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Proso millets( panivaragu)

The unique characteristics of millets are worth of reams and proso millets (panivaragu) are no exception!

Proso millets (pani varagu) are one of the super meals which serve our ancestors with rich medical advantages. It is call white or hog millets, panivaragu in Tamil, barri in Hindi, Varigulu in Tamil, Barragu in Kannada. 

Millets are staple foods of Indians which are also consume during the religious fasting period. No wonder proso millets are one of the miracle grains because they have high nutritional values when compared to rice and wheat. 

Millets have been disposed of for quite a while since it is old yet now is getting an entirely perceptible rebound among the public. Furthermore, presently we are here to convey 100% great quality millets to your doorstep at a sensible cost!


1. Why Standard Panivaragu Are Special To You?

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Being one of the best millet sellers in Tamilnadu, we are experienced in the sourcing of millets from our vast network of millets cultivation farmers.

The hygienically cultivated millets are directly brought from the farmer’s gate and no artificial flavours, preservatives are added. We deliver the millets with high-quality packaging which delivers freshness along with it.  

When you need pure quality millet at a reasonable price, there’s no need to look elsewhere. Our Standard Coldpressed Oil team can help you with a bulk order of millets too!


2. Source

Archaeological proof proposes that the yield was first domesticated before 10,000 BCE in Northern China.

Proso millets are desirable for human food since they are gluten-free and easily digestible. Unlike carbohydrates, proso millets lower glucose and cholesterol, thereby prevents silent killer diabetes. 

millets are rich in fibre, protein, minerals and trace elements like iron, copper, zinc, manganese and soluble fibre.


3. Nature And Taste

Proso millets are creamy yellow in colour and have a slightly nutty flavour. They can be made with dosa, upma, rice, oatmeal, pulao, khichdi, soup and even pongal!

What to wait for? All you have to do is to get them for a healthy lifestyle and take a look at the recipes!


4. Health Benefits Of Panivaragu

1. Memory Booster!

Proso millets are rich in lecithin and support neural health. Lecithin is a fat that is necessary for cells in the body.

Being a good source of lecithin, proso millets prevent memory disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Various research studies from 1920 have mentioned that lecithin is a good brain food which will prevent deterioration of mental capacity.


2. Diabetes Away!

Apart from carbohydrates like rice, proso millet is a low glycemic index food which helps to prevent diabetes. It has been suggested that regular consumption of millets can reduce the risk of diabetes and keeps a check of glucose levels.


3. Shed A Few Kilograms!

Since proso millets are rich in lecithin, they can help to lose your weight too! They may assist in the breakdown of both the dietary and blood fats into smaller molecules.

Lecithin prevents the accumulation of fat in body tissues and especially to the liver.


4. Panivaragu Increases Good Cholesterol Levels

Nowadays, heart disease has been a terrific robber stealing the lives of people. 

Consumption of healthy food to reduce cholesterol levels is more important than anything!

Research studies have shown that dietary fibre in proso millet has been linked to reducing bad cholesterol levels and elevated cholesterol levels in the body.

This prevents the formation of fat in the arteries, which can regulate cholesterol metabolism in the body.


5. Anticancer Properties

Surprisingly, Proso millets are loaded with nutrients and fibres that keep cancer away. 

Research conducted had shown that proso millet extracts had exhibited anti-proliferative properties against MDA human breast cells and human hepG2 liver cancer cells.


6. Haemoglobin levels up!

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The most common type of anaemia is caused by a shortage of iron in the body. Being a decent loaded source of iron, proso millets helps in the production of red blood cells and elevated haemoglobin levels.

Thereby, it prevents iron deficiency anaemia which causes symptoms like hair loss, fatigue, breathlessness etc.


7. Vitamin E Is Important!

Proso millets are a good source of vitamin E which protects cells from damage and might help in lowering a variety of health problems.

Vitamin E plays an important role in the production of prostaglandins which is very responsible for blood pressure and muscular contractions in the body.

Vitamin helps to improve the immune system, cell health and skin health. It is helpful in reducing UV damage to the skin.

What are you still waiting for? Get high quality panivaragu at best prices which will be delivered to your doorstep.


5. Common Q&A About Panivaragu

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1. Can Panivaragu Millets Reduce Weight?

Yes! They are high in fibre and a low glycemic index food. Apart from other carbohydrates like rice, millets are eaten less because of the fibre content which causes weight loss.

2. Are Proso Millets gassy?

Consumption of Proso Millets may cause an immune response, destroying the coating of the small digestive system, which further prompts issues like swelling, gas, looseness of the bowels and constipation. People with thyroid diseases should not consume millets. 

3. Who Need Proso millets?

  • Obese people
  • People With Heart Diseases
  • People With Diabetes
  • Hypertensive people
  • People with Vitamin E deficiency


Buying Guide

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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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