Discover the Amazing Benefits of Unrefined Mustard Oil

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Mustard oil is the most commonly used ingredient in Indian cuisine. This oil adds a strong flavor and aroma to the food, often used for frying and high-temperature cooking. It not only makes your food all the tastier, but there are several benefits of unrefined mustard oil which is another reason for its popularity. 

Origin, Taste, and Aroma

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Mustard oil is extracted from the mustard seeds that are mostly black, brown, or white. It is available in many varieties that depend on the process of extraction. You can use pure mustard oil for topical applications like massages, and it ain’t best suited for consumption. But here’s a deal: you can opt for the steam-distilled or cold-pressed version of the oil for consumption. You can buy cold-pressed mustard oil here:

The oil has an orangish-red or amber color, with a pungent aroma and strong flavor. However, once you see past that, it adds a delectable taste to the food you cook. Mustard oil has a high smoke point, and therefore it’s perfectly suitable for high-temperature cooking and frying. 

Benefits of Cold-pressed Mustard Oil

You must probably be wondering what the benefits of Cold-pressed Mustard Oil might be. We will tell you all about it. Here are all the uses and benefits of Cold-pressed Mustard Oil:

1. Has Stimulant Properties

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Mustard oil has wonderful stimulant properties that are very beneficial for health. It helps promote better blood circulation, improves digestion, relieves congestion, and invigorates metabolism. 

2. Rich in MUFA

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MUFA or monounsaturated fatty acid is an essential element that our body requires, and mustard oil has plenty of it. It helps to improve heart health, prevent premature greying, pain-relieving and promote hair health, and good for the skin too. One oil, so many benefits!

3. Improves Heart Health

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The high MUFA content in mustard oil works to improve your heart health. They decrease LDL or the bad cholesterol and helps increase HDL levels (good cholesterol), thereby reducing the risk of heart illnesses. It also keeps a check on blood sugar levels and aids in better blood circulation. 

4. Anti-inflammatory Properties

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Since ancient times, mustard oil has been used for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. The alpha-linolenic acid and omega 3 content of the oil has shown substantial results in reducing the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and rheumatism. However, there are limited studies, and prolonged use of mustard oil can cause skin burns too. Therefore, you should be careful not to overdo it. 

5. Helps Treat Cough and Cold


For several years, we have seen our mothers and grandmothers using mustard oil for relieving cough and cold symptoms. Having some chest congestion? Here’s what you can do: mix some mustard oil with camphor and use it as a chest rub. Studies are very limited regarding this, but it is an effective home remedy for generations. 

You can also take some steam treatment with mustard oil to relieve nose and throat congestion. Just add a little mustard oil to hot water and inhale the steam, and that will do the job!

6. Good for Skin and Hair

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One of the many benefits of unrefined mustard oil is that it helps improve hair texture. You can use a few drops of mustard oil with coconut oil or any carrier oil. Massage it well on your scalp, and you are good to go.

You can also use mustard oil to improve skin texture. It may reduce fine lines and wrinkles too. Remember, always do a patch test before applying mustard oil. This is to ensure that you do not get allergies or irritation after using it. 

7. Can Protect From Sun Damage


The rich Vitamin E content and thick consistency of mustard oil can act as a natural sunscreen. It can protect your skin from the adverse effects of sun damage. Mustard oil can also act as a natural cleanser as it helps purify your sweat glands. A good massage with mustard oil is refreshing indeed!

Frequently Asked Questions:

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  1. Why is pure mustard oil banned in many countries? 

Pure mustard oil is banned in the EU, USA, and Canada because of its erucic acid content. Erucic acid can cause health risks like lung cancer, anemia, and certain heart diseases as well. However, there have not been many tests on humans, and doctors recommend a regulated use of mustard oil in the diet.

  1. Is Mustard Oil safe to use during pregnancy?

Mustard oil is quite safe to consume during pregnancy, but you should always consult your doctor before consumption.

  1. Can I use mustard oil for high-temperature cooking?

The oil has a high smoke point, and that makes it perfect for high-temperature cooking and frying. However, too much of it is never good, so you should use it in moderated amounts. 

The bottom line: 

Mustard Oil has been used for generations in India and its surrounding countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, both for cooking as well as topical application and massages. There are many health benefits of unrefined mustard oil, like it has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, improves heart health, ensures better hair and skin texture, and a lot more. However, too much of something is good for nothing, and therefore you should consume mustard oil in regulated amounts to gain the most benefits.

You can buy Cold-pressed mustard oil from this link:

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Anyaja M I am a writer and author from Standard Oil. I publish articles after a lot of research with adding my own experience in it.
Anyaja M I am a writer and author from Standard Oil. I publish articles after a lot of research with adding my own experience in it.

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