Is Your Child Looking So Skinny?- Here Are The Healthiest Methods to Improve Your Child’s Weight!

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The bond between a baby and a mother grows more during feeding. Every mother take cares of her child’s diet till her child grows old and turns out to be grandfather. Mothers are always conscious about their child’s weight especially for the first 6 years.

General Tips For Gaining Weight In Babies

  • Consider giving 3-5 small meals per day instead of giving three big meals a day as your child won’t eat them.
  • Encourage to give one or two healthy snacks each day.Juice is avoided.
  • Avoid giving candies,chips and soft drinks which are very low in nutritional value.
  • Limit drinks during meal times so that your child won’t get full before eating food.


Weight Gain According To Age

  • Gain of 175 to 210 grams per week from birth to 3 months
  • Double the birth weight by 5 months.
  • Gain of 400 gram of weight every month till 1 year.
  • Triple the birth weight by 1 year
  • Four times the birth weight by two years.
  • Five times the birth weight by 3 years.
  • Six times the birth weight by 5 years.
  • 7 times the birth weight by 7 years.
  • 10 times the birth weight by 10 years.
  • Check out the height and weight chart for babies according to the country you are living in.

Today, most mothers are worried and complaining that their babies are not gaining weight. Here, I am going to introduce top 20 foods that help your babies to grow healthy and chubby!


Top 20 Healthy Foods For Babies To Gain Weight.

1. Breast Milk

Breast milk is the best source of baby till one year. It provides essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for the baby’s growth.

Make sure that when you feed, the baby should empty one full breast and then another. The reason behind this is
Foremilk is produced at the beginning of the feed. It is watery, rich in proteins, sugar, vitamins, minerals and water. It satisfies the baby’s thirst.

Hindmilk is produced at the end of the feed. It is richer in fat content.The baby should get hindmilk and foremilk for optimal growth. Hindmilk satisfies baby’s hunger.


2. Moong Dal And Urad dal

Urad dal is a powerhouse of nutrients, calcium and protein and essential fatty acids which help to develop the brain.Moong dal can be serves with Idlis and rice with rasam.This can be fed daily.


3. Ghee

Ghee has numerous health benefits so you should give to your child when you start solid foods.You can add one spoon of ghee to a little one when she is 1 year old .Add two to three spoons of ghee when your child is 7 years old.

They boosts the metabolism of the body and help in weight gain. Ghee is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids which helps for brain development and improves eyesight.


4. Potato Mash

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and dietary fibre which help in assisting healthy weight gain. They are in vitamin C and bone development. Call and present in potatoes help in improving memory, sleep and learning.


5. Ragi

Also known as finger millet, it is a rich source of calcium, iron, protein and dietary fibre.They boosts weight gain and development of the baby.
They can be cooked as idlis, dosa, cookies, puddings and even cereals.They are easily digestible.


6. Eggs

Eggs are known to be the richest source of proteins, vitamins and healthy fats. They are the most popular choice for babies to gain weight.Make sure that your baby have eggs for breakfast everyday.
Sometimes children may have egg allergy reaction.

Start giving egg yolk at 10 months of age and then give egg whites.You should consult the doctor before starting eggs and meat.


7. Bananas

A single banana provide more than hundred calories. The rich in carbohydrates potassium,Vitamin B6,Vitamin C and dietary fibre.You can start giving banana to your baby after 6 months of age.You can do banana puree, banana oats, banana toast, banana pancakes and puddings.


8. Whole cream yogurt

Before coming to yoghurt please know that you should not give cow’s milk until your child turn 1 years old. Your baby stomach cannot digest the high level of protein present in cow milk.

But when coming to yoghurt, it is a fermented milk product. The  good bacteria already present in curd break down the proteins and get easily digested in your baby’s tummy. They contain vitamin, minerals and healthy fats which help your baby to gain weight.


9. Sweet potato

Sweet potato are a good source of vitamin A, Vitamin C, vitamin B6, copper and manganese.It not only improves weight gain but also improves eyesight.You can introduce sweet potatoes to your babies by boiling and mashing them, adding them in soups and khichidi.


10. Avacodos

You can add avacodos to your child’s diet by doing puree and adding them in shakes and salads. Being rich in healthy fats and dietery fibre, they also have all the essential vitamins and minerals.



Butter is a good source of vitamin A, fat cholesterol and essential fatty acids fats play an important role in in the babies physical development and boosting up the brain’s functions. Add a spoon of butter to dal, khichdi, soup and porridge.This is a great choice when your child is too thin.
Make sure you don’t give much as so much diet will lead to negative effects.


12. Whole wheat

Whole wheat bread is a healthy food to increase baby weight. Do it is a slow food for weight gain.It is a nutritional process.They are rich in dietery fiber with low fat. Try to give the baby wheat in the form of porridges and pancakes. It is a tasty way to increase weight too!


13. Pear

Many sources have mentioned that pear increases weight. It is loaded with nutritional values like vitamins,fiber and iron.


14. Pumpkin

They have many calories that help in gaining weight.They are rich in antioxidants and vitamins.


15. Soyabeans

This is the the best choice for vegetarians instead of meat.They contain nutritional value same as meat.They are rich in proteins, iron and calcium.


16.Peanut Butter

It is a calorie dense protein rich food and it is an effective source to gain the babies weight. Try to spread them in breads and add it along with cookies to make an tasty combination.


17.Kidney beans ( Rajma)

They are nutritious, high in calories and healthy food to be added in the diet to increase weight.



Fish is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin A.They are effective in improving eyesight and increase weight.


19. Coconut Milk

Used the freshly squeezed coconut milk instead of processed ones.They have high oil content and help in increasing weight.


20. Dates

Do you know that dates are rich in calories which increases weight?Try giving one or two dates for your child daily.

Hope you have gathered ideas about what to add in your baby’s diet schedule!


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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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