Castor Oil! 8 Mind-blowing Health Benefits You Must Know!

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Castor oil is a vegetable oil made from the seed of the castor beans through a cold-pressing process. It has unique taste, odour & very pale yellow liquid.

It has a sticky texture, gifted by nature and thick inconsistency. Can be used by both vegetarian and non-vegetarian eaters. 

The boiling point of castor oil is 313°C (595°F) and density is 961 kg/m³.

Widely, castor oils are produced 270,000–360,000 tonnes annually for a variety of uses. 



In the 18th century, the name “castor” was given to the plant by an English trader who got confused with another plant/shrub “Vitex Agnus” (also known as Castus- a Latin adjective meaning morally pure or guiltless).

Portuguese and  Spanish in Jamaica (a Caribbean island nation) called agno-casto.


Castor Oil is Gifted by Nature

This oil is one among the cold-pressed oil and vegetable oil. They are available in our country easily and advised to use for many purposes. Thereby it can be called as multi-purposeful oil.


What Did Our Ancestors say About Castor Oil?

Many scholars and researchers say a lot about castor oil and it’s usage. In fact, it is one among multipurpose oils from ancient period. Our ancestors had been using the castor oil for varied purposes.

Castor oil was an integral product of their life and was dependent on it for many purposes. Castor oil helped them in many situations too. 


1. Castor Oil Body

  • Castor oil always remains thick and it shows the purity of it. Consistency of the castor oil is the reason for its goodness. It has a lot of unsaturated good fat which is very important for our internal and external body health.
  • Our ancestors chose to use this oil not only because of the abundant availability but also this goes hand-in-hand with nature, geographic and climatic conditions.
  • Castor had been used for years. In our fast food life, we fail to choose the right one rather end up choosing the wrong one, live an unhealthy life and spend on medicine. They were used in body massages, small-small home remedies and many others too.


2. Good For Skin

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Good For Skin
  • Castor oil helps in getting rid of stretch marks which is a huge problem faced by many women. It is the best medicine for acne and scars too. 
  • Our faces would turn to be bright when we use it for cleansing.
  • In fact, sunburns and inflammation can be cured with the help of castor oil. It does magic in terms of menstrual cramps. It protects our skin from fungal problems too. 


3. Enhancer for Hair Growth and Beard

  • In Ayurveda, is called as Kashya!
  • Our ancestors practised varied ways to use this oil wisely and get benefited.  We must have heard or/and see our grandmother having long thick hair growth on the head and decorated with colourful flowers and ornaments. Likewise, our grandfather having a long thick natural beard.
  • Men of this generation longs for the beautiful, dark and thick beard. In fact, men feel insecure about it. We eventually run behind many fake fancy fashionable things while we leave the natural beauty products originated from our own country aside.
  • We believe those fashionable things will be the remedy for our poorly grown hair or lack of beard or baldness. Thereby, we cultivate and aggravate even poorer hair growth. Don’t we??? 
  • Hair, it’s health and length is always something which looks and long for. No women say no for growing healthy hair. No women agree to baldness or having poor unhealthy hair.
  • A good, shining, long and strong hair is like pride and crown for women. Likewise, even men long for dark, thick hair and beard. The dark thing beard is like pride and crown for men. In fact, growing proper hair and beard, maintaining the hair properly had become a great task for men.
  • Don’t women of this generation deserve a shining, lovely, soft, long and strong hair???  Yes, a better solution is Castor oil which really helps, especially when combined with scalp massages and micro-needling – Hairguard has a comprehensive guide on this. Please readout.


4. For Uterus and Pregnancy 

In our country, we had a practice of consuming this oil which had helped our women of olden days to get rid of cysts in their uterus and initiate delivery during pregnancy.

Fertility, pregnancy and post-pregnancy have become highly complicated due to improper food diet and improper lifestyle.


5. Increase Sperm Count

Fertility has become a huge issue for women and men. It’s because of unusual sleeping habits and eating habits. Even men get sperm issues, this oil cures it and increases sperm count and quality.


6. As Cleanser 

Women and men in ancient time used this oil as a cleanser to clean and massage their reproductive parts which enhanced fertility.

Nowadays we use creams and cleanser made of chemicals that can harm our skin. Castor oil which purely vegetable oil and completely natural helps in this without any harm. 


7. Fights Diseases

This oil cures cancer and prevents us from getting affected by cancer. It cures rheumatoid arthritis and other neurological disorders too. Thereby it is very useful for old people and diseases affected patients.


8. Treats Constipation

Health benefits of blackberries

It cures piles and helped to get rid of constipation. It clears the bowel and ensures good digestion.


Buying Guide

Why do we have to miss this chance?? Let’s start using this versatile star and sty fit and happy for longer years!!! Get the best quality of castor oil here!


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Kaaveri I speak the language that people love me for my advice on health tips. My grandma gave me more healthy tips from my childhood. It creates a habit in me to share with everyone.
Kaaveri I speak the language that people love me for my advice on health tips. My grandma gave me more healthy tips from my childhood. It creates a habit in me to share with everyone.

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