How To Add The Nutritious Moringa Tree leaves To Your Baby’s Diet?

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Moringa is very familiar with India. We could see almost a moringa tree for every house. The moringa tree had a phenomenon that in drought affected countries, it can grow quickly. It can also grow in poor soil. Do you know that it is the most nutritious terrestrial plant in the Earth! It is the only tree having more than 92 nutrients and 46 antioxidants.

It was found deep in the Himalayas and throughout the subtropics. The tremendous number of nutrients present in this tree brings it to the top of superfood list and some sources says that it’s has the ability to treat more than 300 diseases!

Just a single serving of Moringa tres contains

  • 4 times the amount of calcium in the same amount of milk
  • More vitamin C than 7 oranges
  • Double the protein and 3 times the potassium found in banana.
  • 4 times as much vitamin A present in carrots.

Despite India’s 50% increase in GDP since 1991, more than one third of the world’s malnourished children are found in India. Among these, half of the children under 3 years old are underweight and a third of wealthiest children are over nutriented.

The world Bank has estimated that India is one of the highest ranking countries in the world for the number of children suffering from mulnutrition.This seems to be a very guilty fact even we have good sources  in our land. Most mothers will not even add moringa to their child’s diet due to the concept of Indigestion.

Now,I am going to let you know the tremendous benefits of Moringa leaves for your baby and how you can add this in his/her diet. Diving straight to the topic!


1. Moringa Tree Leaf Powder

  • All the leaves – dried, pounded  and made into powder and this powder can be stored and eaten.
  • Moringa leaves powderia is suitable to add in any food or beverage acid. It will help increase the vitamin, mineral and protein content.
  • Since the nutrient content of moringa leaf powder decreases when exposed to heat, at the powder after the food or drink has been prepared. Sun dried leaves are not preferable.
  • Malnourished children aging from   1 to 3 should consume 3 rounded tablespoons of moringa leaf powder each day. Pregnant or lactating women should consume 6 rounded tablespoons of moringa leaf powder each day.


2. Moringa Tree Leaves Powder Preparation


  • Wash the moringa leaves using clean portable water. Wash moringa leaves again.


  • The Moringa leaves is prepared to dry. They are dried in an area protected from light.
  • Since recent studies have shown that sun drying moringa leaves makes them to lose their nutrients.
  • Protect it from dust and pest to prevent from contamination.
  • Cover it by thin cloth or mosquito netting.
  • The drying process completed sooner to prevent molds.
  • When the moringa leaves are brittle and crushed easily, they are dry.


  • Dried moringa leaves made into powder by mortars, local grain grinders or mills. You can also do it in mixer if it is small amount.
  • Grind them until they become a fine powder.
  • The leaves powder are sieved inorder to remove the stems.


3. Health Benefits of Moringa Powder

Enhances Breastmilk Production-Moringa leaves powder is clinically proven to enhance the breast milk production. It can be consumed either before or after the birth of baby. Mothers who took moringa leaves powder regularly were shown to produce double the amount of breastmilk than those who didn’t.

Improves Immunity – Since it is a good source of vitamin C, its known for the potential to improve the immunity of your child. It helps him to fight against common bacterial and viral infections.

Develops Cell Structure – These tiny Moringa leaves contains the all 9 amino acids needed for our body. Further, The protein content in Moringa makes it an ideal food source to ensure strong cell development of a child.

Healthy Kidney and Liver – In addition, It has natural detoxification properties to remove toxins from both liver and kidney.

Improves Eyesight – Moringa leaves are loaded source of vitamin A which contains for as much as carrots and is extremely beneficial for eyesight. In fact, It protects your child’s vision from age related disorders and macular degeneration. It also works against Vitamin A deficiency night blindness.


How To Add Moringa Tree Leaf Powder to Their Diet?

You can add them in their regular milk, purees, smoothies and porridges.You can also make a vegetable soup for your baby and add this powder to it. Note that, you choose organic moringa leaves to make powder. Since, moringa leaves can be easily contaminated with pesticides.


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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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