12 Amazing Tips Of Peanut Or Groundnut Oil!

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Do you want to know something about peanut oil? You have come to the right place!

is most commonly used in Asian cuisine, China countries,southeast nations like Vietnam Laos and Cambodia.

The taxonomical name of peanuts is Arachis hypogeas.

Peanuts play an important role in ancient days. Groundnut were buried along with corpse and mummies of Peru. Peanuts contain more than 25 nutrients which is necessary for human health.

Do you know that Alan, the astronaut take a peanut with him to the moon?

Peanuts is not just a leisure thing but a healthy snack! The world’s first diesel engine actually ran in peanut oil! Aren’t you curious to know something about peanut oil?

Now, let’s see the benefits of peanut oil.


1. Types Of Peanut Oil

1. Refined peanut oil-oil has been refined removing its flavours and colours making in completely neutral to cook any type of thing.
2. Unrefined or virgin peanut oil-this oil has not been refined and the flavours and colours remain.
3. Roasted peanut oil-this type of peanut oil is where peanuts are roasted to give a deep nutty flavour and golden brown colour. This oil is used in flavouring like sauces and salads rather than cooking and deep frying.


2. Nutritional Value

  • Calories -119 grams
  • Fat   -14 grams
  • Saturated fat. -2.1 grams
  • Polyunsaturated fat -4.3 grams
  • Monounsaturated fat-6.7 grams
  • Phytosterols -27.9 mg
  • It contains a high amount of Omega 6 fatty acids which is not good and leads to inflammation. Besides, it is a very good source of vitamin E which increases anti-aging properties and reduce the risk of diseases.


Health benefits of Peanut Oil

1.Reduces Diabetes

Peanut oil is low in carbohydrates and high in protein. So they have have really low glycemic index, so carbohydrates enters the bloodstream quickly after the meal.

Peanut oil is good for diabetics. Their unsaturated fats may improve blood sugar control of the diabetic people.


2. Rich Source Of Vitamin E And Antioxidants

Peanut oil are rich in vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant to provide a stronger immune system and it also prevents blood clots.

Peanut oil contain omega 6 fatty acids which can be provided only by diet because body can’t make them. They play an important role in improving the function of brain.

While Omega 3 has a inflammatory function, Omega 6 has a proinflammatory function.


3. Healthy Heart

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Healthy Heart

High levels of LDL and triglycerides lead to a greater risk of developing a cardiovascular disease.

Peanut contains more amount of unsaturated fatty acids which reduces the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease according to American Heart Association


4. Relief For Constipation

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Relief For Constipation

They even relieves constipation when applied to rectum.


5. Effective For Joint Pain

Every home has grandparents suffering from joint pain and arthritis! Why don’t you try out applying groundnut oil for the joints. Research says that its effective.


6. Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Groundnut oil is very big hostile for antioxidants. It prevents the risk of alziemers disease.


7. Fight against Cancer

There has been a lot of debate for to prove the potential of anticancer property of peanuts.

Recently they have been a lot of negative press surrounding vegetable oils, but peanuts stand out of them. Peanuts are rich in antioxidants especially revesterol which is found mostly in red wine.

Peanuts help to reduce free radicals which cause cancerous changes in our body.


8. Lowers Blood Pressure

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Lowers Blood Pressure

Revesterol in peanuts play important role to reduce the blood pressure for aged adults. During hypertension angiotensin produced in our body makes blood vessels to constrict and blood flow reduces to all the organs automatically.

This revesterol inhibits the action of angiotensin which makes the blood vessels all over the body to dilate and improve the blood flow and pressure.


9. Improves Hair Health

Hair Health

Vitamin E in peanut oil increases hair health, strengthen your hair follicles and decreases damage. The fatty acids present in the peanut oil rebuild the hair repair and reduces dandruff in the scalp.


10.Boosts Immune System

Peanut oil fights against viral and fungal infections. White blood cells are protective soldiers in our body which fight against foreign body and infections.

This antioxidants increases WBC tremendously to boost immune system and keep our body healthy.


11. Treats Dry Skin

The topical application of peanut oil helps treat dry skin but the research is limited. You can apply the oil to the face and other affected areas and rinse after 20 minutes.


12. Delays Aging Factors

There are no evidence of peanut oil delays Aging factors but vitamin E present in the oil may help to prevent aging signs.


Adverse Effects Of Peanut Oil

The side effects of peanut oil is not very much significant. When taken by mouth aur by body massage or  applied in rectum it is completely safe.

However, pregnant women and age people should use peanut oil in moderate amounts.

Some are allergic to peanut oil which leads to anaphylactic shock! This leads to vomiting, chest congestion, pain in the abdomen and swollen lips.


Word of Caution

Peanut oil is safe enough to cook in food but there is no enough information whether it’s safe for breastfeeding.

But if are aren’t allergic, remember that your secret ingredient could be peanut oil!


Buying Guide

Standard Groundnut oil or peanut oil buy at affordable prices!!



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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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