Where Can You Buy The Best Quality Of Palm Jaggery/ Karupatti?

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Want to buy authentic & best palm jaggery? Then you’re in the right place. Because, I personally tried, tested and reviewed more than 15+ brands from online in 2018.

And in this post, I’m going to share you what I discovered in detail.

Sound’s good?

Let’s dive right in! Before telling which brand of palm jaggery is good. I am going to tell you how I tested all those.


1. How to Identify Pure Palm Jaggery?

  1. The color of the palm jaggery also plays an important role in identifying purity. Ideally, the colour of the jaggery should be dark brown. The yellowish colour may indicate chemical treatment.
  2. Fake variety leaves bitter taste in palm jaggery market.
  3. Most vendors add chalk powder in jaggery, hence, in order to check for its presence, all you need to do is take a transparent bowl of water and dissolve a piece of jaggery in the water. You will see the powder settling down in the water.


2. 13 Amazing Health Benefits of Palm Jaggery

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Health Benefits Of Jaggery

This age-old, unrefined form of jaggery is known for its many health benefits.

  1. Excellent digestive agent
  2. Rich source of iron and vitamin C
  3. Helps improve blood circulation
  4. Better than refined white sugar as it has a lower glycemic index
  5. Restores Healthy Digestion
  6. Regular consumption increases hemoglobin level and treats anemia
  7. Digest sooner than the white sugar
  8. Cleanses the respiratory tract, intestines, food pipe, lungs, and stomach
  9. Jaggery palm is full of dietary fibers helps to treat constipation and indigestion
  10. If a person who is suffering from respiratory problems like asthma can take palm jaggery to treat it. Because it to clear the respiratory tract by dissolving the mucus.
  11. Just take 1 tsp of palm jaggery and you will experience relief from migraine (Most painful of all headaches)
  12. Higher count of potassium in this raw sweetener reduces water retention and bloating
  13. A wonderful substitute for white sugar


3. Other Names

sweet and delicious Jaggery,decorated with wooden background


4. Which Is The Best Brand of Palm Jaggery?

Till the 1960s, farmers used to prepare jaggery in their homes after extracting the sap from palm trees.

From being a product that was made in every household, palm jaggery has become a rarity and finding one of good quality is a challenge. But the bigger headache is the fake jaggery made of sugar syrup.

I have tried many brands from Amazon and many websites.

Out of all, Palm jaggery I bought from “Standard Cold Pressed Oil” is authentic and genuine.


5. Why Do I Recommended Standard Palm Jaggery?

  1. Colour of the jaggery is dark brown
  2. No bitter taste
  3. No settlement of chalk powder in water


6. How to Buy Standard Brand Palm Jaggery?

  1. Go to https://www.standardcoldpressedoil.com/palm-jaggery
  2. Click “Add to Cart”
  3. Click “Checkout” & Enter your Shipping Address
  4. Click “Place Order” and Pay Amount Online

So enjoy your bite of palm jaggery without having to worry about adulterations buying from Standard. Stay healthy!

Please provide your comments after trying this product. Thanks.

Venkat I am the author of my life. Unfortunately, I am writing in pen and can’t erase my mistakes. My life is built on a series of choices that I’ve made. Being an author simply means you’re in charge of this present moment.
Venkat I am the author of my life. Unfortunately, I am writing in pen and can’t erase my mistakes. My life is built on a series of choices that I’ve made. Being an author simply means you’re in charge of this present moment.

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  1. Gundu Vellam also known as Organic, black jaggery made via ancient techniques by crushing sugar cane and boiling the juice to more than 200 degree celsius in large, shallow, round bottom vessels.

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