Is the yellow Turmeric original you use at home? Easy tips to detect impurities

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Indian food in which all kinds of spices used. They lend a awesome flavour and aroma and can completely transform your dish.

Unluckily, the purity of the spices you buy is turning into a count of problem.

Adulteration, particularly in spices, is very common. Maximum people reach out to our local grocery shops for our month-to-month substances of spices and condiments.

Shopping for free bought spices has a better risk of being adulterated. It is every smooth to combine sub-widespread substances to powdered condiments and you may in no way realize.

Take a near look at your spice cabinet – is your clove powder less smelly or are your mustard seeds a piece grainy or does the turmeric powder appearance too vivid?

In case you are nodding your head proper now, the spices to your kitchen are maximum possibly to be adulterated.


How is turmeric adulterated?

Turmeric is an fundamental spice in an Indian kitchen. It isn’t only used as a flavouring agent however additionally revered as an ayurvedic remedy to reinforce your immunity, heal wounds and act as a natural anti inflammatory.

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Close up of turmeric powder

There are not unusual ways to adulterate turmeric. One is by means of including fillers which might not be toxic materials however factor without a nutritional price such as daw dust, rice flour, chalk powder or starch.

In some cases, synthetic color dyes made be used to make it seem shiny and yellow along with the fillers.

These may additionally encompass chemicals like metanil yellow colour and lead chromate which can be maximum commonly used.

They’ll be toxic and might have a poor impact for your health mainly if they may be being fed on often hidden on your turmeric powder.

Given its daily use and the impact on our health, it is important which you buy the best of turmeric. It is able to be tough to differentiate among real and pretend turmeric simply with the aid of looking it at.

Turmeric taken as a medicine for colds, coughs and ulcers. This turmeric powder, enhances immunity, two types of additives are made.

Turmeric powder is a spice that is regularly include in everyday food preparation. In, which is a disinfectant and a spice for food, is also a traditional food item in our country.


As such, is the quality of the turmeric powder use daily? Or mixed? Don’t you wanna know?

It is mix with mustard, coriander, sambar and turmeric. This vicious act of greed for profit affects the health of many. So how is the turmeric powder you use daily mixed with? You will find out here.

Turmeric Powder Contaminant

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Turmeric powder is an indispensable ingredient in the kitchen and is use not only as a seasoning but also as an Ayurvedic medicine.

Taken as a medicine for colds, coughs and ulcers. In turmeric powder, which enhances immunity, 2 types of additives are made. Mix lime, rice flour and starch powder and mix in turmeric powder.

These do not cause any side effects but are nutritionally deficient. In another method, chemicals called ‘lead chromate’ are mix with methanil yellow to give a brighter color and shine.

Consumption of these oxidizing chemicals can lead to anemia, miscarriage and brain damage. Mixed turmeric powder and good turmeric powder are hard to find once seen.

With a few simple tests you can find the yellow powder to be mix.

Here’s how to find out the original one!

1. Methanol Yellow

Take a test tube and put a little bit of turmeric in it. Add a little concentrated hydrochloric acid and a little water.

Then, shake the test tube rapidly. If the turmeric powder in the test tube turns pink, make sure the turmeric powder you are using contains the chemical methane.

This chemical is use to give color to laddu and biryani. Nausea and stomach upsets can occur when eating foods mixed with methane.


2. Lime Admixture

Take a test tube or glass jar and put a little turmeric in it and mix it with a little hydrochloric acid.

If there are liquid bubbles immediately, you can tell that it contains lime.


3. Water Test

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The presence of contaminants in turmeric can be easily detect with water. Take warm water in a glass tumbler and add turmeric to it.

Do not mix. When you look at it again after about 20 minutes and the water has cleared from the bottom of the yellow tumbler, your yellow is clean.

If there are particles or turmeric floating on top of the water it contains impurities.


4. Turmeric Root Impurity

Not only turmeric powder but also the root is impregnated. To find this out, take the yellow root and rinse it with water.

If the color of the root changes, make sure that the yellow root is polish with a chemical and that the yellow root is mix. You can also notify the shopkeeper of your purchase if desired.

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Asiya Naaz Being a medical professional i am holding key of writing skills. I revel in writing on scientific subjects for the duration of my spare time. My aim is to bridge the space among a physician and a layman to sell information that can be beneficial in better conversation.
Asiya Naaz Being a medical professional i am holding key of writing skills. I revel in writing on scientific subjects for the duration of my spare time. My aim is to bridge the space among a physician and a layman to sell information that can be beneficial in better conversation.

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