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Kuzhi paniyaram may sound old for kids today but they are the ones that couldn’t be ignored even if you tried!

Crispy outside and soft inside, in which the crunchy onions add an extra flavour! And if you are here, congratulations to be a paniyaram lover and the owner of the iron kuzhi paniyaram pan at a reasonable price!

Kuzhi paniyaram is a South Indian breakfast dish.  They are small soft dumplings made out of fermented Urad dal and rice batter.

One paniyaram contains 18 calories for which carbohydrates comprise 7 calories, proteins account for 2 calories, and remaining calories count for fat. 

They are known by different names such as paddy, gundu pongala, guliyappa and masala paniyaram. 

This fermented batter is poured into the cavities of the special pan called kuzhi paniyaram pan.

The batter is usually seasoned with basic ingredients and onions which adds more flavour. 

Most traditional homes prefer to use cast iron kuzhi paniyaram pan which is indeed a healthy choice when compared to teflon coated non-stick pans! Don’t you think so?

Next time if you are thinking of making deep-fried koftas rethink! Cuz this is a must-have utensil for making easy healthy recipes in less than 20 minutes. 


1. What Can Be Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan Used For?

They are used for making

  • Masala paniyaram
  • Vegetable paniyaram
  • Sweet paniyaram
  • Sooji paniyaram
  • Sorghum Millet Balls
  • Fried Kofta
  • Rava appe
  • Unniyappam
  • Aloo Bonda


2. Impressive features of the Standard Iron Kuzhi paniyaram Pan

1. Elegant Design 

There are many varieties of kofta curry recipes, bonda and vada recipes that can be made using paniyaram pan. Our cast iron kulipaniyaaram pan is flat bottomed and comes with 7 or 8 pits.

They are available with a diameter of 22.5 and have a handle length of up to 4cm. They have a lot diameter of up to 5cm. 

2. Induction and Gas Friendly

And finally, that! This cookware works perfectly in both induction and gas stoves. So this cookware is perfect for mobile cooking, too! It is also suitable for hostellers who want to prepare healthy home-food.

3. Descent Weight

This ideal mass of cast iron pan helps to ensure even heat transfer and prevents food from smoking and sticking to the surface, making the whole meal evil.

4. Long-lasting

Keeping your Kadai cast iron well seasoned makes your pan stay long-lasting. Wondering how to season them? Continue reading to the bottom to find out the best seasoning tips! 

5. Healthy Choice!

If you’re aware of your wellbeing and you’re still concerned about the amount of oil you eat in doses, don’t worry! Cast iron absorbs oil and cooks it uniformly.

6. Free of chemical products

They are chemical-free and separate from non-stick cookware that uses hazardous chemicals such as Teflon during production.

We sell it at a fair price and the product will be shipped to your door within a week!


Minimum Oil Recipes

Please purchase an appam stand ( Cost is effective from Standard ). Just with 1 tbsp oil you can cook sabudana Vada to appam to aloo ki tikki or any fried thing.

I do that only being health conscious everytime. Taste will not compromise. Don’t worry!


3. Health Benefits Of Using Cast Iron Kuzhi Paniyaram Pan

Beats Anemia

It’s not just fruit and vegetables, you’ll be surprised with pots and pans sometimes! As everyone knows, iron is one of the most necessary minerals required for the development of the immune system in our body.

The more iron, the more haemoglobin your body produces to carry oxygen to your body. Cooking in the cast-iron helps to boost the iron levels and lower the risk of iron deficiency.

And this is the perfect way to improve your intake of iron! Check out how to improve your platelet counts naturally.


4. Common Q&A

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1. Is Kuzhi paniyaram preseasoned?

No, it isn’t preseasoned.

2. What Is The Kulipaniyaaram Pan Made Of?

It is made up of cast iron and is different from non-stick cookware which is not safe for your health.

3. How Many Pits Are Available?

It is available with 7 pits and 9 pits.

4. How Is Kuzhi Paniyaram Made?

Paniyaram is soft white dumplings that can be made with oats, rava, fermented urad dal and leftover idli batter. 


Buying Guide

So, why are you waiting for! Hit the buy button to get hold of the iron kuzhi paniyaram pan of good quality!

They are long durable, induction friendly, and a more easiest cookware to make your favourite fluffy paniyarams!

We are seriously committed to build a friendly relationship with your kitchen in the world of constant changes. 

Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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