Mental Stamina! How Can One Improve Study Stamina?

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Nowadays, the young generation often lacks focus or mostly distracted while studying.

They are very lethargic and sometimes extremely anxious which prevents them from concentrating on studies. Thus, developing certain tension as the timeline shortens towards the end of each semester (exams).

Being a college student myself, its hard to focus away from distractions. For all those influenced by similar conditions, it is essential to build your .

Seriously! Mental stamina? You ask.
Yes, Mental stamina give you the capacity to use your mental strengths to get through whatever life has for you.


1. Free Yourself From Distraction

The first and the foremost step towards success. Initially it is necessary to remove all of your distractions to focus fully on a particular work.

Avoid unnecessary notifications in cellphones and keep them away from you if not in use.

Choose a place or room away from commotions. Make that place your work zone, so whenever you enter, you prepare yourself to achieve certain goals before leaving the zone.

That is why most people prefer the library to study, before exams where there will be no distractions.


2. Make Your Goals Achievable.

Strive to achieve

It makes one more demotivated to start a day with failure. So it is best to make a schedule less difficult and more achievable.

Also, It depends on each person. Some like to finish the difficult works earlier when they are fresh. However, both ways work.

Try the famous Pomodoro technique – The time management technique created by Francesco Cirillo for a more productive way to work and study.

How to study using this technique?

Simple! firstly, 25 min intense concentration study. Secondly, 5-10 min break and finally, Again 25min intense workout followed by a break. You can use a Pomodoro timer to calculate your work time.


3. Take one bite at a time Towards Mental Stamina

Make a chart of things to be done and keep them updated. Tick the completed ones. The more the tick, the more motivated you become.


4. Learn to prioritize work

Learn to prioritize your work

Though it seems complicated, it’s actually pretty simple. It’s like the same concept of arranging your things accordingly, to make life easy and save time.

In the chart of things to do, highlight the things in order of difficulty or urgency. Fix a time to finish them first, prior to other tasks.


5. Take Action To Mental Stamina

You may ask what do you mean by taking action? For example, if you feel like not accomplishing a certain job, then do it then and there.

Always say the magic words Now or Never. The only thing that is stopping us from getting into a task is not doing it, so do it now!


6. Find Motivation

Motivate yourself

Thinking positively will improve one’s confidence and makes everything in life less complicated.

Do not mull over mistakes. Analyze how they can make you better person. First of all, you have to respect yourself no matter what others say or think.


7. Behavior Change Matters

Stop stressing over exams, instead, behave like a competitor. Relaxing before exams help you to regain and revise your notes.

Make it a habit to meditate or work out every morning. It helps vividly in the de-stressing process.

Try studying with classmates or friends once in a while. This can make the process more enjoyable and reliable. Being an introvert myself, I enjoy group studies now and then.


8. Do Not Multitask

Multitasking is not practical or logical. Always think about making your brain capable of single-tasking but in the most efficient way.


Who Says Studying Requires Only Mental Stamina To Achieve?

It’s a whole lot than that. There should be a thrill as well. Speaking of achieving goals, always remember your Past Success.

You need to form a positive image of yourself in your mind. To achieve certain goals, first of all, write down them and paste it where you can see them more frequently.


1. Gain Mental Stamina By Adequate Sleep

Sleep is an essential balance in life.

To dream with your eyes open, a very good night’s sleep is essential. During exams, adequate sleep helps to use our cognitive skills efficiently.

Early wakers who study and sleep early, become relatively successful as their brain’s capacity is more enhanced than a night owl.
Power naps can help during exams to cover more portions.


2. Reward Yourself

To improve your study skills, start by giving yourself a prize or reward when you’ve accomplished a certain task. It could be something as simple and sweet.


3. Use technology in a more efficient way

Have a thirst for knowledge

Study apps and the internet plays a major role in answering all your questions. It’s all about the basics. One should have the curiosity to understand and ask questions to gain complete knowledge.


4. Mental Stamina with Visualization

Visualizing is a skill

Visualizing is a skill. It expands one’s memory and makes learning enjoyable. Visualizing and learning enriches a person’s way of thinking.

Firstly, it improves the chances of being stored in your long term memory and secondly, it improves your IQ!


5. Mental Stamina With Exercise

Gain mental stamina along with physical fitness

By exercise, I mean games that give work to your brain. Chess, sudoku, crossword puzzles, etc. My father always says that playing carom helped him to increase his ability to focus.

A study in Neurobiology of Learning says that People learned new words 20% fast, after an intense exercise

Not only mental games, but regular exercise may also help you to gain focus by relieving the stress in you. They increase neurotransmitters in your brain, which in turn makes you more alert.


6. Improve Your Reading

People who read novels or other books can focus and pay attention for longer periods. Try Active reading. It includes just 3 steps.

Skimming, casual reading, and taking notes while reading.
Always remember to give breaks in between.


8. Change Of Diet

Dumping on high-fat food can affect your brain functioning. Instead eat healthy meals rich in proteins and vitamins.

Stress eating is commonly seen in most of the people, but we have to learn to avoid such habits. Snacking on oily chips and samosa may make you feel more tired and sleepy.

Peanut chikki

Peanut chikki /kadalai mittai and sesame chikki can be an alternative for snacking during your study. It improves the brain function as well as boost your memory. You can also feed on nuts and energy bar.


9. Water Is The Secret of Mental Stamina.

Keep yourself hydrated to function better.

Drinking water helps in improving concentration and cognition. It helps to balance your mood and emotions and in maintaining memory function.

Water is essential to increase the blood flow and oxygen to your brain, preventing and relieving headaches. It also helps in reducing stress.


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Bharathi I am a Medical Student with a passion for writing and a thirst for knowledge.
Bharathi I am a Medical Student with a passion for writing and a thirst for knowledge.

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