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Sleeping positions

Pregnancy is a unique, amusing, and often the most pleasant time in a woman’s life. Pregnancy comes with some adjustments and troubles. However, for a pregnant woman being healthy overall is also a responsibility to support the health of her future child. The development of the fetus depends entirely on the mother’s healthy body for all needs. Consequently, during pregnancy, women should ponder many health care and lifestyle considerations.

The sleeping cycle is one of them. Pregnancy is a hard time to get the best and effective sleep. The more the belly grows, the harder it becomes to sleep with frequent urination, back pain, heartburn, body itching, shortness of breath, and whatnot. Check out, The symptoms of pregnancy.

Have you ever wondered what is the best position to sleep during pregnancy?
Don’t worry! Coz here I am to discuss the best sleep position for you, and your baby’s good night’s sleep.


Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Sleep position in Pregnancy

Sleep is the time when both our body and mind rests and repairs itself. It is necessary during pregnancy time when your immune system is suppressed. Sleep plays a significant role in controlling blood sugar in pregnant women.

A study says that pregnant women who do not get enough sleep are prone to gestational diabetes.  In the list of concerns during pregnancy, the sleeping position may bug you the most. You may think, what if I squish the baby inside while sleeping? No, you won’t. Below mentioned are some sleeping positions, to sleep and not to sleep during pregnancy.


1. Sleeping On Stomach

Some are tummy down sleepers, they can’t sleep with other positions. It is ok to sleep on the stomach during the early time of pregnancy, but it’s harder as your tummy grows. So it is better for you to get used to side sleeping eventually.


2. Sleeping On Your Side (Choice of Pregnancy)

Left side

The best sleep position to sleep during pregnancy is to sleep on side “SOS” especially for the second(4 – 6 months) and third(7 – 9 months) trimesters. The best choice is your left side. Sleeping on your left will help in increasing the circulation of the blood and nutrients to reach the baby through the placenta. It allows for optimal blood drain from the inferior vena cava that is located on the right side.

Sleeping on your left side also takes down the pressure off your liver and kidneys. In addition, this can help in reducing the swelling of ankles, hands, and feet. This does not mean that the right side is bad to sleep on. There is a little risk of compressing IVC when you sleep on your right side. Hence, the left is considered as the ideal side.

Tips To Sleep During Pregnancy

Legs and knees bent

• To avoid changing positions during sleep, sleep with your legs and knees bent, and a pillow between your legs.
• Use pillows under your abdomen while lying to relieve back pain.
• In order to avoid heartburn, try supporting your upper body with more pillows.


3. Sleeping On Back

Sleep on back

During the first trimester (1 – 3 months), the position of sleeping doesn’t matter. But this position is not advisable when you are in your second or third trimester. This position allows your whole body along with the weight of the growing baby to rest on your back, intestine, and squeezes the inferior vena cava.

The inferior vena cava is responsible to drain back blood from the lower body to the heart. This pressure can exacerbate back pain and cause hemorrhoids. It can cause digestive problems, low blood pressure, and interfere with the normal blood circulation that may lead to low oxygen and nutrients to the baby. The hypotension can make you feel dizzy.

This position is not advisable, but at the same time if you woke up in the middle of the night on your back, its totally fine. Please don’t panic. Probably you woke up because you felt uncomfortable(or for a bathroom break). Just change the position back to the side sleeping. If this happens more often, then you can place a pillow on your back to support and stop at an angle. By this, you will still permit blood to flow and nourish your baby.


Pregnancy Pillows

C shaped pillow

For a comfortable sleep on your (left) side, try to use a lot of pillows. Get some U and C shaped special pillows (pregnancy pillows). You position the pillow in such, as it runs along your back and then hugs the front while at the same time flips in between your knees.

Only you can figure out, what makes you comfortable to have your good night’s sleep. In case, if you are not feeling comfortable with SOS, you can also use a lot of pillows to lift your upper body to a 45-degree angle on sleeping on your back. This way you can avoid too much compression due to pressure. But have this choice, as optional.


Habits That Helps You For A Comfy Sleep During Pregnancy

Habits That Helps

• Eat wisely. A full belly can help you sleep well. Avoid spicy food. Take light snacks along with warm milk whenever you feel hungry. Beat your cravings with vitamin C rich Honey Dipped Amla.
• Avoid too much of liquid after You can avoid desserts and caffeine past the early afternoon. Chamomile tea can induce deep sleep.
• Meditate and do minor exercise or yoga. This can calm your central nervous system and assist you to sleep.
• Have a suitable scent near you. This may help to calm you and provide you with a pleasant feeling.


Points To Remember

Apart from good sleep, proper diet, and nutrients are necessary for both the mother as well as the fetus. Routine check-up to the doctor must not be failed at any cost. Take all those health medicines properly that are only prescribed by the physician at regular visits. Do not take any self medications (antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs) without any consultation.


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Bharathi I am a Medical Student with a passion for writing and a thirst for knowledge.
Bharathi I am a Medical Student with a passion for writing and a thirst for knowledge.

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