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mara chekku manufacturer in tamilnadu

Mara Chekku ennai or Wooden Pressed Oil or Cold Pressed Oil is very famous for its goodness and health benefits by among the people.

The newer generation is almost forgotten about the Mara chekku ennai in last decades, it is because they stopped using it by refined oil marketing strategy.

Now, everyone is well aware of what they are eating and what way it processed.

Thanks to the technology where this brought us to know our traditional methods and traditional lifestyle through a lot of Blogs and Vlogs in YouTube too wherein which at least we connect with life experience grandmother who talks about traditional topics.

1. What is Mara Chekku?

It is a machine, which is used for grinding the seeds and extracting the oil from it. Mara chekku means Wooden Cruncher.

The machine made up of “Vagai” tree wood, some people argue that the Vagai tree is good for the health that adds up good benefits to the oil. It is not at all true.

Vagai tree is natural wood where it wouldn’t leave any taste change to the oil, so you can feel the real taste of the seed what used for grinding. Some people also use tamarind wood but very rare.

The seeds grind well by Mara chekku is called Mara chekku ennai or Mara Chekku oil or Cold Pressed Oil or Wood Pressed Oil. Usually all kinds of oil seeds can be in this type of machine.


2. Chekku Vs Mara Chekku Machine Difference

People get confusion Chekku and Mara Chekku Machine. Chekku Machine or just calling “Chekku” means it is made up of the iron setup where it rotates in high speed.

Before knowing about the Chekku Machine let go back past and dig some information about Chekku History.


3. Chekku Machine History

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History Of Marachekku

Chekku machine is a traditional method of extracting oil from the seed. In South Asia country like India & Sri Lanka, we have some remarks in the olden temples where you find about the usage of chekku machine for extracting oil.

Chekku machine is a sign of a better civilization of the people like few pieces of research says because at the time people have good knowledge about the food with health consciousness.

You may be aware the in olden days the technology is so developed they always depended on the animals, Cow for farming, Horse for transport, the donkey for load transporting and dogs for the secure house and fame land purpose.

Likewise, for some monotonous action task, the people trained the animals in such that it can be animalized for the man-free task.


Our Ancestors were Smarter

The people have chosen the BULL for the operating the chekku machine, even though they had good option for choosing the hoarse so the task can be completed so fast.

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Our Healthy Ancestors

Do you think that they haven’t thought about it, I hope those people are smarter than you and me I believe because they know that this can be faster using by a horse than a bull.

But they want the grinding action to be fast, because when rotating the machine as fast your seeds and oil will get up some heat and it will lose its nutrient values, so they might decide to use cow where cow rotates the machine at very low speed around 8-12 rounds per minute, at this speed the oil and seed will not be much heat up and you will get the oil with all nutrient whatever it has.

Even in some countries they use Donkey, few European countries use Farming Horse (this very heavy and rotate like a cow only).


Construction of Chekku Machine in Ancient Days

Chekku Machine construction in ancient days was made up of Heavy rock bottom with blind hole and Heavy Wooden rod in it where they will lock the cow in such a way it allowed to rotate in rotational direction without any other deviation.

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Now, People call chekku machine totally different that is rotatory chekku they call as “Chekku”.

Rotatory chekku means made up of the iron drum & iron rod and rotates in high rpm where the oil will get heat up to 100°C plus where this also will lose it nutrient while manufacturing itself.

The best solution to have a traditional method with modern technology combined technique.

Here where the Mara Chekku plays a vital role where the Wooden structure for the bottom and wooden rod in the top with geared the speed that controls the speed less than 10 rounds per minute where it will make 100% nutrient to retain the oil as the seed has.

Some people will have the Stone at bottom same as olden days where it is called as “Kal Chekku” however both “Mara chekku” and “Kal chekku” have some application where it will give the best oil for the day to day using for food.

In both machines rotation controllers are used to making sure the aroma and nutrients to retain.

So, avoiding the rotatory chekku or chekku is good and choosing the Mara chekku seems too good healthy chose for you as well for your family.


Mara Chekku Machine Usage & Capacity

A typical Mara chekku machine can have the capacity to carry 15KG of seeds at once and able to extract the 5Litre of oil from it.

