Potato For Babies- Health Benefits And Quick Recipe

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Babies grow up so fast, and earlier than you comprehend it, they are ready to consume solid foods like potato.

As a mother, you’ll be sceptical approximately introducing exceptional foods to your child.

Have you ever had a few skilled mothers tell you that you can feed potatoes on your baby when you are weaning him out?

If yes, you’re likely questioning how much and in what form you may feed your baby this vegetable. Nicely, you’ll discover all of the solutions in this Article.

Examine directly to know all approximately potatoes, it’s benefits, when to feed your baby and a easy recipes that you may prepare right away.


When to introduce potatoes in a babies eating regimen

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Potato for baby

Potatoes are available in nearly all places of the world. They may be rich in carbohydrates and provide adequate energy for your growing baby.

It’s miles one of the safest greens that can be added as an early meals to your infant. Boiled or steamed potatoes are decent assets of no longer just complex carbs.

However additionally some complex proteins and vitamin c. To keep away from lack of nutrient loss, potatoes need to not be fried.


Nutritional Value Of Potatoes:

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Nutritional value of potatoes

Potatoes are power-filled with energy. One medium-sized potato might provide 35kcal of strength.

Nutrient quantity
Vitamin C 12 mg
Vitamin A 2 mcg
Folate 15 mug
Potassium 270 mg
Magnesium 12mg
Phosphorus 22 mg
Calcium 5 mg
Iron 0.3 mg
Sodium 2 mg
Zinc 0.14 mg

The above cited the approximate values present in one medium-sized potato, and these can also range as in line with the size of the potato.


Health Benefits Of Potatoes For Babies

Potatoes are a exceptional energy food for babies. Here are a few extra benefits that your child may additionally derive from potatoes:

1. Accurate Gastrointestinal Health

Potatoes can help develop your child’s gastrointestinal health only if fed on non fried. Potatoes help inside the increase of good micro-organism.

The big quantities of alkaline sugars in potatoes maintain the acid ranges down on your baby’s body and for this reason hold acidity at bay.

2. Lowers The Risk Of Infections

Some varieties of potatoes, inclusive of those with pink flesh, are loaded with Anthocyanins, a pigment which has antioxidant properties.

They help in fighting various diseases. Consequently, adding potatoes to a babies weight-reduction plan can keep the dangers of infections at bay.

3. Good For Babies Pores And Skin

Potatoes have starch, vitamin c, and diverse enzymes that could guard and nourish the pores and skin.

After studying the benefits of potatoes for babies, we are positive you’re keen to feed your baby this power food.

However, there are sure belongings you must endure in mind before you pick that spoonful of mashed goodness.


Points to remember at the same time as feeding potatoes to baby.

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Health benefits of potato

Potatoes are healthy for babies. However, you need to observe the subsequent factors earlier than feeding a potato for baby:

1. Clean and peel the potatoes very well

Potatoes are grown underground, and consequently you must remove all of the dirt and pesticides before giving it for your baby’s. Make sure you wash it very well before cooking it properly.

2. Start Small

Babies just like the flavor of potatoes, but that doesn’t mean that you feed them in excess. Therefore, start by means of giving a few spoons of thoroughly cooked mashed potato most effective.

3. Give steamed or baked potatoes

Consist of steamed or baked potatoes to your baby’s food regimen. That is because while you boil the potatoes and throw away the water, maximum of its vitamins are lost. You can steam and mash the potatoes and give it your baby.


Potato And Squash Puree Recipe

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Potato puree

This recipe is ideal toddler food for toddlers who’re older than 6 months.


  • 1 acorn or butternut squash
  • 3 to 4 medium-sized potatoes


  • Take the squash and potatoes, clean them, and cut into small pieces.
  • Placed them in a steamer and steam them till they’re cooked.
  • Alternately,You can bake the squash and potatoes in an oven.
  • Once done, puree them to form a clean paste, and feed your infant.

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Asiya Naaz Being a medical professional i am holding key of writing skills. I revel in writing on scientific subjects for the duration of my spare time. My aim is to bridge the space among a physician and a layman to sell information that can be beneficial in better conversation.
Asiya Naaz Being a medical professional i am holding key of writing skills. I revel in writing on scientific subjects for the duration of my spare time. My aim is to bridge the space among a physician and a layman to sell information that can be beneficial in better conversation.

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