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Everyone needs wealth, health, peace and prosperity whether in-home or in their business. Everyone wants to take care of Vastu. Moreover, today’s welcome has also taken a different turn. Yes! Bronze Uruli is used as decorative object that give a royal glow to even a simple setting! 

Bronze Uruli is traditional cookware which was extensively used in the South Indian states like Kerala and Tamilnadu. In olden times, bronze uruli were used to cook and make medicines in Ayurveda. This is simply a bowl which was also used to store water in it and decorate with flowers. 


1. What Is The Importance Of Placing Bronze Uruli At Home?

According to ancestors, water denotes wealth and they are decorated with flowers and kept facing the main door which is auspicious. Today enormous urulis have been kept in resorts around the world which give a beautiful sight. 


2. Why Is Standard Bronze Uruli A Good Choice For You?

Unfortunately, most of the Urulis in the market are replaced with aluminium and stainless steel which is a cheaper choice with unsatisfying quality.

  • Our standard Uruli is elegantly designed with 100% bronze and is suitable for any use whether it is cooking or decoration.
  • They are also highly suitable for ayurvedic, naturopathy treatment and spas to make herbal potions to treat diseases.
  • It is perfect for slow cooking and the bronze retains the nutrients of the food without affecting the flavour.
  • They can keep the food warm for many hours and spread heat evenly.
  • Additionally, the best part is they are long, durable and easy to maintain.


3. How To Place Bronze Uruli At Home According To Vastu?

The right direction- When it comes to the water element, place the Uruli in the Northeast direction.

The place to choose- Place it in the pooja room and you will have a positive vibe. Place it in the living room if you want to increase wealth. Place it in the entrance of your home to invite good energy. 

The right material- Always bronze! Never choose iron since it will give negative effects.

Decorate With Flowers- Pour fresh water in it and then you can decorate them with marigolds and rose petals.

Mistakes To Avoid- Never use stones to decorate as it will give negative effects. Placing it in a staircase or closed room also stops the flow of good energy. 


4. Health Benefits of Bronze Urulis When Cooking

1. Strong Digestive Health

The use of bronze metals for cooking allows the food to be alkalized and purified. They contribute to the degradation of the microorganisms that make the metal hygienic.

2. Prevents Diseases Transmitted By Water

Water preserved in bronze is not going to get stale.

To avoid water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera etc., they have excellent purification properties.

3. Brain Health Improves

Ayurveda noted that bronze metals help to strengthen our intelligence and sharpen the memory of the brain. They are a powerful stimulant for the brain and also have anticonvulsant properties to prevent seizures, epilepsy, etc.

4. Alleviate Joint Pain

Copper has anti-inflammatory properties in bronze utensils that help to alleviate joint pain and muscle pain.

Copper used in bronze utensils helps restore the health of the skin and probably slows down ageing.

5. Hold The Anaemia At Bay

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They also help raise levels of haemoglobin and reduce the risk of developing anaemia with iron deficiency.

6. Bronze Uruli Maintains Cardiovascular Health

In developing cardiovascular health and avoiding hypertension, bronze utensils also play a significant role.

7. Enhance Immunity

They will purify food and water and strengthen our immunity to diseases as they have antimicrobial properties.

8. Skin Health Enhancement

In the development of melanin, copper present in bronze utensils plays a key component that helps restore our skin health and possibly slows down ageing. Check out to know more about bronze utensils.

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5. Common Q&A About Bronze Uruli

1. Regarding bronze uruli, what does Ayurveda suggest?

Ancestors who practised Ayurveda taught us that there are inherent healing properties for consuming and drinking from alkalinizing metals. Vessels and utensils are one of the best sources that ancestors have used for years, besides our everyday consumption of food.

2. When cooking, do they hold nutrients?

Yes, when cooked in them, bronze can retain 98% of the food’s nutrients.

3. How To Clean Utensils in Bronze?

With delicate detergents and mild soap, wash the bronze utensils. There’s no special detergent required. To remove oxidation, soak the utensils in tamarind water. You can clean yourself with tamarind skin, too.

4. Will bronze uruli rust?

As they have a negligible amount of iron in them, bronze does not rust like brass and copper.

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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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