Is Your Baby Refusing Food?- 7 Reasons For Loss Of Appetite And Tips To Increase Their Hunger!

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Hello there! Do you have baby cousins at home who cries and all your neighbours would start wondering what is happening in your home! Well, I have a little cousin who usually cry out of their throat when she saw her mom bringing food from her kitchen.

She usually tries to tell stories  that she is having severe stomach ache, headache, joint ache, fever and sooo blah blah blah!

I wonder how could somebody ignore food like this when we have a person to feed us everytime! Wish I could get back to the old days. A child’s appetite usually differ from day to day, month to month and year to year and depend on their growth spurts.

The general rule of thumb is children eat when they are hungry. But parents usually get worried if their children have loss of appetite.

Do you ever think of why these little babies are crying? We couldn’t read our mind definitely. Maybe, is that because of loss of appetite. If so,what causes loss of appetite?Don’t they feel hungry at all at anytime?Actually not! Let’s know about the basic causes of why do they have loss of appetite! It may turn out useful to you.
Everybody have kids at home isn’t it?

Diving straight into the topic!


1. Teething

Temporary loss of appetite is usually common in children who have growing teeth. It may eat less due to pain caused by gum tearing. Too pity isn’t it? The discomfort increases more when they feed more and drink it’s bottle.

If the baby refuses to eat and not taking food at all, it can affect its health. Make sure that they are drinking lots of fluids. Avoid giving them solid foods and feed them mashed fruits, chilled fruits and porridges.


2. Infections

Infants usually don’t have developed immune system which makes some vulnerable to serious infections. Viral and bacterial infection can cause loss of appetite in children.Other common infections such as gastroenteritis and urinary tract infections makes the child in and cause difficulty to eat.


3. Milk Protein Allergy

Cow milk protein allergy is a condition in which the infants gets to allergic against casein and whey, the proteins found in milk. They develop pain bloating and itching and difficulty in breathing. So the child develops loss of appetite due to this symptoms.


4. Excessive Intake Of Fluids

Excessive intake of fluids like cow’s milk, juice and water can lead to loss of appetite in children. It will make them feel full and will not support the intake of food.


5. Worm Infestation

Babies experiencing worm infestation are more prone to loss of appetite. If you feel your baby are affected by worms, it is advisable to seek medical help.


6. Vaccination

This is an important thing to consider. Some vaccinations will often lead to fever and will result in loss of appetite.


7. Sleep

Another reason for the loss of appetite will be sleep! If your child has played enough,it will lead to loss of appetite. Signs if a baby needs sleep

  • Yawning
  • Pulling its ears
  • Closing fists
  • Jerky arm and leg movements


How Can You Improve Your Baby’s Appetite?

1. Maintaining a sufficient gap between meals or giving five small meals per day between good intervals. If you give easily digestible food such a porridge,the gap should be small.If you a light digestible foods such as fruits,the gap may be longer.

2. Increase intake of zinc
Cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds are rich sources of zinc. Insufficient amount of zinc in your child’s body will lead to loss of appetite. Try crushing cashew nuts in the porridge so that it will be easily digestible.

3. Improve play and exercise Everyone knows that exercise and play can increase hunger!It goes the same for children also.Let your children play for a long time and increases the hunger and appetite.

4.  Make a positive environment
Always choose a positive environment to change their mood swings. A warm environment makes them suffocated and uncomfortable and decreases their appetite. Don’t make them sit in front of tv and making them to eat.

Watching TV let the children eat slightly less of their snacks and about 47 percent less of their lunch than they did while not watching tv. Children was given opportunities to watch TV while eating may become less sensitive to internal cues and satiety said Franch and Birch,Penn State researchers.

5. Offer small bites
Try giving small bites of food to your children which inturn build metabolism and increases hunger.Slowly,their appetite increases.


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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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