Are You Using Disposable Diapers For Your Kid? – 7 Disadvantages Of Diapers!

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Babies are cute! Aren’t they? They are designed to be lovable. Every parent goes through the emotion” oh no!I don’t know what I am doing! Can anyone help? ” and this emotion strikes everyone mind with the incident of changing diapers!

Do you know that one disposable diaper took 500 years to get decomposed? I always hear my sister say parenthood are bunch of sleepless nights! Haha, it was funny but I also realised how hard times she will gone through since she was only 21 at the time! Let’s say my grandma was married at 13 and she have have 5 kids and she could have undergone a decade of sleepless nights lol!

Parenthood is all about learning the ancient art of taking care of a baby and changing lots and lots of stinky diapers! 
There is no doubt that diapers will make cleaning easier but they are harmful effects!

Dealing with nappies is definitely an uncomfortable business not because they are filled with poop but made up of plastic! Do you think that only 5% of population use diapers? No way, According to 2019 nearly 250 million disposable diapers are used every single day! Yeah you heard that right:( .

And 8 metric millions of plastic enters the ocean each year. Causing alot of harm for your baby, do you think it won’t harm your baby’s soft bum?

Let’s look at the wicked effects of diapers which causes alot of discomfort to your baby?


1. Diaper Rash

Rashes are so common in babies and the moms will try to apply oil so that it will heal down. You should find a solution to the cause!


2. Friction

Most diaper rashes are formed due to friction-when sensitive baby’s skin is rubbed by wet diapers.This results on red, shiny rash in exposed areas.


3. Skin Irritation

The skin under diapers get irritated due to irritants present such as fecus,urine, cleansing agents or by the acid in urine and bowel movements. The rashes seems to be red in the area where the diaper has rubbed and not in other skin folds.


3.  Fungal Infection

The bright beefy red appearance is very prominent that you could notice that is a candidial infection also known as fungal or yeast infection. This type of  is very common after the use of antibiotics.


4. Allergic Reaction

This may also include irritations due to soaps, laundry detergents, diaper lotions or elastic in plastic pants.


5. It May Lead To Toxicity

Diapers are made up of harmful chemicals and synthetic fibres. These rashes staying for a long time contact with you baby may definitely harm him. Exposing your baby’s delicate skin to harmful chemicals may result in some of them entering your baby’s body.


6. Affects Toilet Training

In 1957, children began potty training at around 11 months and were trained at the age of 2!

There wasn’t availabilty of disposable diapers at the time. Wearing diapers affects the children undergoing toilet training at the correct age and parents are failing to understand the baby body’s cues since the task is really easy for them to wear diapers.


7. Increasing Chances Of Urinary Tract Infections

Children wearing diapers regularly are very prone to develop urinary tract infection and fever. No mother would like to see her newborn baby feeling sick and coughing:/

As everybody knows diapers absorbs the baby’s urine. The same substance using to absorb may hinder the easy flow of air inside the diaper and creates an apt conditions for germs and bacteria to breed which probably results in Urinary Tract Infection.


8. Alternative To Disposable Diapers?

Well, Cloth diapers.You may get a question striking in your mind” does it makes my baby wet?”. They are not suitable for travel but you can use this at home.

  • Super absorbent- This word depends on the brand you buy.
  • Cost effective- They are a way more cheaper than disposable diapers.
  • They contain no harmful chemicals – No harmful chemicals that could hurt your baby’s body.
  • Allows Skin Breathability- They are made up of cotton and involves less chances of developing skin irritation and rashes. To avoid skin irritation,it is better to choose organic cotton brands.
  • Environment Friendly– they are not made up of plastic which takes 500 years to decompose!
  • They are reusable- Although, it makes you feel difficult to wash them,you always have a diaper in your hand even though the store is closed.


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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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