Numerous Medicinal Properties Of Betel Nut & Its Side Effects

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Scientifically call Areca Catechu, is a medium size, single trunk, evergreen and monoecious tree that does nicely in tropical as well as sub-tropical climates with nicely drained soil.

The plant grows up to the height of 20 m and 20-30 cm in diameter. It has pinnate leaves measuring 1.5-2 cm long.

It bears creamy to white flora. Fruit is a ovoid drupe which set 4-5 cm lengthy and yellowish to red or orange.

The seeds in the fruit is ovoid, ellipsoidal, globose measuring 3-4*2-4 cm. It carries isoguvocine, choline and alkaloids arecaine, arecoline, arecaidine and guvacine.

Nut carries tannin, oil, alkaloids, polyphenols such as flavonoids. Different alkaloids discovered in it are arecaidine, arecolidine, guvacoline, guvacine, norarecoline and isoguvacine norarecaidine.

Betel nut is without a doubt a substance chew by big numbers of human beings throughout the sector.

Historically, betel nut changed into regarded as useful to oral hygiene, appetite in addition to saliva production.


Studies On Betel Nuts

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Betel nut

Scientists now realise that chewing betel nut boosts the danger of cancers of the mouth and also the esophagus, and that it is able to adversely affect the health of kids in the womb.

But, there are numerous likely beneficial components of betel nut, many specialists agree that the risks result in the substance unhealthy.

In spite of the call “betel nut,” the substance that individuals bite in lots of areas of the world is typically a combination of plant items as well as lime minerals.

The nut portion is actually the areca nut, which will come via the palm tree areca catechu.

Occasionally, the nut and lime is contain inside a wrapping of leaves from the betel vine, piper betel. In other preparations all of the additives are mix together as powder.

Other areas of medicine wherein the substance may offer small benefits include recuperation from stroke and also the intestinal situation ulcerative colitis.

However, no longer sufficient proof exists to demonstrate this. The nut is consider to have quite beneficial effects at the protection in opposition to enamel cavities.

Despite the fact that betel nut would possibly have apparent preferred biological results for your body, the serious chances of the nut should also be taken into consideration.

Chewing betel nut may additionally reason cancers of the mouth, pharynx and esophagus.

Just before cancer develops, the person utilizing betel nut can have problems with serious mouth troubles to the quantity where the mouth can not open.

Additionally, pregnant women who use betel nut can gradual the development of their infant consequently it is probably born underweight.


History of Betel Nut

It has long history in South and Southeast Asia and also the Pacific Basin. In guam in conjunction with other Pacific Islands, its use might be trace lower back to date as 2,000 years.

A habit handed thru generations, chewing betel nut is definitely a recurring custom for 10-20% of the world’s population.

WHO estimates that round 600 million humans use betel nut most extensively used psychoactive (especially of the drug) affecting the thoughts materials in the World.

Its in fourth place after nicotine, alcohol and caffeine).

However it’s far an essential cultural and social culture in numerous nations, rising severe health troubles on regular usage.


Health Benefits of Betal Nuts

The roots and leaves of the tree have were given excellent therapeutic uses. The nut of the tree additionally offers therapeutic uses. The nut shouldn’t be taken whoever is younger.

As soon as the nuts get ripe, they’ll be dried and apply for numerous reasons. Listed right here are a few health advantages of betel nuts:

1. Stroke Recovery

Betel nut extract is a remarkable idea for stroke recuperation, in accordance with InteliHealth.

Improvements noted in speech, bladder control in addition to muscle power in sufferers taking betel nut extract.

Despite the fact that InteliHealth explains that research thus far have already been small and flawed.


2. Anti-Cavity Effect

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Areca nuts

In vitro research show that water extract of betel nuts exhibit anti-microbial activity in the direction of precise traces of oral bacteria.

Therefore it’s miles says that its consumption may safeguard tooth from cavities. Chewing on betel nuts may prevent you dental plaque.

Betel nut may have anti-bacterial effects, also it previously turned into like a toothpaste component to save you cavities, in accordance with InteliHealth.

Because of its toxic effects, however, betel nut might be less useful as compared to other restorative agents for dental reasons.

Chewing pan together with betel nut has turn out to be a common addiction.

It simply is consider to keep away from tooth decay. However this have to take occasionally. Regular consumption ends in infection resulting in most cancers.


