8 Awe-Inspiring Benefits Of Rosewater! Must Know Cleopatra’s Secret!

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Stop and smell the roses! This idiom elucidates the meaning that when you are too busy to enjoy life, you should stop and smell roses to appreciate the refinement of life.

But now I would like to rewrite the writing as “ stop to smell/ drink/ eat/ bath/ welcome/ decorate/ treat/ glow with roses and rosewater!”

Apart from the describing words of captivating appearance, elegance, the symbol of love, beauty regimen.

I felt pleased about these awe-inspiring flowers when I completed my research about it and decided to share this to you!


Ancient Rosewater Culture

No one will not know about the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra who is widely renowned for her beauty! but do you know that she was a trendsetter who was the biggest fan of Rosewater?

Even Shakespeare’s writings had mentioned the affinity of Cleopatra towards Rosewater and the sails of her cedarwood ships were scented with rosewater to welcome Mark Anthony and capture his curiosity.

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Keeping you amazed, you should know about the authentic culture of roses and rosewater which nobody will tell you!

The rosewater sprinkling culture was travelled to Mughal India from Iran to evoke the memory of rainfall which puts end to famine.

Additionally, it is now followed in India to welcome guests to ceremonies as well as religious festivals.

In fact, it is mentioned that it is the flower with natural healing properties in medical textbooks written by Ottaman Physicians in the 14th century.

Rosewater is also used in Turkish baths which are used to deep cleanse the body. It is described as the flower of heaven which symbolises the reminiscence of the prophet Mohammed.

Being one of the three flowers mentioned in the bible, ancient Romans believe that anything said “under the rose” was deemed to be top-secret.

Some sources also mentioned that the rose flower is an attribute to the venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

Ancient people told that the roses turned red when the Roman goddess stained with blood when she stepped on a thorn.

Besides the pretty history, it holds surprising benefits! Diving straight to the jaw-dropping rosewater uses 🙂


1. Rosewater For Face

The Iranian journal of basic Medical sciences in 2011 have mentioned that rose water is a rich source of vitamin C and phenolics which treats inflamed acne.

Another 2010 study has also concluded that it has antibacterial properties against propionibacterium acnes, which is a bacteria linked to acne.

According to another 2011 study, it’s anti-inflammatory properties may also help the irritation caused by skin disorders like eczema and rosacea. They also have anti-ageing properties which keep fine wrinkles at bay.


2. Rosewater For Sore Throats

Do you know that rosewater has traditionally been used to treat sore throats? A 2011 study has stated that North American Indian tribes used a decoction of the root of R. Damascena as a cough remedy to treat cough.


3. Rosewater For Frizzy Hair

Rosewater is a gift that mitigates the effect of dry, damaged and frizzy hair. Using Rosewater after rinsing shampoo have also shown results of treating dandruff and reducing itch.

Rosewater feeds and fortifies the hair roots which advances hair development and counteracts male pattern baldness.


4. Rosewater As Antidepressant

The inhalation of rose water vapour is a traditional method to improve a person’s mood. Research studies have stated that they have antidepressant properties and anti-anxiety properties.

It induces sleep and sources state that rosewater has a hypnotic effect similar to the pharmaceutical drug diazepam.


5. Relieves Headaches

The Iranian Journal Of Medical Sciences has stated that rosewater has antidepressant properties to relieve headaches.

Rosewater and rose essential oils are major ingredients in aromatherapy for their soothing properties.

Spray a bit of rose water on your pillow and dose of the sleep. This is a powerful mood enhancer which is rich in vitamins A, C, E, B for a sound sleep with marvellous effects.


6. Rosewater For Wounds

It has been used as a traditional remedy for healing wounds. Also, it has surprising antibacterial and antiseptic properties. So, it will treat infection and kill bacteria in burns, cuts and scars.


7. Rosewater For Constipation

What! Does water of roses have laxative properties? The Mashhad University Of Medical Sciences research studies have stated that rose water consumption can increase the amount of water in the stool and relieves constipation.


