coronavirus in India

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Coronavirus: How To Be Happier While Working From Home

Many people need a home work for the first time. Some have perched at kitchen tables or with a laptop on...
Asiya Naaz
7 min read

Working from Home with Kids Ages 5-10

Finding some kind of harmony between significant learning openings, physical movement, and rest is key for rudimentary age kids. Think about...
35 sec read

Working from Home with a Toddler or Pre-schooler

Children this age have two velocities: proceed to stop. Your objective is obviously to keep them connected with and dynamic (while...
1 min read

How to Create a Quarantine Schedule for Kids at Home That Won’t Stress You Out

There’s nobody size-fits-all calendar for families—or even an opportunity of keeping a timetable at all a few days. In any case,...
2 min read

7 Steps To Limit COVID-19 Spread In A Household

Possibly somebody in your family unit tried positive for the coronavirus. Or on the other hand maybe you can’t get tried,...
1 min read

Coronavirus In Hindi! Be Safe during this Pandemic.

Coronavirus की उतपति corona फॅमिली से हुई है ये एक जानलेवा virus है। ये virus चमगादड़, चूहा, बिल्ली में पाए जाते...
16 sec read

Neem Oil To Prevent Coronavirus!

Coronavirus originates from the corona family and mainly it is found in animals like Cats and camels. This type of virus...
1 min read