Amazing Benefits of Neem Oil

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Buy a bottle of 100% Natural cold-pressed Neem oil from Standard Cold pressed Oil at the best price now. Our country is a gold mine of natural ayurvedic medicines and neem oil is certainly the best option amongst all the other options. It is useful in preventing acne. 

Neem tree is an entire unit of medicinal values altogether. The neem oil is extracted from its seeds using the traditional method. You can use it in beauty products, skin creams & hair products. 

Neem oil contains fatty acids, limonoids, vitamin E, antioxidants & calcium which makes it very very beneficial for the hair & skin. Neem oil can also cure skin ailments naturally. It can also help in reducing wrinkles. 

Standard cold-pressed oil produces their oils following the traditional extraction methods and therefore they remain in their absolute virgin format & this makes it very healthy to use. We extract the oil without any usage of chemicals & heat, making it the best pick for you if you want to remain healthy. 


It is pressed out from the fruits & seeds of the Azadirachta Indica or neem tree. These evergreen trees are mostly present on the Indian subcontinent. Products produced from the neem trees are very good for organic farming & medicines.

Aroma,taste & colour:

The color of cold-pressed neem oil can vary depending upon the number of days the seeds you soak the seed in water. It can be golden brown, yellowish-brown, reddish-brown, greenish-brown, golden yellow, or even bright red. 

It has a very typical strong smell that resembles the smell of peanuts & garlic. The oil is bitter to taste like the leaves of the tree. 

Health benefits of Cold Pressed Neem Oil:

Neem Oil
  1. The proper application of neem oil can help treat worm, insect, or mosquito bites. 
  2. It is a very good natural mosquito repellant. 
  3. It can be effective for intestinal/stomach infections. According to Ayurveda, it can also cure urine infections. 
  4. It has anti-fungal properties & helps in curing skin & hair ailments. It can as well solve tricky issues like dandruff & lice. 
  5. If consumed with the traditional Kaadha(a medicinal drink made in Indian households), it can boost your immunity. 
  6. Use coconut oil & camphor oil with neem oil to get rid of dandruff. 
  7. If combined with sesame oil, it can cure skin problems like redness, itchiness, or inflammation. 
  8. Take a few drops of neem oil & dilute it with some water & apply it on your blackheads to get rid of them for a few days.
  9. It can stop your skin from aging fast.
  10.  Neem oil can also heal eczema to a certain extent. 


Can neem oil be consumed?

The neem oil is made up of fatty acids, essential oils & other substances which are eaten in a regular, normal diet. Therefore, it is safe. 

How often should I apply the neem oil?

If used as a preventive oil, it should be applied on a 7-14 day schedule. To regulate pests or disease, it is recommended to follow a  7-day schedule. 

What are the side effects of Neem oil?

It can cause serious damage to children & infants right after a few hours of consuming it. They might face vomiting, diarrhea, or drowsiness. 

How do I apply neem oil on my face?

  • Dab neem oil on a cotton swab & apply it on to the concerned area & let your skin absorb it for 20 minutes. 
  • Rinse off the oil with warm water.
  • Use regularly until you get the proper results. 

 What oils you shouldn’t use on your plants?

Cold-pressed Neem oil can burn their foliage if used on recent transplants or otherwise stressed plants.

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Anyaja M I am a writer and author from Standard Oil. I publish articles after a lot of research with adding my own experience in it.
Anyaja M I am a writer and author from Standard Oil. I publish articles after a lot of research with adding my own experience in it.

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