3. Schizophrenia

Initial studies signifies enhancements in signs for schizophrenia patients who take betel nut, in accordance with the NIH.

Popular schizophrenia medications create unsightly negative effects, fueling in addition efforts to discover new remedies.

However the NIH notes that betel nut additionally created side effects of tremors in addition to stiffness in the schizophrenia research.


4. Dry Mouth Relief

Folks that chew betel nut will be predispose to create big quantities of saliva, in accordance with InteliHealth.

This could help people with dry mouth brought on via health troubles like diabetes and Sjogren’s syndrome. InteliHealth explains that safer drugs are for sale to lessen this symptom.


5. Prevents Anemia

Betel nuts have been in use for several years like a medicinal drug to deal anemia in pregnant ladies.

They’re appropriate for making up for extreme iron deficiency and low blood glucose degrees. Frequent, however slight, utilization of betel nut might help fight an iron deficiency.


6. Beneficial For Brain

It’s been discover that those who’ve suffer a brain injury have confirm a few reaction to betel nuts.

Usage of betel nuts allows to improve speech as well as muscle control in such humans. However, it is able to also have unwanted effects when utilized on different varieties of medication.


7. Relief from Stomach Worms

Consuming betel nuts help in remedy of stomach worms similar to the tapeworms and also the roundworms.

It’ll assist avoid the problems associated with the stomach worms. Betel nut is the various satisfactory vermifuge that could help expel the stomach worms.


8. Can Manage Diabetes

Arecoline is a few of the bio-chemical compounds find in betel nut. This specific bio-chemical has been analyzes to have a large control on diabetes.

Tests on lab animals showed control of blood glucose stages for the considerable term. Different research has related chewing betel nut with an increase of chance of diabetes.


9. Prevents Cellular Degeneration

Betel nuts consist of antioxidants which help to keep away from cellular degeneration in the older ones.

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Dried betel nuts


10. Can Control High Blood Pressure or Blood Pressure

Studies have proven that the tannins contained in betel nut are helpful in handling high blood strain pastime via inhibiting the reaction to each angiotensin l and ll.


11. Euphoria

Gnawing betel nuts does make a feeling of well-being and euphoria. This can be one extra cause at the back of its accelerated use.

The elated feeling could make users happy. Users also have stated experiencing a warm feeling in the body after consuming this precise psychoactive substance.


12. Prevents Nausea

Chewing betel nuts allows prevent nausea. Betel nuts may be chew just earlier than journeying to keep away from vomiting sensation.


13. Prevents Stomach Problems

Stomach issues much like indigestion, diarrhea and stomach aches is regularly curable. Eating betel nuts provides rest from dysentery and in addition allows save you it when consumed often.


14. Relieves From Excess Heat

Chewing the betel nuts assist lessen excessive heat thru the body of a human. Consuming betel nuts with betel leaves may be quite beneficial in the summers.


15. Anti-depressant Properties

According with ayurveda, betel nut is take into consideration to encourage the nervous system. Studies into betel nut indicates that it does have were given anti-depressant traits.

Assessments on lab rats recommended that betel nut extracts reduced stress delivered on via swimming and tail-suspension.


16. Immunomodulatory Properties

Taking betel nut is assign to rise in the immunomodulatory response. The extracts of betel nut validated modulation of arachidonic acid metabolism which influences the rise of platelet production.


17. Energy Booster

The purpose at the back of its growing recognition is its functionality to boost energy. Way to its stimulating effects, users revel in improved ranges of power quickly upon chewing these types of nuts.

Many nation that it wakes them up and gives energy to retain with their everyday routine. So chewing it will work to preserve you extensive awake for a long term.

This is specially beneficial on every occasion using over night time.

The heightened alertness in addition to multiplied ability to handle assignment comes from its active ingredient arecoline? An alkaloid along with a powerful stimulant of the central nervous system.


Side Effects of Betel Nuts

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betel nut or areca nut dried

1. Oral Cancers

When WHO enlists betel nuts like a carcinogen, there’s nothing more to mention of the risks of chewing betel nuts.

Having that energy boosting bite of betel nut at the cost of cancer predisposition is clearly now not well worth it.

Plenty of research has been complete that confirm a effective correlation in among betel nut intake as well as oral most cancers.

Additionally, betel nuts available on the market are relatively processed and include lot of components.

