Best Oil For Cooking – Check Out The Healthiest Types!

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Choosing the best oil for your cooking in the supermarket can feel like a mental jigsaw puzzle! What type of oil works for deep frying samosas? Does it work for soy steamed veggies too? Can I use the same for seasoning the tuna salad? NO!

Additionally, there are so many factors to consider when it comes to cooking oil? Smoking points, storage, flavours, cooking method and health considerations. What are these? Can’t you ignore them and choose the oil which has the best offers? ABSOLUTELY NOT! 

If you feel like the above confusions are relatable to you, great! You are in the right place then!

We are here to explain about Smoking points, their storage and discuss about the best oil for your cooking method!

So, let’s dive straight in!


1.Smoke Point Is The First Thing To Know!

What is the smoke point anyway? Does it affect your food if you don’t know! Of course!

The smoke point is the temperature at which oil in the frypan starts to produce a continuous smoke which is completely visible. The smoking point of oils is different for different oils which range from 325°F to 525°F.

What happens if you let them over smoke?

When you overheat the oil crossing the smoking points, it will release free radicals which is an important risk factor for cancer and other conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. This doesn’t mean you need to be worried every time but we surely need to take precautions right?

Is It Really Important To Be Aware Of Storage?

Different types of oils have different types of shelter life! For examples, olive oil has a shorter shelf life when compared to coconut oil and it will oxidise quickly. 

Is your oil turning rancid before the shelter life ends? Keep in mind that oil should not be stored beside the stove and above the oven. Always keep your oil container in a cool, dark place(like the kitchen cabinet) to avoid turning rancid quickly. Storing them in heat places turns the oil unusable. And throw away if you have noticed a soapy, metallic flavour from it. 

The Most Important Thing!

Calories! All the oils mentioned in the below list have 120 calories and hold 2 grams of fat in a tablespoon. However, each type of oil has different health benefits!

So stay on the page to know the tips and tricks, and the right type of healthiest oils which cut through the clutter of the modern diet dilemma! 


1. Olive Oil

Most of you will be already familiar with olive oil. The healthiest diet in the world is the Mediterranean diet which uses olive oil which consists of a high olive oil content. 

Olive oil has a fruity flavour and no doubts cuz it tastes amazing! It is suitable for salad dressings cuz olive oil gives extra flavour and texture to all veggies.

Smoke Point: Generally, the smoke point of olive oil is 410°F.

Best For : raw and cold cooking. Olive oil is very suitable for salads, dressings and for making bread and tips. 

Health Benefits: As I have mentioned earlier, olive is the main component of the Mediterranean diet. People who consume olive oil are proved to have a higher life expectancy with a lower chance of developing heart diseases. 2017 studies proved that extra virgin olive oil prevents brain dysfunction, cancer and atherosclerosis. 


2. Coconut Oil

Many people are avoiding coconut oil like a plague since it is chock full of saturated fat. But do you know that the innocent culprit can be good for your health?

“If you want to lower the risk of bad cholesterol levels and heart disease( if you have), coconut oil is not a good choice,” says, Dr Qi Sun, Assistant professor in the department of nutrition. 

But he also added that “If you don’t have heart disease, and want to prevent bad cholesterol levels, coconut has an amazing tendency to raise the good cholesterol levels than any fats do”!

Smoke Point: 350°F (Virgin)

Best For: Deep frying since it is high in saturated fat and it doesn’t appear to change the quality of food. The ideal temperature for deep frying is 350°F to 375°F. 

Health Considerations: A 2013 study found that coconut oil helps to lose your belly fat. It is also rich in Lauric acid which boosts heart health, reduces hunger and seizures and has proven antimicrobial effects. 

3. Avocado Oil

Avocado is considered one of the top superfoods for a healthier lifestyle and the reason is the oil. And this delicious fruit is a heavy hitter towards nutrition!

Smoke Point: 520°F

Best For: High heat cooking when it is refined. Virgin avocado oil is suitable for delicious condiments, salad dressings, marinade for meat and vegetables.

Health Benefits: Avocado oil is rich in vitamins like A, B1, B2, D and E. The omega 9 fatty acids are rich in avocados which helps to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol. They also have rich moisturizing properties. 

4. Refined Vegetable Oils 

Oils such as sunflower, canola, corn, soybean, safflower, and peanuts are added with artificial flavours and toxic preservation which extends their shelter life and ruins your health.

Smoke Points: 450°F to 520°F

Health Considerations: Vegetable oils are bad because they are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are types of fats which can oxidise easily and cause diseases like PCOS, cancer, heart disease and endometriosis.


5. Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is much healthier when compared to other vegetable oils even though it still comes under this category.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as it benefits your heart, skin, joints and many more! Additionally, sesame oil has recently taken the center stage for its nutty flavour too!

Smoke Point: 350°F for unrefined sesame oil

Best For: salad dressings, dips, vegetables, pasta and rice, marinades for beef, pork, tofu.etc

Health Considerations: Sesame oil is rich in antioxidants and prevents diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, common cold etc.


So, have you found out the best oil for your cooking? Great then! Are you in search to get your oil now? Get standard cold-pressed oils at best prices to deliver your traditionally made, 100% natural oils to your doorstep. 

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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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