Peanut oil

Groundnut or Peanut Oil Side Effects

Groundnut cold pressed oils are the healthiest oils uses for cooking. Our cold-pressed groundnut oil is extracted at a low temperature...
Asiya Naaz
2 min read

Groundnut Oil Manufacturers

Groundnut oil, also called by different names including groundnut oil and arachis oil. It is a type of vegetable oil usually...
Asiya Naaz
3 min read

Peanut Oil/Groundnut Oil In Diabetes- Wonderful Facts

Speaking of diabetes, for diabetic patients, it is pretty hard to choose the right oil, since most of the cooking oils...
4 min read

Which Oil Is Best For Fried Snacks- Peanut oil Or Palm Olein oil?

Eating fried snacks may be a bad habit but today’s world find it so hard to give up on fried foods...
2 min read