Difference Between Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil

All of us have used coconut oils for your hair or skin, at least once in our life.

In the olden days, our grandmothers used to prepare coconut oils at home itself. But most of us do not have the time to do that today and prefer buying a readymade one.

Supermarkets have dozens of coconut oils with a vast range of brands and types. So many of them claim to be ‘pure’ and ‘premium’. Can you trust all of them?

Of course not! Terms like “Cold Pressed Coconut oil”, “Virgin”, and “Extra virgin” add to the confusion. 

So which coconut oil is pure and worth the money? What are these terms? Are they worth the money?

Don’t worry! Read on to know EVERYTHING about these oils. We will be happy to clear all your doubts!


Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

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This type of coconut oil is made by a method called cold-pressing, thus the name. It was traditionally was made from a Ghani, but several newly mechanized methods make it easier now. 


How is Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil Made?

Cold-pressed coconut oil is mostly made from the flesh of mature coconuts, thanks to their higher oil content.

After grinding them into flakes, the oil is extracted at a low temperature using a press. It is a long and labor-intensive process, but it helps retain the nutrients of the oil.

It is not refined with chemicals, bleached, and odorized like regular coconut oils. The unrefined and pure, that’s why it has a strong and flavorful aroma. 

Machines like centrifuges are also used nowadays, but cold-pressing gives you superior quality oil. 


Virgin Coconut Oil: How is it different?


If seen from the nutritional point, both cold-pressed and virgin coconut oil are almost the same. Both are superior to the refined coconut oils, are produced organically without adding any chemical or bleaching.

However, the difference lies in the production procedures. Cold Pressed coconut oil is obtained from the dried and flaked coconut flesh, and you produce virgin oil from the coconut milk. Coconut milk is also rich in moisture and nutrients.

Virgin coconut oil has a stronger aroma than Cold-pressed oil. But it has a low smoking point, therefore not quite suitable for high-temperature cooking.

You can use it for cooking at a low temperature and drizzling it on salads for the wonderful aroma. Coconut oil rich with nutrients ensure healthier and shinier hair.

It is a rich moisturizer for your skin. Use regularly and bring on the glow!

Virgin coconut oil can also be cold-pressed if that is the method of production. Even if it is manufactured using the centrifuge technique, it retains its nutrients.

This is because neither does it go through heat nor chemicals are added to it. Therefore, its benefits are quite similar to Cold-pressed coconut oil.


Benefits of Pure Cold-pressed and Virgin Coconut Oil

1. High in essential fatty acids

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These Coconut oils contain some fatty acids that are essential for a healthy body. They help to boost immunity and have anti-bacterial properties. Coconut oil has a type of fat called MCT (Medium-chain Triglyceride Oil)  that athletes use. 

Fatty acids in coconut oil are beneficial for skin care as well. It has a high moisture content that helps as a moisturizer for dry skin.


2. Makes your hair Healthier

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Needless to say, it makes your hair healthier. We fondly remember our childhood days when mom would give us a “champi” with onion oil.

It has conditioning properties for your hair, makes it more manageable and less frizzy. It adds luster and makes your hair shiny. Hairfall, graying, or damaged hair, coconut oil is the solution!

It promotes better scalp health as well. Enriched with Vitamin E and Vitamin K, it prevents dandruff and moisturizes your scalp to prevent dryness.

If you are suffering from scalp boils, use coconut oil to soothe them. It drives away any type of irritation and nourishes your scalp. 

Say hello to healthy tresses!


3. Boosts Metabolism and helps in Digestion

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Several studies have proved that the fatty acids in coconut oil can boost metabolism for a whole day! No wonder athletes are so interested in coconut oils.

It amps up your energy and makes you more active. It aids digestion and prevents any health problem regarding Vitamin B deficiency.


4. Helps in Weight Loss


Weight loss and Oils are not the best of friends. Then why are we recommending it for your weight loss? Because coconut oil can be your friend.

No kidding! Both Cold-Pressed and Virgin Coconut oil does not contain saturated fats like most oils and therefore don’t contribute much to your calorie count. It does not contain chemicals harmful to your health.

It has an aromatic nutty flavor that you can use in place of butter. If you are on a diet, this can be a good garnish for your salads, adding a wonderful aroma.


5. Helps to Control Cholesterol

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Most refined oils reduce good cholesterol (helpful for your body) and increase bad cholesterol (harmful for your body). But your savior coconut oil does the opposite!

It increases the “good” cholesterol and reduces “bad” cholesterol. So it ultimately helps improve your heart health! Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil gives you a better chance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.


6. Improves Dental Health

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Coconut oil is your solution to better dental health. It reduces bad breath and makes your mouth smell like a coco-nutty dream! Even when you have vital dental concerns like plaque and cavities.

Several studies have shown promising results for coconut oil pulling. Just swirl it in your mouth for some time, and welcome beautiful teeth! 

Make sure you use edible coconut oil for oil pulling. Most pure coconut oils are edible, so they are safe to use. You don’t want to end up with an upset stomach, after all. 


7. Antimicrobial Uses to Boost Immunity


Coconut oil contains lauric acid, a fatty acid worth a mention. It has antibacterial properties when ingested. Inside your body, it turns into monolaurin.

It helps your body fight harmful bacteria, microbes, and disease-causing pathogens.

You can buy cold-pressed coconut oil from our website https://www.standardcoldpressedoil.com/. We are always ready to serve you!


Anyaja M I am a writer and author from Standard Oil. I publish articles after a lot of research with adding my own experience in it.
Anyaja M I am a writer and author from Standard Oil. I publish articles after a lot of research with adding my own experience in it.

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