Refined Oil- Facts And Disadvantages

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When it comes to having a healthy diet, the first and foremost transformation is done, by changing the type of oil we use to cook.

Normally, when you start speaking about cooking oil beat Refined oil or Coldpressed oil, people would react like its no big deal. For most of us, everything is just oil that is edible.

The real question here is, Are they all truly edible? I know we can’t help with these oil details when you buy outside food. But, you really would not desire to feed homemade food made with those toxic chemical-filled refined oils at your home. Do you?

So, how can we save this scenario? I know there are a whole lot of articles based on the safety in using refined oil. Well, to be honest, I completely agree with those facts. However, what I am here to explain is the disadvantages in using refined oils.


What Is Refined Oil?

Refined oil is also known as the distilled, purified, or filtered form of natural oil. This oil is produced after treating natural oils with numerous chemicals like hexane to fulfill the buyer’s objectives.

Refined oil originated based on achieving some expectations which include a change in the taste and smell of the oil and also to provide with long shelf life. To improve their shelf life, these oils are hydrogenated.

Hydrogenation is a technique in which a liquid unsaturated fat is turned into a solid fat by adding hydrogen to it. In this process, an excess of transfat is produced in the oil.

This can raise our doubts like, whether they really looked into the consequences and outcomes that can be caused to the consumer’s health?
Though this oil is sold at very low prices, they are not completely reliable, when it comes to health issues.

Consuming food made with refined oil is bad for the digestive as well as the respiratory system of your body. It is also involved in causing various diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart and kidney function problems, and a lot more.


1.  Is Refined Oil Cancerous?

Nickel is one of the important chemicals used for the processing of natural oil. This metal can be harmful to your health.

Their presence in your food can produce many carcinogenic and adverse effects on the respiratory system, liver, and even your skin. One of the reasons for the huge increase in cancer in the tropics can be associated with the use of refined oil.


2. Can Cause Problems With Your Digestive System

One of the dangerous chemicals added during the refining process is sodium hydroxide. Their adulteration affects the digestive system of the body.

Also, the preservatives that are added at the time of the refining process are not healthy and can cause diseases like ulcers, gastroenteritis et al.


3.  Respiratory Diseases Caused By Refined Oil

Oil refinery constitutes processes like bleaching, de-waxing, de-odorizing, de-gumming, and acid or alkali treatments. These harmful steps reduce the chlorophyll content, flavor, smell, and other nutrients in the oil.

This eventually impacts with increased oxidation and rancidity in the edible oil.

This can adversely affect your lung health and can make it hard to compensate in the long run of aging. The alveoli of the lungs slowly get rustier and you may experience many breathing and other difficulties due to decreased blood circulation to your brain.


4.  Cardiovascular Diseases

When it comes to cardiac problems, we are more cautious about diet and oil intake. But, how can it help and control, unless you choose the correct option?

The high temperature implicated in the processing of refined oil, eliminates all the natural and valuable substances from the oil. Instead, it increases the trans fats in the oil which is harmful to your heart and its health.

Constant usage of this oil can behave as a passive poison and can cause heart problems including heart attacks and blockages.

Additional primary diseases that are caused by consumption of refined oil are diabetes, renal problems, different allergies, premature aging, ulcers, emphysema, infertility, hypoglycemia, and arthritis.

Therefore, most physicians and nutritionists recommend choosing natural, unrefined, and cold-pressed oils which are the best choice for your health.

Standard Cold pressed oil on the other hand is nutritious and are made naturally. They are rich in vitamin E, C and has anti -inflammatory properties. They boost our immune system and improves brain function. Fried foods made in cold pressed oil might have less impact compared to other refined oils.

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Bharathi I am a Medical Student with a passion for writing and a thirst for knowledge.
Bharathi I am a Medical Student with a passion for writing and a thirst for knowledge.

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