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Hey there! I am a recent addition to the world of technology and marketing. Technology has always excited me and I am here to learn and develop in the industry and facilitate enterprises market and communicate better. Pursuing M.B.A from Madras University, I like to introduce myself as an apolitical, yet, informed-opinionated person. Surfing is my hobby and being foodie is my passion. Currently working with Karaas Group.

Anyaja M
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I am a writer and author from Standard Oil. I publish articles after a lot of research with adding my own experience in it.

Asiya Naaz
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Being a medical professional i am holding key of writing skills. I revel in writing on scientific subjects for the duration of my spare time. My aim is to bridge the space among a physician and a layman to sell information that can be beneficial in better conversation.

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I am a Medical Student with a passion for writing and a thirst for knowledge.

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I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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I speak the language that people love me for my advice on health tips. My grandma gave me more healthy tips from my childhood. It creates a habit in me to share with everyone.

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I've been a Tamil writer for the last seven years for a few famous brands and press releases. Lucky enough to work for Standard Oil on countless topics and their newsletters. I am always happy to write!

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I am the author of my life. Unfortunately, I am writing in pen and can’t erase my mistakes. My life is built on a series of choices that I’ve made. Being an author simply means you’re in charge of this present moment.