KabaSura Kudineer And Their Nutritional Properties! Covid 19 Siddha Restorative

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Many pharmacies selling Ayush medicines, specifically siddha, are overwhelming with a huge crowd of people lining up to buy Kabasura Kudineer which is believed to keep us away from Covid 19.

Siddha medicine have become popular nowadays because of the worst outbreak of coronovirus over the globe. Because it’s a new virus, no one will have immunity to it and everybody will develop the risk of catching it.

The chief minister inaugurated a scheme called Aarogyam to boost the immunity of people over Tamilnadu and handed over packets of nilavembu kudineer and kabasura kudineer on the advice of medical experts.

They mentioned that it will not cure affected people but boost immunity within people and prevent the upcoming covid 19 pandemic.


1. What Is Kabasura Kudineer?

In Siddha medicine nilavembu kashayam is a decoction based polyherbal siddha formulation which is prescribed for fever of unknown origin.

Like that covers Kaba sura kudineer had taken the role of prevention of coronavirus nowadays in a very popular manner.

The drug KSK has been quoted for kaapasuram, the symptoms of which an analogue for swine flu which may be helpful for practitioners.

This polyherbal decoction is a well known one in the series next to nilavembu kudineer. And the people of Tamilnadu are very attentive about this siddha drug to get protected from the pandemic flu.


2. The Ingredients Present In Kabasura Kudineer

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  1. Zingiber officinale / Chukku
  2. Piper longum/ Thipilli
  3. Syzygium aromaticum/ Kirambu
  4. Anacyclus pyrethrum/ akkirakaram
  5. Tragus involugrate/ sirukanchori ver
  6. Hydrophila Auriculata/ neermulli ver
  7. Terminalia chebula/ kadukkai
  8. Justicia Adathoda/ adathodai
  9. Anishochillus carnocus/ Karpooravalli
  10. Costus speciosus/ koshtam
  11. Tinospora cordifolia/ seendhil
  12. Clerodendrum serratum/ siruthekku
  13. Andrographis paniculata/ nilavembu
  14. Cyperus Rotandus/ koraikizhangu
  15. Sida achuta/ vattathiruppi ver


3. Health Benefits Of Kaba Sura Kudineer

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1. Carminative properties

Chikku have carminative properties in which it can help eliminate or prevent gas from the gastrointestinal tract or facilitates the expulsion of gas generally for flatulence of gas.

2. Antispasmodic Properties

Kirambu have antispasmodic properties in which it prevents or lowers the incidence of muscle spasms especially those of smooth muscles present in bowel wall.

3. Diaphoretic properties

Sirukanchori ver have diaphoretic properties  in which they eliminate fever and chills, cool down the body temperature , promote circulation and relieve muscle tension, aching joints and inflammatory skin conditions.

4. Diuretic Properties

Neermulli ver have diuretic properties which increases the production of urine in the body and prevents water retention which helps to lower the blood pressure within the blood vessels.

5. Expectorant properties

These are the most amazing properties present in vattathiruppi ver and ada thodai.expectorants help to lose and the condition present in the lungs by reducing the thickness of mucus.

This properties makes cough more productive and clear the lungs. These are very important herbs in all respiratory tract infections.

6. Demulcent  properties

Vattathiruppi ver have demulcent properties which is rich in mucilage and can soothe and protect irritated or inflamed internal tissue.

They provide a soothing film over the affected internal tissue relieving minor pain and inflammation.

7. Antipyretic Properties

Sirukanchori ver have antipyretic properties to reduce fever and adathodai have excellent germicide properties to reduce infections.

8. Sedative Properties

Siruthekku have sedative properties to reduce anxiety and  provide enough sleep for elders.


Preparation of decoction

  • Boil 8 grams of powder in 4 cups of water, and boiled further and reduced to one glass.
  • May be taken twice or thrice a day according to the severity of fever and age.


Word of Caution

Since the recipe have recently been promoted for the prophylaxis of covid-19, it may be taken once in a day for 3 days since there is a huge demand. 

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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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