Let’s Sprout Our Own Organic Vegetables!

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Contemporarily speaking, the word “organic” booms up for everyone’s mind when even buying a tomato in our nearby shop.

Literate people thinks about “organic” and illiterate people comes up with the “non-pesticide” word. That doesn’t matter since the issue is the same.

Not only fitness enthusiasts but also old aged grandma who really care for the diet of her old husband suffering from diabetes and maybe a kidney failure.

Teen girls who is scared to choose pesticide injected tomato for her morning face scrub and house maker wife who want to cook a healthy breakfast for their children rushing to school really care about their diet!

Something that most of us know is organic  means the non-usage of harmful pesticides and chemicals right?

Actually, one of my favourite actresses Jothika has done a housemaker character in a wonderful movie called “36 vayadhinile”.

Creating a social awareness for people about organic farming, cultivation of healthy vegetables in a greenhouse of her terrace involving neighbouring women and empowers herself by earning a good profit.

It made a beauty to the whole home and neighbourhood as well!

Now I think you still didn’t get a brief idea of non-organic and organic farming since I’m going like blah blah! So let’s go into the topic now! Let me clear some of the basic doubts.

1. What is organic food?
2.What makes organic food really organic?
3. Benefits of organic farming
4. The wicked matters of inorganic farming (Maybe you can come to different idea of vegetables you are purchasing now.)
5. The basic idea to start organic farming at your home.


1. Organic food?

What else is their benefits? Is it only about pesticide free vegetables and fruits?

This harvesting is a long time consuming process but the health industry claims that it has no side effects and is healthy!

If organic food is grown on the right soil following all the organic requirements these crops will have less content of nitrates.

Our prime minister Narendra Modi have introduced zero budget farming to gradully reduce the usage of pesticides and harmful fertilizers on Aug 2019. It is a great step to save our mother Earth.

As a farmer, as a child of this soil we should not make our mother Earth sick. The six states Kerala, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Uttarakhand have already adopted this technique which lead to decline in input costs and increase in yields.

High levels of nitrates increase theor heart disease risk and cancers, damage your blood vessels making your arteries more narrower.


2. What Makes Organic Farming Really Organic?

Organic Farm

Organic Farming Practices Should Meet The Following Goals.

  • Enhance soil and water quality
  • Reduce pollution
  • Provide safe, healthy lifestock habitats
  • Enable natural livestock behaviour
  • Promote a self sustaining cycle oil resources and natural fertilizers like cow dung
  • Proper irrigation on the required time.

Not Allowed Practices In Organic Farming

  • Synthetic fertilizers to add nutrients to the soil.
  • Usage of pesticides for pest control.
  • Antibiotics or growth hormones for the mass production of vegetables.
  • Genetic engineering used to improve crop yields.


3. Benefits Of Organic Farming To The Environment

  • Besides holding benefits to our body, it also have surprising benefits to the environment too! No one can win Mother nature lol!
  • They build a healthy soil.
  • Combats erosion.
  • Fighting the effects of global warming.
  • Organic farming supports water    conservation and water health.
  • Discourages algal blooms.
  • Supports animal health and welfare.
  • Encourages the whole biodiversity.


The Benefits Of Organic Farming To The Body

1. Better overall health- It does not contain elements of toxic chemicals and may not effect human health in harmful ways.

2. Improved heart condition– exclusive grazing on natural grass increases the amount of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)found in animal products. CLA is a healthy fatty acid which boost of the cardiovascular health.

3. Antibiotic Resistance – Actually non organic food sources use vaccines, growth hormones and animal by-products and antibiotics to treat and feed the animals.

When humans consumed this non organic food products they indirectly consume the antibiotics, vaccines and growth hormones and develop antibiotic resistance and weaker immune system.

4. Better taste- The method environment friendly agricultural techniques is revealed to be the reason of better taste for organic food products.


4. The Wicked Chemicals Behind Inorganic Farming!

The usage of chemical fertilizers, antibiotics and growth hormones is important in the mass production of vegetables to be supplied to the capital.

With a growing economy and good living, these inorganic vegetables are mostly affordable for almost everybody.

Additionally, people go almost blind without knowing the shocking truths of inorganic vegetables.

  • Fertilizers made of contaminated water– may cause a high levels of nitrates and results in hemoglobin disorders.
  • Heavy metals like Mercury,lead,cadmium and Uranium have been found in fertilizers which can be cancerous to the kidney,lungs and liver!
  • Over 29 popular fertilizers have been tested positive for 22 toxic heavy metals like silver, nickel and thallium which is directly linked with health hazards.
  • Ammonium Nitrate exposure can cause eye and skin irritation producing a burning sensation.
  • Potassium chloride links with nerve impulses and interrupts with virtually all bodily functions and affecgs heart functioning!

Oh my Goodness! This is horrible right?And the most horrific thing is that, we don’t even think of these factors when we have a burning sensation or a sudden eye irritation.

We just get an appointment to the Good doctor in our locality, asking opinions about him, his degrees and experiences to our neighbour, visiting him, get admitted for symptomatic drugs without finding the cause which we won’t care! This is sad!


5. Organic Farming In Our Home Sweet Home!

1. Test your soil

It is an important thing! The soil should be tested and  adjusted if it does not support crops. If you don’t have a clear idea about it, just send a sample of your soil to the local agricultural extension office.

This office will test your soil and send you the information about the state of your soil.

Don’t think it’s weird cuz you are the only one going to be happy if you start consuming your own honest poison-free vegetables at home!

2. Take climate into consideration

You should start collecting the list of plants that fairly grow to the climate of your area. Plants that grow in a different climate may grow only with the use of chemicals and pesticides.

3. Visit a local farmer’s market

They mostly do organic farming.This will give your the sense of the crops to plant and develop a local connection with these farmers.

4. Plant the crops

What more then? Take out the spade and start digging. Make sure you give a good space between these plants as it increases air circulation. And don’t walk them them! It’s a poor pity thing!

5. Start a compost heap

This serves as a natural fertilizer for your plants.

6. Water the plants regularly

Make sure that you water regularly at the roots since watering at the leaves and stems may cause damage. Make sure they have enough sunlight without any shelters blocking their way to grow towards the sun.

7. Use natural means to keep away from pests

Keep a small source of water like let’s imagine a beautiful pond of lotus leaves and water lillies peeking out of it!

Beautiful isn’t it? or just a small water puddle if you are going to do the organic farming on terrace.

It welcomes our friendly dudes like frogs, toads, birds, lizards which roar at the harmful pests and insects! Wondering how can i call a frog as dude? Hehe, it’s our slimy shiny friend which help us in organic farming right?

The most helpful thing is, cover the plants with nets and row covers to keep away from snakes! Scared? Let’s say just cats and rats or dogs which just play with our plants by pulling it all along!

Cool friends! Let me wish you to do the best to make your own home evergreen and make your family healthy!


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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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