Lamp Oil – A Medium To Enlighten Your Spiritual Energy!

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If you’re looking for a list of the best lamp oil to light your Deepam, you’ve come to the right place.

Lamp oil is a petroleum-based oil used in torches, oil lamps and lanterns. It is refined to burn in an odourless and soot-free manner.

Lamp oil used indoors are mostly organic in ancestry. Let us dive in to find more interesting informations regarding lamp oils:)

1. Origin of Lamp Oil Habit In Hindu Culture

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Coconut oil lamps in kapaleeswarar temple

In Hinduism, lighting humble oil lamps mean more than just providing light and aesthetics. It is believed to eliminate grief and sorrow by spreading positive energy and happiness.

It is customary to begin an auspicious event by lighting a lamp as an invitation to the Gods to visit.

The earliest known oil lamps can be dated back to 4500 to 3300 BC.


2. Lamp Oil In Temples


In temples, only oil (especially Til oil) and ghee are used in the lamps meant for poojas. According to the Science of Spirituality, the butter/ ghee is considered purer (sattvik) compared to oils that are used in lamps.

The usage of lamp oil and ghee in temple plays an important role in cleansing the chakras.


3. Directions That Give Benefits Based On Their Directions

North: The most preferred direction for lighting lamps. It helps to bring success in all ventures and to generate fortune and wealth.

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South: NEVER LIGHT A LAMP FACING THIS DIRECTION. It is inauspicious since it is the direction of Lord Yama.

East: Light lamps facing east, to have good health and peace of mind. Thus, eliminating griefs and sorrows in life.

West: Light lamps facing west, to bring prosperity and relieve from debt. It helps to overcome struggles and ensure victory over negativity.


4. How To Light A Lamp Using Diya?

A Diya has it’s own values, which is well understood when there is no other light. – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

The Wick (Thiri) burns itself and enlightens the surroundings.
The flames of the wick burns upwards and inspires us to rise up to our higher selves and towards God. A Diya (Deepam, oil lamp) is made using clay, along with a cotton wick dipped in ghee or lamp oils. And it’s ready to light.

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To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in itMother Teresa

The Cotton wick is well soaked in ghee or oil before lighting the lamp. Deepam is well known for the famous festivals, Diwali and Karthikai Deepam.


5. Benefits of Sesame Oil (as Lamp Oil)

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Til oil

Sesame oil (Til oil) also known as gingelly oil has more benefits. It is an extraction of sesame seeds. This oil is widely beneficial for cooking, medicinal purpose as well as in puja rituals.

It is useful to eliminate dosha and evil energies. It helps to get rid of longterm problems and obstacles in life.

To do Mandra japa or Sadhana of Lord Bhairava, this oil is highly recommended. It is cheaper than Pancha Deepam oil but costlier than Mustard oil.


6. Benefits of Mustard Oil (as Lamp Oil)

Mustard oil is obtained by crushing or grinding of mustard seeds. It is the most popular oil to light lamp, since it is easily available. It comes in various qualities from pure to mixed.

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Mustard oil

Usage of this oil to light lamp eliminates doshas related to planet Saturn.
People lights lamb using this oil to avoid illness in family and to recover well from illness. Mustard oil is widely beneficial.


7. Benefits of Mahua Oil (as Lamp Oil)

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Illupai oil (Butter nut oil)

Mahua oil, known as illupai ennai (butter nut oil). It is an extract from the special tree of life, called Mahua.

Also used in lighting deepam. It brings home positive energy. One of the 5 oils used to make pancha deepam oil.


8. Benefits of Cow Ghee (as Lamp Oil)

Cow ghee is the best and sacred way to light lamp. Now a days, the pure form of ghee is rarely available.

Lighting lamp using ghee brings out positive energy, thus helping to maintain our physical, mental and spiritual state. It helps in cleansing our chakras and nadis.

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Cow ghee (pure)

It is a belief that lighting a lamp with cow ghee will reduce poverty. It improves health and maintains wealth in one’s family. Other benefits of cow ghee.

Other oils such as Coconut oil, Neem oil, Castor oil, Jasmine oil are also in use to light lamps. Some are also used in blended form to last long.


9. Oils That Are Not Suitable For Lamps

Do not attempt to light Deepam with oils such as Sunflower oil, Groundnut oil, Palm oil, Vegetable oils, Rice bran oil, Synthetic oils, Cotton seed oil or Kerosene. They are not in use for a reason.

Our elders always says that lighting groundnut oil lamps creates money debts in the home. 


Buying Guide

To choose the suitable lamp oil, take a look at our standard brand. It gives you outstanding results in a completely safe and natural way. For these reasons, Buy lamp oils from an authentic store.

Check it out. Standard Cold pressed Oil are here for you to deliver 100% quality Coldpressed Oils to your doorstep.

Word of caution

Avoid children from getting close to lamp inorder to prevent accidents. Be cautious when lighting Deepam. Do not allow your clothes too close near the light to avoid catching fire.

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Bharathi I am a Medical Student with a passion for writing and a thirst for knowledge.
Bharathi I am a Medical Student with a passion for writing and a thirst for knowledge.

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