14 Mind Blowing Benefits Of Palm Candy!

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Palm candy is one of the main ingredients in ancient Indian recipes and tastes craving sweet. Not refined! Not bleached and therefore not harmful!

It retains all its nutrients and rich in aroma and gives natural smoky flavour. It has an Indianized colour and lovely texture. We get a lot of health benefits once we start using it.

Unpolished & Unprocessed


Our Standard palm candies are not polished and not processed. Thus, it contains all its nutrients and have 0% of artificial ingredients or have no adulteration.


1. Rich in Minerals

Palm candies are rich in minerals naturally. They are added to milk and are given to kids and pregnant women to enhance their calcium and other minerals. It is fully natural and has no artificial agents which ensure complete safety for consumption.


2. Rich in Vitamins

Palm candies are rich in vitamins which are vital for pregnancy and teenage girls. Calcium needs vitamins to get utilized in our body. The vital vitamins are present in our palm candies. Thus, these vitamins make sure that calcium is used properly.



3. Rich In Iron

Iron is one of the basic nutrients which plays a major role in our body and it’s stamina. The haemoglobin (red colour particle) in our blood requires a lot of iron. Palm candies have a large amount of iron in it and serve as reservoirs in terms of iron.


4. Cures PCOS Symptoms

In olden days, when a girl attains puberty or starts with her menstrual period, girls are asked to eat plenty of delicious dishes made out of palm candies.

It is to safeguard their uterus and initiate a regular menstrual cycle. Nowadays, we eat only fast food and forget the taste and nutritional value of these palm candies.


5. Muscle Building

Muscles and bones make the basic structure in the human body. The nutrients in Palm candies help in muscle building. It also helps in curing any damages in our muscles and bones.


6. A Choice Of Sweetener For Diabetics

People who are diabetic cannot take sugar which is very high in glucose. Palm candy which is highly nutritious can be replaced and used by diabetic patients too.


7. Refreshing Drink For Summer

During summer we feel very thirsty. The best solution to get rid of our thirstiness is palm candies being mixed in water and served. It’s very common in Indian villages. It is considered a refreshing drink and is served to guests even during festive seasons.


8. Good For Digestion

Indigestion had become a very common issue due to adulteration and lots of preservative agents and chemicals on our food. Palm candies when consumed after a meal or along with a meal, it helps and initiates proper digestion.


9. No More Urinary Issues

Urinary issues and pain are very common in kids and adults especially when we can not use the restroom frequently or when our body heat increases. The best solution for this scenario is palm candies being mixed in milk and served and consumed.


10. Instant Remedy For Sore Throat

Throat problem or dryness is very common and it distracts or disturbs us while we try to do our works or try to sleep. Adding palm candies mixed with turmeric powder and pepper powder into milk and consuming it resolves the throat problem. It also ensures good sleep too.


11. Cures Respiratory Issues


Breathing problems have become very common due to pollution and obesity. Palm candy consumed with milk cream helps in solving breathing problems.


12. Improves Vision

Usages of laptops or desktops and mobiles have drastically increased. This has to lead us poor vision power or decreasing vision power. Vitamins and other vital nutrients in Palm candy cures this issue and ensures good proper vision.


13. Post Pregnancy Benefits

Post-pregnancy is of the most difficult and different time. Mothers fail to take care of ourselves and tend to concentrate more on babies. We should not forget that we feed milk to the babies and the growth of babies is based on the intake of milk.

Only if we stay healthy, the baby will also stay healthy. Palm candies is an all-rounder. Palm candies contain numerous vital nutrients and when we consume them in our motherhood, it helps the baby to grow well and helps us to manage ourselves and babies simultaneously.


14. Cures Anaemia

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Anemia has become common in teenagers. It is mainly because of lack of proper intake of nutritious food. Palm candy resolves this problem. Intake of this palm candies creates magic and we can see a drastic development in our health.


Word Of Caution

Excess consumption of palm candy can also lead to increased blood sugar levels and affect diabetic patients. Palm candy is just a healthy choice instead of using refined sugar. Remember, too much of anything is good for nothing!

Palm candies are the best option when it comes to replacement of sugar. But in reality, sugar was the one which replaced palm candies.

Standard Cold Pressed Oil sells best palm candies. Palm candies were used by our ancestors and were healthy. Let’s restart the same. Let’s start using this healthy supernatural ingredient and live an energetic life. Buy best quality of palm candy online!


Kaaveri I speak the language that people love me for my advice on health tips. My grandma gave me more healthy tips from my childhood. It creates a habit in me to share with everyone.
Kaaveri I speak the language that people love me for my advice on health tips. My grandma gave me more healthy tips from my childhood. It creates a habit in me to share with everyone.

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