Get A Diet List for Your One Year Old Baby and Tips On How To Improve The Appetite!

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Of course! We all enjoy delicious food. It makes our tummy happy, fixes our mood, it’s all about the taste, texture, aroma.Personally, we show so much love towards food.

But do babies do that? Do they love food?Do they eat them happily? Yeah,why not! Babies have 30,000 taste buds which is 3 times much more than humans.They taste better than us champ. Kids are not wanting hotdogs, cheese fries and chips lol!

Introduce your baby healthy foods that have different taste and texture. All they do is eating and sleeping and eating again. We should make their job fascinating isn’t it?

I have personally come across mothers who   just give the same white boring porridges the whole week! I have asked them why and they would simply say that I am afraid my baby could have diarroea. Come on guys! Diarrhoea is a natural thing for children. Children would have diarrhoa when are drinking breast milk and breast milk would have antibodies to prevent diarrhoea.

But what if my child is not breast fed and she is having diarrhoea and I dont know which food causes it? Here’s a tip! Try giving your baby the same food for two continuous days and look out for diarroea. If your baby have three or more watery loose stools per day, then you should definitely consult a pediatrician.

Now, I am going to get you a tasty list of foods that your one year old ruler of home would love!


1. Vegetable Upma

Upma is an easy to prepare dish and it will turn out delicious by adding simple vegetables like carrots, corn, peas,beans and onion. Upma is made by rava also called sooji, semolina which is very easy to digest.

Rava is a grain which is derived when processing wheat grains. It is rich in carbohydrates content which makes your baby to stay active for a long time.
Don’t encourage your baby to eat them with added sugar.


2. Oats And Banana Porridge

Oats are the most popular choice for babies all over the world. They are high in fibre, great for the skin and boosts Immunity as well.

Add a cup of water in a pan and the moment when you see bubbles in the water, add the instant oats until you get a creamy texture. Then add the sliced bananas to the oats porridge. Mix them until you get a uniform consistency. You can add apples and dry grapes as well.


3. Ragi Puttu

Healthy steamed ragi also know as (finger millet) puttu made with jaggery is definitely a wholesome breakfast for your kids.

Ragi can be given in the form of dosa, halwas and porridges. It is said that ragi promotes better digestion.The high iron and calcium content is good for your baby’s bone growth and they are full of antioxidants and amino acids.


4. Kodhuma Upma

Also called as broken wheat upma is highly beneficial for increasing the appetite of babies.They are a good source of minerals mainly iron, phosphorus and magnesium. All these minerals are promotes a good health for the baby.


6. Egg Dosa

Egg dosa is a delicious, protein rich, wholesome meal which is an ideal dish especially for breakfast.
In the past, pediatricians recommends egg only when the baby turns age 1 to prevent egg allergies.Then, they advise parents to give egg yolk for the first time during 8 months and then egg white after a year.

Revised recommendations of the American academy of Pediatrics suggests that we can give eggs as soon as the baby start eating solids. Eggs contain proteins, fats, calcium and iron which is essential for the baby’s physical development.

7.Rice With Chicken Curry

Easy to cook and mild in flavour chicken is a great choice to introduce into your baby’s diet.Chicken is a good source of growth boosting protein .Make sure you cook chicken until it is nice and tender and it’s not too hot.

Chicken is a rich source of protein which is essential to promote the growth of muscles in your baby’s body. Chicken is a good source of vitamin B6 and B12 and acetylcholine which promotes brain development and enhances memory.


8. Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Time for a tasty twist. Potatoes gets the crown among the vegetable list for being the kid’s favourite. Potato suffer respectable amount of vitamin A and C,as well as potassium, their starch component is high.Most babies prefer sweet potatoes because of their natural food taste.

Ways To Improve Appetite

  • Try serving fruits 2 hours before meal.They will increase hunger naturally.
  • Avoid excessive Fluid intake which makes the baby to get full easily.
  • Let the baby play around and create a positive environment for the baby.
  • You can give all the food you cook for your family with little spices.
  • Cow’s milk can be given for the child when he/ she completes one year of age.

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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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