What Are The Nutritional Boons Of Marachekku Ennai( Cold Pressed Oil)?

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Do our ancestors used refined oil in the olden days and suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies and develop a wide range of problems especially relating to the bones like osteoarthritis and osteomalacia? Definitely not! In fact, they were much more healthier than us!

”Children should be exposed to basic bacteria. It will boost their immune systems and help them build antibodies to fight infections. Parents must allow their children to fall sick.” Being raised in a highly sanitized environment does more harm than good to the child!”. “By over protecting our children,we are developing a generation of weaklings and make them more prone to vitamin deficiencies! ” – Said Dr.Badra,Founder and Chairman emeritus of Dr.Badra group of companies.

In olden days, children were used to get more exposure to sunlight by playing marbles and hopscotch under the hot sun. But today’s kids, keep themselves shut in their homes in the name of modernization and creativity development.

Vitamin D is a kind of vitamin which can be only derived from the sunlight and a little dietery sources. How did our ancestors cook then? Let’s know about them!


What Do Our Ancestors Cook With?

At 250000 BC, man learnt how to produce fire. This was the time when man use animal fats as oil. This happened when man started cooking animal meat under fire and oil naturally drips out of it.

It is amazing to understand that heart diseases was virtually non-existent until the utilization of oil from seeds within the 19th century!


Upcoming Of Cold-Pressed Oils

People then slowly get to the innovation of cold-pressed oils. The usage of wooden ghani or Mara Chekku can be widely seen in the regions of Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and other Indian sub-continents.


How Are They Made?

  • Oil seeds need to be dried, grinded need to be squeezed in low temperature.
  • When it is done this way, the colour, odor, density, taste and nutrients remains unchanged.
  • The oil is nutrient rich with Proteins, Vitamins, Fibres, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Phosphorus.
  • The local mara chekku uses a slow mechanical process at a ambient temperature while seperating the oil from nuts and seeds. They have a low smoking point and cooking with them retains the aroma and nutrition.

Pazhuppu manjal (dull yellow) is the natural colour of groundnut oil, says M. Vivek. “It’s not the gleaming yellow or the dark yellow that we often see in the markets. The original oil is dense because it keeps all the nutrients intact and it is the most simplest method!”He told.

The oil seeds are placed inside a wooden mortar and ground with a pestle. It doesn’t involve any generation or application of warmth .


The Reason For Choosing Cold Pressed Oil Over Other Refined Oil

What are refined oils?
Actually the oil has been purified by chemicals. It may be purified by an acid,alkali or even bleach.

It may be neutralized, deodorized or even filtered using harmful substances like hexane which are extracted from petroleum and crude oil! What! So are we intaking something which is cleaned by crude oil extracts?


What Does The Hexane Do After Entering The Body?

  • It even causes damage to the immune system and cause digestive issues.
  • It impact the respiratory system and cause shortness of breath, coughing and heart burn.

After that,we start finding the best doctor in our locality and get admitted for symptomatic drugs without blaming our diet!

After watching the fake advertisements of our merciless actresses and selfish business minds,we are fooled by choosing the oil by seeing zero fat, refined, blanched labels in it without properly researching their nutritional value properly! They have been processed through extreme heat and through wicked chemicals.

Caustic soda is being used for neutralization process for removing the free fatty acids.They seldom have any nutrients in it.

So what’s the use of adding this kind of refined oils in your diet which has no healthy stuff but add extra calories to your body?

Now next, I would like to explain about the nutritional boons of cold pressed oil?


Nutritional Boons Of Marachekku Ennai(Coldpressed Oil)

  • They contain all essential nutrients like vitamins antioxidants proteins lecithin and phospholipids. Hence, marachekku ennai is a loaded source of healthiness.
  • It contains low cholesterol levels because it is manufactured under low heat.It is great for the skin and aids weight loss.It improve the good cholesterol levels(HDL) in our body and aids in reducing the bad cholesterol(LDL).
  • It is rich with antioxidants and help radical cell damage.
  • Marachekku Ennai is a source of vitamin E and it develops healing properties and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It helps the oral hygiene practices through ‘oil-pulling’ – strengthens the jaws and prevents and stops bleeding gums.

Harmful substances such as hexane, hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate and bleaching agents are not used like using to manufactured refined oils. They are free from harmful preservatives like transfats, so make sure to consume them within 3-4 months. Keep them in a dark place away from sunlight.


Be A Healthy Foodie!

Don’t we all still crave for our traditional vada, bonda, pappad fried in coconut oil? Don’t we long for our mom-made halwa made out of pure home made ghee ?

Food is something which we don’t get bored about and we continue to love. Food is something through which we share our love, forget our ego.

Why do we have to believe on new fancy advertisements when our ancestors showed the best method of living and usage of ingredients to stay healthy for longer years?


Standard Cold-Pressed Oils

Our standard cold-pressed oils offers a huge collection of groundnut oil, sesame oil and coconut oil! They contribute tons for our health and in making our lifetime longer like curing cancer, enhancing skin, solving dermatological issues, curing hair fall and preventing cardiovascular issues.

Standard cold pressed oils’ dedication is whole hearted and we work for your utmost satisfaction. Let’s grow a healthy body, family and a society together!


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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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