How to Get Rid of Hair Dandruff – The Ultimate Guide!

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I am going to share my experience with Dandruff that how I cured my self or controlled not to come again.

You should know that if you or your children or husband/ wife having dandruff – it is all because of un-hygiene.

First of all, you should understand that, Dandruff or Psoriasis is not because of the poor hygiene of the person it is because of inflammation of the skin, is known as seborrhoeic dermatitis where the inflammation or warming of the skin occurs from the body warm.

So you should be realize that “your body” is a warm body or heat body, So I should have taken care to chill out my body and brain.

The reason you get dandruff on your head is because of the whatever heat release from any object will get to the top.

For example: Water will get warm and it will be evaporated to top, the same way your body heat to try to exit from the top that is heated.

This excess heat in your body leads the skin to dry conditions and makes itchy scalp and makes the flakiness to come after 2 to 3days.

If you thoroughly clean you scalp also after 2 to 3 days you can find that flakes are coming because you haven’t taken care of your body.

The study says the dandruff decrease after the age of 50, but now I am at 28 I cannot wait another 22 years to reduce my dandruff. So I have taken oath myself to take and control my body henceforth.

I hope you have got the point now..!


1. Body Heat Is A Big Cause!

Now, I would like to share the strict rules and habits what I have followed and following and will be followed in the future. I will tell what ways and what items like seeds and oils are used.

Also, you should understand that, your body is heat body, So you should take care of it to maintain it.

It is like by eating food only your living so how religious your taking the food on time and 3 times every day to make yourself to stay alive similar way you have some habits to make your body chill mode to reduce and control dandruff.


2. Water…Water… Water…

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Water is the only substance that can make your body to chill. Even in any machinery water is used to chill the machine like generator and mold machine.

Similar to our body also like a machine which works for 24/7 without any single second rest, the blood is floating top to bottom pumped by the heart.

It means that our body is heat generating one, So we have cool by drinking water


3. When should I drink water? How much?

This will be your question whenever people say drink water. All people think that the suggest water If drink I get the solution. Actually it’s not.

You have to decide yourself how much amount of water I should drink based on your daily activity and possibility.

Why I am saying possibility means some people may have traveling every day for their work or need to sit in college or school for a long time.

Me working in an office, So, I decide like drinking 2 tumblers/ glass of water after passing my urine.

Because what happens after I cleared my urine tank and again I filling with water makes to wake up from my seat and pushing me to go restroom for urine again.

The way I go 4 to 5 times a day to drink 2 tumblers of water. This my strategy of drinking water and avoiding long sitting in the office.

Try drinking warm water not too warm. Don’t ask me that, we are about to chill our body not to warm?

The reason behind is when you drink cold water body thinks like it is cold so we have warm the body to balance the chills.

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It makes again to warm to warmer the body, that’s why if you drink a little warm water would help the body to continue what it was doing.


4. Drink Jeera(cumin) Water or Buttermilk as a first drink in the morning

Jeera is good for balancing your body heat. Take one teaspoon of Jeera and shook in the 1 glass of water at night and drink the water in the morning, If you guys to eat the jeera you can eat. I eat sometimes.

But you drink complete water is more than enough to chill your body.


Or you’re like a bachelor like me, want to have buttermilk where you can just like that go to the shop and get one and drink on the way to office also well and good.

Jeera seeds are packed with lots of antioxidants that can help remove harmful free oxygen radicals from the body.

They are also a good source of vitamins A, C, copper, and manganese. At the same time if you feel too cold to your body you can pause and continue.

Some people add the lime juice in the water and drink.  That is your wish.


5. Poop 2 times a day…

You should. You must. Eating for 3 times and going for one time is a not correct balance. At least two times clearing your stomach will help your body to balance the heat.

This seems too chilly but this more important to maintain your body heat as well your belly, an unwanted waste in your body makes you get belly just like that. so be careful and start using the toilet twice a day.

For this, you need proper digestion, off course Jeera water would help better for this.

Also if you wake up between 6 to 6.30AM for sure you will go to your restroom once in the morning.


6. Exercise to sweat, Yes you should sweat.

If your job itself making you sweet that supper, or you got a job like me to sit on the whole day then you should do Exercise yourself to sweat.


Because of this one best method warm and chills your body in a better way. when workout you actually gets warmer.

So naturally to body will release sweat to balance and make your body to chill this way we can make use of body. I am doing at Evening time because I have time in the evening only.


7. Boss, Do Yoga also.

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Sitali Pranayam, you can find some videos on Youtube how to do this. This is basically making your breathe to chill you breathe system that also chills your body.

You will be folding you touch like funnel such that you will inhale from the mouth that chills the air and release from the nose. 5 to 10 minutes is more than enough. Yoga I am doing in morning.


8. Oil Massage

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Oil Massage

Whatever you do.. your body will get warmer, this is for sure. So you have made yourself ready for oil bath at least once in a week. Saturday I prefer.

Buy some genuine gingelly oil, apply all over your body especially head apply very gently and sufficiently and massage well. and wait for 15 to 20 minutes and wash with Sikarkai or mild shampoo.

I recommend to use Sikarkai and cold pressed gingelly oil from Standard. You can also buy this from online here at this link.


9. Try Tulsi seed water with milk

If your body seems very hot to and want to take immediate action, you should take 1 teaspoon of Tulsi dried seed and shook in water at night.

Take that seed and mix with 1 glass of warm milk and drink for alternative days for week. Then continue the above habits.

Strictly No to pregnant ladies. If you feel hot to your body and want to chill out your body. Try castor oil one to two drop and wipe it on you stomach dot and sleep well. Don’t try Tulsi seed at pregnancy for any use.


10. If your Non-Veg eater, Don’t scold scold me. Yes!

Stop eating Chicken for Sure. And Fish too. The chicken is very dangerous and creates a lot of heat in your body and makes all our work go waste.

Fish also create warm in your body, Mutton you can eat but limited. Only this I eat, I am not sure about beef and other non-veg. Veg all is fine I believe. But you browse yourself to proceed.


11. Cold Foot Path once in a week


This is really a cool one. You will have to bring the water in a bucket and put some ice cubes and sit for 20 minutes. That’s it.

This way you body heat will try to escape from your body and release from ears. Also if bath with cold water or normal water try to pour water on your foot and leg and stomach and head this way also you chill your body in an appropriate way.

About Me: I am a Mechanical engineer, not a doctor. You might have guessed by my examples and way of writing.

Haha. Anyway try these habits yourself and let me know your comments. Also, I am fine to reply to comments if any. You can ask me anything, but I will answer only what I know.


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Venkat I am the author of my life. Unfortunately, I am writing in pen and can’t erase my mistakes. My life is built on a series of choices that I’ve made. Being an author simply means you’re in charge of this present moment.
Venkat I am the author of my life. Unfortunately, I am writing in pen and can’t erase my mistakes. My life is built on a series of choices that I’ve made. Being an author simply means you’re in charge of this present moment.

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