When Does The Covid-19 Pandemic Comes To An End? Does It Does After Lockdown?

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Yes there is fear, social distancing, panic buying, sickness and even death! People all around the world are glued to their homes, terror stricken. The whole globe is locked down.

As the modern world is living without online shopping, food delivery, tourism, golf clubs, going to movie theaters, gyms, swimming clubs and parties, people are living their life to the simplest satisfying with groceries alone. Every aspect of our lives has been affected by the pandemic.

The global economy has slowed down, people have retreated to their homes, lakhs have died and become seriously ill.
Covid 19 pandemic of 2020 is one of the most serious issues the whole world has faced till date!

But it has taught us many!
People are wildly connected with their family, we had enough time to connect with our long distanced friends asking about the issues of coronovirus in their places.

We get up every morning by the loud chirping of birds and not the alarms we used to snooze for every 5 minutes to get to school or work!

Animals are down to the town ruling the roads. Deers on Japan, Monkeys on Thailand, rare indian civets to the Mumbai road in India, dolphins and swans are enjoying in cleared Venice canals, seabirds took over peru beach and humpback whales are soon going to swim with their newborn calves across the sea since the noise pollution in the ocean caused by cruise ships have completely dropped! This list goes more big!

Nitric oxide levels are dropped down by 40-50% in Italy and China, Air pollution levels are dropped, ozone is healing! Nature is healing!

Mother nature takes her time to breath while we are holding ours:) lol! Let her take her own sweet time after a hundreds of decades not caring about her irresponsible children. The only question we are having in our mind is “When will the Coronovirus pandemic end?” When are we going to get back with our normal lives”?


1. Covid 19 Vaccines?

A covid 19 vaccine will atleast need a year to get approved. It may sound like a long time but actually is record breaking. Vaccines will actually take time of 10-15 years to get to market. This vaccine created in record time still won’t be fast enough to solve the current pandemic. It is just used to prevent disease in healthy people.

What potentially works other than vaccines?
It is the treatments based on repurposing drugs and antibodies.It helps people who are already sick. Researchers told that BCG vaccination and domestic usage of hydroxychloroquine is some of the important factors to reduce the number of cases in India.


2. Herd immunity Ends The Pandemic

What is herd immunity?
Herd immunity describes that a certain proportion of a population has to be immune for the virus as a whole to be protected from outbreaks. Once enough people are immune, virus ran into walls of immunity and the pandemic peters out instead of raging ahead. The population should get antibodies either thorough previous infection or vaccination.

Social distancing may prevent deaths in a way but doesn’t develops herd immunity.
“The necessary flipside of successful social distancing is that achieving herd immunity gets delayed as cases decrease”, says Michael Mina, an epidemiologist at Havard University’s T.H Chaun School of Public Health in Boston.

“So until a vaccine becomes available in 12-18 months, Society social distancing measures is necessary till” says Machiej Boni, an epidemiologist at Penn State University.


3. How Do We Manage Until Then?

The strategy for many countries is to lockdown the whole city to dramatically slow the spread. This prevents the huge burst of infections that overwhelm in the healthcare systems causing many number of deaths. Vaccines probably don’t help in elderly and immunocompromised peoples. Flattening the curve is possible till people stay at their homes.


4. Does The Covid -19 Pandemic Comes To The End After The Lockdown?

There is no convincing evidence that people who have recovered get ill again after a few days a week- so most probably,the antibodies are partially protective.

But how long the spread goes to again? The epidemiology of the future depend on the level of the protective immunity that you get at the population level after the wave of infections which is very impossible to stop completely as they are 7.8 billions of people across the globe. We can prevent it, we can flatten the curve but we cannot really stop it because we have to come out of the houses again to go back to school or work.

The only one way to eradicate the virus would be the Covid 19 vaccine that is delivered to every human being like small pox which took years.

So, let’s use this lockdown as a period to get adapted with social isolation measures and follow them even after the lockdown is over.


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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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