How to keep vegetables without a fridge [+ Tips and Tricks]

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We are always taught that to keep the perishable goods fresh for a longer time, we must refrigerate them. But is that the case always? Do you think all your perishable vegetables must be refrigerated? Is your fridge the correct storehouse for your fruits? Find out in this article if you’re taking proper care of your veggies or not. 

How do you preserve vegetables without a refrigerator?

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  1. To keep your vegetables fresh without refrigerating begins with you choosing your veggies wisely. You cannot pick just any veggie from the store and expect it to remain fresh for the longest time. Therefore, pick them carefully. 
  2. Do not buy refrigerated veggies from the store ever. In many outlets, sellers stock veggies over a long time & they refrigerate those to keep them fresh. Once you refrigerate a veggie, you have to continue doing so until you actually consume it. If kept outside, it will rot fast. 
  3. Choose your vegetables carefully. Try not picking overripe or spotted veggies. Veggies with insect holes are absolutely unacceptable in this case. Buy the perfect one so that you can store them outside the fridge without any worries. 
  4. Do not try to stock up more than how much fits in your cupboard. If you forcefully try to fit in your veggies then they might get bruised. Bruised veggies do not last long if you do not refrigerate them. Buy only what is required. Hoarding perishable products can never be a good idea if you don’t need them.
  5. When you are carrying your vegetables back from the market, make sure you carry a sturdy bag & if possible some towels. Wrapping them in a towel can protect them from getting bruised. Make sure they do not fall. If they get bruised then you must refrigerate them. 

To wash or not to wash, that is the question?

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Many people suggest that your veggies shouldn’t be washed and left on its own natural being. Their own dirt retains them best but most veggies are washed at least once before selling them. On the other hand, many people also suggest that veggies should be washed thoroughly to keep your hygiene quotient intact. Although, before you store them in a refrigerator or some other place, you must dry them properly. Damp vegetables perish super fast. 

Things that you must keep in mind if you do not wish to refrigerate your veggies:

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  • Storage spaces must be dry, dark & ventilated.
  • Bins or containers that you use to store your veggies, must be made out of a material that can be washed time & again. Plastic is a very good choice in this case.
  • Avoid using wire baskets & gear hammocks because they can create pressure on your veggies which can result in bruising. If something is bruised, just eat it up.
  •  If something starts rotting or molding, you must remove it soon & bleach the bin. 

Special tips to keep in mind when you don’t want to refrigerate your special veggies:

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  1. Fresh Garlic: Do not wrap them in plastic. It can last for a month. 
  2. Onions: Keep your onions in a dark & dry place to avoid sprouting. Also, do not store them with potatoes because they sprout.
  3. Cabbage: With cabbage, the catch is to keep it cool. Avoid bruising to make it last up to several weeks.
  4. Tomatoes: If you are buying many tomatoes at one go then you must buy them from various stages- green to properly ripe ones. Use paper towels to wrap & leave them in a dark place. When they fully ripen, consume them in 2 days.
  5. Cucumbers & green peppers: Pad them well to avoid bruising & they will last you at least a week or two.
  6. Carrots: Carrots need to be wrapped in aluminum foils to keep them fresh. But, you must leave gaps and not seal the wrap entirely. Rejuvenate them with water if they dry out.
  7. Zucchini: You must pick the small ones over the big ones because they last more. If they start to wilt then do not eat them raw. Cook them.

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Anyaja M I am a writer and author from Standard Oil. I publish articles after a lot of research with adding my own experience in it.
Anyaja M I am a writer and author from Standard Oil. I publish articles after a lot of research with adding my own experience in it.

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