5 Moral Stories To Swap Your Baby’s Personality!

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No one could have crossed our early days without knowing the Patti sutta vadai (crow and the fox) story. Such a never-to-be-forgotten story!

When I am having the crispiest, oil free vadas I used to eat in my canteen at 10.30 AM, I saw many crows sitting on the top of the umbrella huts keenly watching at our vadas to snatch it from us! (Yeah, I am stone-hearted to drop my vadas). It always reminds me of my grandma telling me paati sutta vada story.

As we all know, grandparents are expert story tellers to make us learn, realize, sleep, dream, speak and to even shut our blah blah mouth! Haha! Hearing stories will probably be the best memories of your childhood.

Getting into some new research facts instead of my lousy own stories, do you know that conversation between an adult and child appears to change a child’s brain by improving the brain’s response to language and speech production which is mentioned by MIT cognitive scientists.

The important thing is not to talk to your child but to talk with your child. It is not dumping language into a kid’s brain but to carry on a conversation with them.” said Rachel Romeo from Harvard University and author of Online Edition Of of Physiological Science.

Telling stories with moral values always stick vividly to your kid’s brain. He listens to you, understands you, imagine the characters in the story and come out with strange questions and in the end, he will understand what’s good and what’s bad without your teachings and preachings! A story makes everything easy peasy lemon squeezy!

You will find it good to watch video stories but John Gabreli, Professor in Health Sciences and Technology have mentioned that parental conversation influences more the biological growth of brain. So, let’s get into 5 moral stories which helps not only to develop language and develop a good personality as well!


1. The Crooked Tree

Once upon a time, there was an old tree whose branches were crooked. It was living in a dense forest where are all the trees were tall and straight. They were having a broad trunk with a good shape.

The crooked tree was disappointed. He thought ” how ugly I am! All others are straight and have broad trunk. I alone have crooked trunk.”

One day, a woodcutter came there. He saw around and told “I will cut all the trees here except the crooked tree. Broad trunk only will be used for making furniture”

Now, the crooked tree was happy and thanked the lord for creating it with a crooked branch.

Moral: We should be happy with whatever we have!


2. Clever Monkey

One day, two greedy jungle cats discover a big piece of cheese. (I wonder how could they get cheese in the middle of the jungle. well, Rob Cleveland the author only knows that! Haha:)

They want to share the piece of cheese but don’t know how to divide the cheese fairly. They began to quarrel and fight among them.

A clever monkey which pass them across saw them fighting and ask what was the problem. He uses this opportunity to demonstrate them how they should eat.

And he eats all the cheese!
The greedy cats went so shamefaced for being fooled by the clever monkey.

Moral: When you quarrel, someone else gains!


3. Lion And The Mouse

A lion was asleep in his cave one day. A little mouse came up to play. He ran up the lion’s neck and slid down his back.
The lion caught the mouse with a big smack.

“I am going to eat you!” the lion roared with his mouth open wide.
“No, no please don’t, be kind to me and I will help you one day.” pleaded the mouse.
The lion laughed very hard thinking about the mouse’s self-confidence and let him ran away.

The next day, the mouse was walking nearby the lion’s cave. It heard and big roar and was astonished to see a lion being tied up to a tree. The mouse quickly worked and chewed the rope before the hunter came.

The lion said “oh, lovely mouse, You were right. You saved me! Thank you for letting me free. You are the best friend that ever could be! ”

Moral: A Small Act Of Kindness Can Get Great Rewards.


4. The Honest Woodcutter

Once upon a time, there lived an honest woodcutter. One day, he was cutting wood near the bank of the river.

His Iron axe accidentally fell down into the river. The river was so deep, and he couldn’t take his iron axe out. He begins to weep.

Suddenly, Mercury the water goddess appeared before him and asked the reason behind his weep. The woodcutter told the whole story.

Mercury dived into the water and took out a golden axe. The woodcutter refused to take it. Mercury again dived into the water and came out with a silver axe and the woodcutter refused another time.

Then he brought out an iron axe and the woodcutter took it gladly. The water goddess was very much pleased, and she presented the woodcutter with other two axes.

The woodcutter went home happily.

Moral: Honesty is the best policy!


5. The Brave Deer And The Monster

Once upon a time, a there was a little deer which lost its way in between an island.
The land was covered by water every side except for one in which the path leads to a mountain.

To avoid starving death, the brave deer climb the mountain hoping that he would be able to cross to the other side. When he got to snow covered peak, a blizzard started, and he was freezing cold.

Suddenly, he found a small pathway leading to the other side of mountain. But the path was covered by a big monster which always shout “Hoooo oooo Hooo!” The deer got frightened! But looking around the snow covered area, he saw animals were lying frozen to death.

He took all the courage to move towards the path being covered by the monster. “Hooo oooo hooo” went the sound but the deer went towards it bravely.

Slowly, he noticed that the shape of the monster was changing went he moves closer and closer.

Then going near it, he realized that the monster was only a pile of rocks which was formed a shape like a monster. And the “Hoooo ooooo hooo” sound was the sound of the wind blowing through a small cave.

The deer laughed at his fright of the rocks and reached a land which was full of woods and plenty of food. Happy deer in the end!

Moral: Every Problem Has A Solution!


Tell one part of story to your kid and make him guess the other part of the story! Discuss with him what wil happen in the end if he choose an opposite thought. Try this tip and feel that it’s worth it!


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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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