5 Preventive Measures Against The Cancer

There are many methods which can fight against the cancer, some of them are listed below is: 1. Eating Nuts Eating...
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Discover the Benefits of Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

Groundnuts or peanuts have always been our go-to for sudden hunger pangs. While on a road trip, a visit to the...
Anyaja M
2 min read

20 Powerful Foods That Can Lower The Risk Of Cancers!!

What you consume can drastically affect many elements of your health, such as your risk of developing continual disease like heart...
Asiya Naaz
4 min read

Flaxseeds | Natural Superfood| Amazing Health Benefits

Many of us would have seen small seeds glistening brown in supermarkets. Its name is flax seed. This little seed contains...
2 min read

Karunjeeragam Oil- Its Mindblowing Benefits And Uses

Ugh.. that bitterness in my mouth. Oops, I am sorry, let me explain from the beginning. Every day, early in the...
5 min read

Top 17 Foods That Causes Cancer and Stay Away

Cancer, the word itself brings some kind of fear in one. By the way, to avoid confusion by cancer, I mean...
5 min read
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