8. How To Make Rosewater?

  • Buy roses from your nearby flower market and wash them 5-6 times.
  • Take half handful of rose petals in a saucepan and pour 1.5 cups of water in it. (For face). Quantity is your choice when you decide to make rose water for hair.
  • Close the saucepan with a lid and boil them. Once the water is boiled, simmer the stove.
  • Ensure the petals have gone colourless. Let the water cool completely. Filter the rose petals from the water.
  • Done! Keep in the refrigerator and use it whenever you needed. Don’t use them chilled.


How To Use Rosewater For Face?

Goodbye Acne!

Firstly, Apply 1 tbsp of lemon juice with 1 tbsp of rose water, apply it on acneic skin

No More Pores

Dab a cotton ball in chilled rose water and apply it gently on the skin. Its astringent properties tighten and close the pores.

Works For Tanning/ Increase Tone

  • Add two tbsp of Bengal gram flour and mix it with Rosewater and lemon juice in 2:1 ratio.
  • Apply for 15 minutes and wash the face with lukewarm water. Apply in once to twice a week for better results.

Facial Cleanser

It can be used as a toner/ cleanser and for all skin types. Add a few drops of glycerin to 1 tbsp of rosewater and apply it on the face.


How To Use Rosewater For Hair?

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Rose water For Hair

Oily Scalp

The PH of Rosewater is suitable for hair nourishment. Therefore, it reduces the activation of sebaceous glands and oil production and nourishes the scalp.

For Dandruff

  • Firstly, soak the fenugreek seeds in a bowl of rose water and soak it overnight. The antibacterial properties coupled with antifungal properties in the fenugreek seeds works against dandruff while rosewater reduces itching.
  • Secondly, rind them into a smooth paste the next morning and leave it for half an hour to an hour. Rinse your hair with a MILD shampoo. Don’t scratch your head while washing as it increases the viscous cycle of dandruff.

Rosewater For Frizzy Hair

Rinse your hair with shampoo and apply rose water to your hair after a bath.

You can also keep rosewater spray in hand and spray it in your hair. Thus, this decreases the frizziness and gives your hair a pleasant aroma.

Promote Hair Growth

The water of roses is rich in vitamins A, C, E and B act as an excellent hair spray. Additionally, it provides enough nourishment to hair which promotes hair growth. Read about more hair growth tips here!


Can You Drink Rosewater?

  • You should only drink organic rose water. Don’t try to drink rosewater products since it may contain sulphurs, parabens and propylene glycol which may turn out to be poisonous to your health.
  • Drink it to hydrate the skin and maintains skin PH.
  • Also, ngestion of water can be used to relieve indigestion, bloating, upset stomach and constipation.
  • Rosewater also acts as a diuretic and reduces fluid retention and inflammation. This also prevents urinary tract infections due to detox and diuretic properties.
  • It may have a bronchodilator effect and helps with respiratory illness and sore throat.
  • Last but not least, rosewater made at home is always the best choice preferred. If you want to buy them, choose rosewater free from parabens, sulphur, and other toxins.

Keep in mind that organic rose water made at home have a shorter shelf life because it is free from preservatives.


Does Rosewater Have Any Side-effects?

Rosewater is considered to be safe. Therefore, there are no known risks for rosewater and it works for any skin type.

The only exception is the rosewater allergy. Apply it on a small area in your arm to check you will develop allergy for it.

Stop using it if you have the following conditions.

  • Burning sensation
  • Redness
  • Stinging
  • Irritation

For centuries, kings, queens, explorers and scholars have been going ga ga over roses and their admiring benefits.


Word of Caution

Roses are a symbol of purity and love which can also tickle the stubbornest of hearts. Rosewater is Cleopatra’s magical potion with the least side effects and everything will be coming up roses literally and figuratively!

Not only through topical application of rosewater, but Millets are also receiving good praise to promote hair growth. Get Standard Coldpressed Oil Millets at best prices!


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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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