard plastics like water bottle, baby bottle, plastic container et al.

Although some research says that the BPA used in certain products do not pose any danger. Others say that overexposure to it can cause impotence, fertility problems, cardiovascular diseases, and other health issues. So, let’s not take any chances.


2. Smoked Foods! May Cause Cancer?

It contains harmful carcinogens called nitrates and nitrites. These help in the prevention of food from spoiling.

When these are cooked, those nitrites and nitrates combine to form n – nitroso compounds which includes nitrosamines and nitrosamides. These compounds can increase the risk of developing cancer in the body.

In addition, it can cause stomach infections. The chance of one getting stroke and diabetes is high. This food increases the sodium levels in your body.

Smoked meat absorbs tar while cooking, which are hazardous and commonly found in tobacco. Red meats highly contain substances that are linked to colon cancer. They are healthy when you consume in small doses.


3. Farm Fish (Salmon)

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Salmons are healthful, but only when they are caught wild. A lot of fish you get from the grocery store, come from farms. You might think its much safer to buy farm fish instead of the ones from the wild. But, you are wrong.

Fish has a high amount of omega -3, wild fish gets the omega 3 from aquatic plants in the forest whereas farmed fish are fed with unnatural high corn diet which includes other pollutants, chemicals, and carcinogens found in materials like asbestos.

Farmed salmons absorb such toxins and are more fatter than the fresh ones. Their vitamin D content is less comparitively. Some of these chemicals also include pesticides that help prevent sea lice from spreading.


4. Grilled Meat

Nothing is better than roasting grilled meat under a delightful fire. But what if I told you this can aggravate your chances of getting cancer?

Well, it’s true. Cooking meat under fire can create carcinogenic compounds called heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

According to research and studies that are done on animals, these dangerous chemicals have been shown to cause cancer.

However, when cooking, it is best to cook with relatively low-temperature methods and limit their consumption.


5. Hydrogenated Oil- Can They Aggravate Cancer?

They are vegetable oils, that are extracted using chemicals.
It will increase the odds of getting breast cancer if one constantly use hydrogenated oil.

In order to suppress the product from going bad, they processed the oil by creating a chemical reaction with hydrogen. Prefer, cold-pressed natural oil instead, which is more healthy and beneficial.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the trans – fats that are hydrogenated oils also promote inflammatory and immune system overactivity.

This may result in cell damage. These have been linked to health issues that include heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Never use this oil to cook.


6. Can Microwaved Popcorn Cause Cancer?

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Microwaved Popcorn

The Best snack known to enjoy, while watching a movie is popcorn. But if you’re consuming microwaved popcorn, you might want to reconsider your decision. It is one of the tumor-causing foods.

They are lined with Perfluoroalkyls, perfluorooctanoic acid ( PFOA ), and perfluorooctane sulfonate ( PFOS ). These chemicals are used to prevent the butter/oil from seeping out the package when it is heated.

When you heat the bagged popcorn, these chemicals end up in your popcorn. They are carcinogenic and when consumed may affect the liver and prostate. The diacetyl chemical used in the popcorn is bound to cause both lung damage and cancer.


7. Non-Organic Vegetables And Fruits

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Harvests that are conventionally grown are induced with pesticides, GMO seeds, and herbicides. These are highly carcinogenic and bad for health. Conventional produce are referred to as dirty fruits and vegetables.


8. Pasta

Children are really fond of pasta. Pasta, Bagels, and other white carbohydrates can rapidly elevate blood sugar. They have a high glycemic index (GI). High GI food are linked with lung cancer.


9. Can Soft Drinks Induce Cancer?

Soda is loaded with sugar that feeds cancer. They can enhance insulin production in the pancreas and the risk of cancer development.

However, most soft drinks contain no nutritional value and also deprive your body of its essential vitamins and minerals.

Certain Study says that Artificial sweetners like Sucralose (Splenda), saccharin et al present in soft drinks can cause birth defects and cancer.


10. Soy Protein Isolate

The soy protein isolates contain anti-nutrients that can delay the body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients.

If the body is not able to digest and absorb nutrients, it won’t be able to properly function, developing tumor cells.


11. White Flour

If you’re buying commercially-grown white flour (bleached flour), you should know how it is processed.

Firstly, the seeds were treated with a fungicide. Secondly, they are sprayed with pesticides. And finally, they are stored in bins that are coated with insecticides.

All of these chemicals together will increase the number of toxins in your body. To keep the flour white, it is mixed with chlorine oxide in the form of chlorine gas.

In other words, this is one of the top cancer-causing foods. So next time, when you think of buying white flour. Think twice!


12. Potato Chips

Another movie friendly snack, that satisfies our spicy cravings. These trans-fat snacks contribute to unexpected weight gains. Sodium in this can increase your blood pressure. The preservatives used can create acrylamide in the procedure, that are carcinogenic and found in cigars.


13. Is French Fries A Cancer Food?

They are spicy, salty, and delicious. No one can ever resist french fries in a fast food court. However, they are mostly made using hydrogenated oil.

Having these fries more often can cause obesity, high blood pressure, and cancer. This also forms acrylamide when (deep) fried at high temperatures. It can also cause inflammation and insulin resistance in the body.


14. Alcohol

Moreover, alcohol is the second leading cause of cancer. Women who consume alcohol are liable for developing breast cancer compared to those who don’t. It increases the risk of heart disease.


15. Artificial Sweetener & Cancer

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Replacing the sugar, we believed that artificial sweeteners came as a boon to a healthy lifestyle. Not only we are mistaken about this, but we are also dead wrong.
It causes more weight gain and increases blood sugar. In that case use natural sweeteners like honey. Pure Honey can help reduce weight and are natural, and Healthy.

Research indicates that artificial sweeteners may have deadly toxins that may be linked with brain tumors.


16. Is Refined Sugar Similarly Cancerous?

Sugar serves as the fuel to run cancer cells. Refined sugars like high fructose corn syrup promote the growth of these cells more than the normal ones.

It encourages cancer cells to grow. As an alternate, start using Nattu sakkarai (cane jaggery powder).


17. Salty And Pickled Food Can Cause Cancer

They may taste delicious, but many salty and pickled foods are packed with preservatives. Stomach and colorectal cancer are linked to the consumption of salty and pickled foods.


Word of Caution

Whatever we consume, as long as we consume less, they act healthy. When taken in large amounts, they are considered poisonous. Like the saying Amtrak is also a poisonous brewpub.


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Bharathi I am a Medical Student with a passion for writing and a thirst for knowledge.
Bharathi I am a Medical Student with a passion for writing and a thirst for knowledge.

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