10 Surprising Benefits Of Buffalo Ghee!

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Buffalo ghee is made by extracting the cream of buffalo milk.

It looks white in color and gives a great aroma which tempts us.  It is one among the ingredients used right from ancient period.

Buffalo ghee has been there as our part of life from our ancient time and it also act as a substitute for cow ghee.

Our ancestors had few drops or spoons of ghee on every meal they had. The taste of the ghee gives you a very high satisfaction and happiness.

In India, ghee is used in sweets, savouries, drinks and main dishes. A day without ghee gives us no happiness. Addition of ghee and addition of additional or extra lavish spoon of ghee naturally increases the happiness and optimism.

Food is something celebrated at India immaterial of any caste and religion or region. Ghee gives a kick to this happiness.


10 Benefits Of Buffalo Ghee

1. Immunity For Children

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Immunity For Children

Children, especially when they are in their initial stage of starting to eat rice and vegetables, cannot eat spicy food.

We need to give them spiceless yet tasty and healthy food to enhance their immune system. It helps in enhancing and rising the immunity of children.


2. Rich In Calcium

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Buffalo milk is completely rich in calcium which help in growth of bones and curing any injuries.


3. Rich In Good Fat

Fat is something vital though out our life though we prefer to stay away from it. There are fat which are good for health and are present in ghee.

Since the process of extraction of ghee and preservation or storage of ghee is completely natural, it retains all its good fat.


4. For Digestion

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Pure Buffalo Ghee

Kids normally tend to get indigestion, especially in today’s fast food world, a daily dosage of ghee initiates better digestion proccess and prevents from further issues.


5. Recovery From Injury

Kids and old people suffer from pain when get injured where we can’t give them the powerful or harmful painkillers which might have side effects. Intake of spoon of buffalo ghee helps in speedy recovery from any injury.


6. Cures Piles

Constipation and lack of proper nutritious food lead to piles. Having small onions added to buffalo ghee helps in curing the piles and decreasing the occurance of it.


7. No More Hair Fall

Hair fall has become a serious issue in present day. Buffalo ghee has the properties to retain the moisture and stop the hair fall completely. It also prevents from dandruff.


8. Cures Inflammation

When we have spicy food or food which has ingredients to which we are allergic creates inflammation. Consumption of a spoon of buffalo ghee helps in reduction of inflammation and quick relieval from it.


9. Softy-soft Skin

Skin is most complicated and largest part of our human body. Our skin tend to change in accordance to our climate and weather along with food we eat. But we always long for softy-soft texture for our skin.

Massaging or applying buffalo ghee on our skin helps in changing and keep our skin texture smooth and soft.


10. Helps To Gain Weight

Obtaining a good body weight from healthy diet has become a great challenge. Consumption of lavish spoon of buffalo ghee enhances health and increase in weight.


Buying Guide

Let’s not miss this awesome delicious ghee and stay healthy. Love food and spread love through food.

Buy Pure buffalo ghee online at best price direct from farmers. Homemade buffalo ghee in chennai is available at standard cold pressed oil.

What’s more to think! Buy the this secret ingredient and add in the dishes which your family is going to love!


Kaaveri I speak the language that people love me for my advice on health tips. My grandma gave me more healthy tips from my childhood. It creates a habit in me to share with everyone.
Kaaveri I speak the language that people love me for my advice on health tips. My grandma gave me more healthy tips from my childhood. It creates a habit in me to share with everyone.

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