This could bring about the growth and development of oral sub-mucous fibrosis a pre-cancerous situation of the mouth.

Their regular utilization additionally carries progressed risk of cancer of the pharynx in addition to esophagus.

To see the results firsthand, go to Xiangtan, a city in Hunan province, China, in which the multimillion greenback enterprise of betel nuts prospers nowadays.

Everyday chewing of betel nuts is fairly not unusual here, that has resulted in amazingly better incidences of oral cancers a few of the Xiangtan populace.


2. Mouthful of Stained Teeth

Properly, in case you’re not going to wash your mouth properly right after gnawing betel nut, your enamel may want to get stained ultimately.

Folks who gnaw these nuts often have a propensity to show tooth stained with the purple juice of betel nuts.

So in case you don’t drop the addiction of chewing betel nuts, your white enamel may soon come to be rusty red.


3. Sensitive Teeth

Folks that get addicted to betel nuts also have documented expanded dental sensitivity.

Because of this, they’re not capable of consume spicy as properly as bitter foods. Consuming hot and cold ingredients becomes tough.


4. Salivation

Chewing betel nuts surgesnumerous the creation of saliva. The extra saliva produced throughout the chewing process is considered to enhance digestion, but, in many times, it is also spit out.

No marvel, betel nut chewers are often seen spitting at the streets. The red splattering associated with betel nut chewing is positive to pressure onlookers crazy.

At the complete, chewing betel nuts often may be lethal. Its risks a ways outweigh its potential advantages.

There is little question that it’s poisonous addiction; hence needs to be right away stopped before it’s a ways too overdue.


Traditional Uses

  • Used to get rid of tapeworms in addition to intestinal parasites.
  • The chewing of betel leaf and areca nut is an useful resource for bad breath.
  • Presents comfort from hunger, exhaustion, stomach pains, leprosy, leucoderma, anemia and weight problems.
  • Affords comfort from belly soreness as well as weariness.
  • Possesses laxative and diuretic effects.
  • It’s miles use to treat malaria and dysentery.
  • It is a treatment for nasal ulcers.
  • The rind is useful for bloating, flatulence, constipation and additionally treats oedema.
  • The flowers are use to heal illness.
  • Nut c be uses dried, sparkling or cure through baking, boiling and roasting.
  • It’s far uses for the treatment for urinary problems.
  • The burnt nuts are use in dentrifice.
  • It is use as a palate purifier.
  • It’s far uses in Ayurvedic remedy to deal with fever, headaches and rheumatism.
  • It’s far utilize in China for treating parasitic contamination.
  • The bark is useful for dropsical, flatulence and obstructive sicknesses.
  • The powder dried end result are heated with coconut oil in Southern India and are implement on burns topically.
  • The young green shoots are uses in Malaya as abortifacient.
  • It’s far utilize in India to treat skin ulcers.
  • Utilized in Tamil and Kerala to treat migraine headaches.
  • Useful for low blood pressure, diarrhea, sluggish coronary heart price and other intestinalIssues.
  • Used to deal with facial paleness, physical weakness and anemia.
  • It’s far an aid for ache in shins, backache and uneasiness.
  • It’s far useful for treating leucoderma, weight problems and leprosy.


The way to Eat

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Sliced dry areca nuts known to be a major risk factor for cancers of the mouth and esophagus.

In a betel leaf, few slices of nut are wrap with calcium hydroxide, cardamom, clove and catechu.
The seeds might be ate up raw and the internal parts of shoots are cook and fed on as greens

Other Facts       

The leaf sheath is use to make plates, cups and bags whereas the leaves are use for thatching.
The wood is uses for creation purposes.

Betel Nuts Facts

Betel nut thrives well in subtropical and tropical regions and is less tolerable to cooler climatic conditions. This is extensively cultivate in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

The word betel nut refers back to the plant or nuts produced by means of that tree.

Asiya Naaz Being a medical professional i am holding key of writing skills. I revel in writing on scientific subjects for the duration of my spare time. My aim is to bridge the space among a physician and a layman to sell information that can be beneficial in better conversation.
Asiya Naaz Being a medical professional i am holding key of writing skills. I revel in writing on scientific subjects for the duration of my spare time. My aim is to bridge the space among a physician and a layman to sell information that can be beneficial in better conversation.

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