The Embarassing Story- How to Improve Your Immunity Double Times !

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Have you ever been on a interesting gossip with your neighbour about the nearby coronovirus case during this lockdown and you suddenly go like “ahem ahem” or “achooo” in 0.53 seconds !

Thoughts striking in your head like, “Oh my goodness, what did i just do now ?, Why did I forget my mask as I have came to pluck curry leaves?, Have he noticed my coughs?, Is he going to advise me about his terrible diet plans and exercise?, Will he get reminded of the circulating WhatsApp message that cough contains 100,000 contagious germs which travel at the speed of 100 miles per hour into his house, bedroom and balcony..

Does this crappy neighbour going to call the ambulance? Or is he going to tell the whole neighborhood that I am affected by Coronovirus! Oh man! It’s better to call for an ambulance.”

And after slowing looking up at your neighbour like nothing has gone wrong, you could see his eyeballs could fall to the ground! Trying to maintain the casual face, you say goodbye to your terror-stricken neighbour and get disappear into the thin air lol!

Slamming the door of your home shut, your hands are reaching to your mobile to search for home remedies to cure cough and cold and foods that could boost immunity! Cuz, all you remember for the moment is merely turmeric, neem leaves and tulsi and maybe, Hamam soap? Let’s go into the topic now instead of getting funny!

So, let’s dive straight to know about the list of immunity boosting foods to eat during lockdown and not getting end up with a cough infront of your neighbour!


1. Vitamin C Works Wonders!

One cup of warm water with two teaspoons of lemon juice can give effective  perks! It is considered good for immune strength in Ayurveda Medicine and also gives way to reduce obesity when consumed early morning.

Vitamin C present in lemon can increase the production of white blood cells which are the soldiers present in out body to fight angry germs. Trust me, it works!

My brother always used to eat an orange whenever he got cold and got relieved. I thought it was a craziest thing before I studied about nutrition and immunology.

Vitamin C Fruits And Vegetables

  • Oranges,
  • Lemons and limes,
  • Goosberries (Amla),
  • Grapes,
  • Guava,
  • Papaya
  • Carrots,
  • Tomatoes and capsicums


2. Ginger

Many people think of “no way, it’s not getting to be added in my list!” Get prepared to be amazed!

Many test tube studies and animal studies shows that Ginger can enhance immune response by its powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties.

1 test tube study has found that fresh ginger has antiviral effects against human respiratory syncytial virus which causes infections in the respiratory tract. Ginger haters?, Experts have mentioned that a combination of honey and ginger also works great!

Method to do ginger shots

  • Peel and chop the ginger. Add to the blender.
  • Add lemon juice.
  • Blend until they get well grinded.
  • Having some more pulp?Use a mesh strainer to remove it.You can also add honey and turmeric.
  • Throw back your shot in one gulp!


3. Eggs

Since they are the easiest form of meat to get during this lockdown, they probably help us!

According to a study published in Jama, participants who took daily serving of eggs are likely to catch cold and further develop respiratory infections in comparison with those who did not.


4. Garlic

Studies are numerous which have proven garlic have astounding benefits to Improve immunity. Garlic contains a compound called allicin. This main ingredient called allicin contains sulphur which is responsible for its distinctive taste and smell. This sulphur containing compounds is believed to hold those medicinal properties which boosts the white blood cell production and fights germs.


5. Watermelon

Along with the lockdown summer, we should not forget that it is the watermelon season!

Watermelons keep your body hydrated thoroughout the whole day. Being a rich source of Vitamin A,C and potassium,they start up our immune system.


6. Water

I may say the same thing “ water” time and again but do you think you are drinking enough?

Drinking enough water regularly keeps us hydrated, especially when you are affected by cold and flu. Staying hydrated helps your body easy to eliminate toxins and germs which cause you illness.

I came across Japanese water therapy and found that it even worked wonders for diabetes, balancing blood sugar levels and even some other chronic diseases.


7. Lockdown Special Chicken Soup

Tadaaaaaa! Finally came to a mouth craving dish for food lovers!

A study undertaken by Dr.Stephen Rennard (pulmonary expert) have mentioned that the ingredients present in chicken soup have anti-inflammatory properties that helps to ease the congestion by reducing symptoms.

Chicken proteins contain a ample source of cysteine – an amino acid chemically similar to the drug called acetylcysteine which can clear mucus. The ginger, garlic, peppers, chillies, chicken, spices, cinnamon sticks, bay leaf and cloves work marvellous for your body!


8. Turmeric

I will get ended up with a big spell if I leave this topic without explaining the fantastic gains of turmeric. I have a surprising thing for you beneath!

Turmeric will help you improve your biological immunity by activating your immune cells like T cells and B cells, macrophages and neutrophils.

According to the researchers in Ohio State University, adding turmeric to your food and supplements isn’t the best tip for strengthening immunity since it metabolised quickly through GI tract.

To utilize more from it,

  • Mix one third cup of turmeric with two third cups of water.
  • Heat the mixture in a saucepan for 10 minutes.
  • Transfer it to a clean container and store it in the refrigerator.
  • Whenever you need this, dilute 1-2 teaspoons of the paste with a cup of warm water and add honey.

The turmeric which is mainly known for its curcumin component responsible for its colour and rich antioxidants will dissolve and easily enter the bloodstream. Drink this concoction once daily for boosting your immunity.


9. Yoga

According to Psychology Today, The Journal Of Behavioral Medicine have mentioned that yoga is very helpful to boost your immunity and decrease inflammation in your body.

Yoga lowers the stress hormones and strengthens the nervous system while stimulating the lymphatic system removing toxins.


So friends! Let’s all not forget the proven scientific research on our traditional home remedies and start consuming. Don’t forget social distancing. Stay safe at home cuz we’ll probably don’t get this chance once more to heal mother nature!

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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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