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Karunjeeragam Oil- Its Mindblowing Benefits And Uses

Ugh.. that bitterness in my mouth. Oops, I am sorry, let me explain from the beginning. Every day, early in the morning my father...
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Bronze Utensils – Advantage of Using Kansa for Cooking and Serving Food

Bronze utensils! Seriously? Well, When the evolution of vessels has hit to its peak, you may think, how can someone still hang on to...
1 5 min read

Greasy Food- Dos And Don’ts After Eating Oily Foods

Nowadays, most people search and eat (fatty) Greasy food that are fried in oil. These foods are addicting and at the same time is...
0 3 min read

Sunflower Oil – Are They Good? or Bad? For Health

Sunflower oil! Overall this oil is thought to be very beneficial or, is it really? People often have doubts about what to buy, and...
0 4 min read

Depression – A Study On How Foods Can Help With It?

Have you heard people or yourself say, Oh! man, this week has been really depressing with all this stress from work, my personal problems,...
0 4 min read

Menstruation- Top 12 Foods To Avoid During Periods

Every month, women cross a period known as the time of the month. Some of the slangs used to refer to monthly periods are...
0 3 min read

Top 17 Foods That Causes Cancer and Stay Away

Cancer, the word itself brings some kind of fear in one. By the way, to avoid confusion by cancer, I mean the disease. But...
0 5 min read

Pregnancy Sleeping Position – Good Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a unique, amusing, and often the most pleasant time in a woman’s life. Pregnancy comes with some adjustments and troubles. However, for...
0 3 min read

Chionophobia – The Fear Of Snow (Anxiety Disorder)

When anyone says phobia, what crosses your mind? What is a phobia? Phobia is a serious or irrational fear of something. It is a...
0 3 min read

Mental Health – How to Relief Anxiety, Depression And Insomnia Without Medication

People always refer to their mood as depressed, sad, and anxious. These are just normal emotions about life’s struggles. When such emotions last longer...
0 3 min read

Mental Stamina! How Can One Improve Study Stamina?

Nowadays, the young generation often lacks focus or mostly distracted while studying. They are very lethargic and sometimes extremely anxious which prevents them from...
0 4 min read

Summer! Plenty Of Superfoods To Stay Healthy In Summer

Summer! The word itself makes everyone to feel certain emotions running down from your head to toe. The excitement in kids, by the thought...
0 5 min read

Cooking oil- 9 Best Oils For Indian Cooking

Speaking of cooking oils, Indian cooking looks impossible without the whizz of oil. Cooking oil is part of the process for seasoning, sauteing, frying,...
0 4 min read

Organic Farming – It’s Advantages For The Environment

Have you ever wondered how your actions sometimes may affect the environment?Its a known fact, that we humans pollute and cause most of the...
0 3 min read

Lamp Oil – A Medium To Enlighten Your Spiritual Energy!

If you’re looking for a list of the best lamp oil to light your Deepam, you’ve come to the right place. Lamp oil is...
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