Sometimes the oil yield of the seed it may go up to 5.75 Litre from the seed quality. The remaining oil seed cake can be used for feeding the cow as well as farming it can be used.


4. Machine CapacityProduct Specification

Power SourceAutomatic
Warranty1 year
Motor Power3 HP, 3 phase 415 V, 50 HZ
Machine RPM12
Input Batch Capacity15 kg Max
Process Time45 mins Total cycle
Cleaning Time60 mins
Machine Weight900 kg ( approx)
Drive SystemBevel Pinion Gear Arrangement
Milling ChamberWooden ( vakai wood)
Machine DimensionL-1830mm, W-610mm, H-1525mm
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece

The above said is about a qualitative range of marachekku Oil Machine( cold press Oil). 

These are produced by the adoption of oil forming technology within permissible temperature for granted oil spilling seeds or nuts. These operate with the help of a motor and it consumes the least power.

Also, these are manufactured to bear high temperature, pressure and so on within factor of safety. In addition to this, it works in hassle-free manner.

Machines are user-friendly and safety preparedly is given to specify machine which among customer requirement and their necessity of usage in the field.


  • Maximum static pressure
  • Excellent temperature controls mechanism
  • Damage resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Semi Automatic Machine
  • No Hand to push Seed Cake
  • Easy to Handle and clean

Life Cycle of Machine is high.


5. Why Mara Chekku Famous in Tamilnadu?

Tamilians are very eager nowadays to recall the traditional lifestyle and adopting it as fast as they can.

The name Chekku itself from Tamil language only. Also in the southern part of India nowadays started to use this cold pressed oil (i.e mara chekku ennai) only for daily cooking use.


6. Where I can buy Mara Chekku Machine?

Ok. Now you know all goodness about the Mara chekku oil and it benefits. However, Mara chekku machine cost from 1L to 1.5L. This is 15Kg capacity machine where you can grind upto 5L oil from it takes time around 45 mins.

If it so per day capacity of the machine is 50Litre of oil. So in the month for 30days it will 1500Litre is the maximum capacity. In an average 1200Litre will be your monthly production.

That’s a good overview.

But you should know your market in your area. Because once your market is ready for selling above 500-750 Litre per month would be a good choice to buy Mara Chekku machine because your break-even point will be calculated by your Operating cost, transport, seed buying, and resources.

Otherwise, you overhead cost for the operating machine will be high and you will be in loss. So better analysis your market and decided.

We at Standard Cold Pressed Oil have a good reputation among the Chekku oil customer by the quality.

We recommend you to try with small market research by buying some bulk quantity and keep in your home, based on your sales volume you look for a shop and adding machine.

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If you follow these steps you will succeed. If your upfront investment your machine without knowing your market will lead bad business strategy. 

Standard Cold Pressed Oil encourages small buyers.

We offer a 20% Discount for 10K to 20K purchase volume. Where you get the goods for ₹8000 and sell for ₹10000 and check your market and increase your purchase based on your needs.

Transportation charges will be extra. This is best to start your business with very less investment and improve by its own fund.

Standard Cold Pressed Oil company also supply the cold pressed oil making machine that is mara chekku machine. Please contact for buying above capacity machine.

You can also order online for Bulk Buying. For details call 9677227688


7. Where I Can buy Mara Chekku Oil?

Oil is the most important ingredient in the cooking and most essential nutrient required for our body function.

The making process should be traditional, the seeds used to be genuine and with good quality!


Buying Guide

To ensure all the above in mind, the Standard Cold Pressed Oil makes 100% genuine mara chekku oils such as cold pressed groundnut oil, cold pressed sesame oil, cold pressed coconut oil, cold pressed castor oil, cold pressed mahua oil, cold pressed neem oil and other organic items for cooking.

You can buy through online at, where you can get home delivery at 3 to 5 days.

Venkat I am the author of my life. Unfortunately, I am writing in pen and can’t erase my mistakes. My life is built on a series of choices that I’ve made. Being an author simply means you’re in charge of this present moment.
Venkat I am the author of my life. Unfortunately, I am writing in pen and can’t erase my mistakes. My life is built on a series of choices that I’ve made. Being an author simply means you’re in charge of this present moment.

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