15 Tips For Your Kid To Beat The Summer Heat!

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Summer is here! You know what is means. Here, comes the sweat running down from your head to the forehead when your are commited to the most important project.

There’s no other way other than getting around the fact that you need an ac conditioner to survive the brutal summer heat in places like the hot Chennai! It crosses the temperature of 38°c at the month of May. The people who get more tensed than employees are household wives! Household wives? Why are they going to get suffer? Let’s add another character inside their house. A newborn baby! Making the situation more tragedy!

The question is how could  newborn baby stand the summer heat when it’s mom couldn’t? Some moms could find summer easier if they are in low affected  places, they don’t need to have sweaters and scarfs to bundle up thier baby and they could be relatively free.

But in some places, due to global warming effects, too much sun exposure in infancy may later increases their risk to develop skin cancers. Some may develop an increased risk to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The kid’s body will not be capable to regulate the temperature, he will get dehydrated easily then. It’s not a thing to get more worried but it is a factor among many other factors like malnutrition, congenital conditions etc.

Life may be challenging to raise up a kid for especially new moms,but it may gets easier with a few simple parenting tip to follow easily! Let’s dive straight into the 15 tips to beat the heat!


1. Stay Away From The Sun!

Spending time outdoors is a common activity on spring breaks and summers but remember to protect your baby from the harmful UV rays. Since most of the sun damage appears in childhood,they should be protected. Move your baby to a shade under a tree and umbrella. Limit the sunlight exposure from 10 am to 4 pm.


2. Get A Hat

Hats that shade the scalp, face,neck, ears are very comfortable and provide good protection. Baseball caps are popular among kids, but they don’t protect their ears and neck. Make sure that the hat is made up of cotton so that it won’t get overheated.


3. Wear Sunglasses

If your kid is old enough, let them wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV rays which may cause cataracts in later life. Look for the sunglasses that wrap around and block 100% UVA and UVB rays as possible.


4. Cotton Is The Best!

Cotton is natural,100% fabric. They are soft and do not rub harshly against baby’s skin. They permit better aeration and keep the baby cool. The nature of cotton permits it to absorb and remove the body’s moisture easily. It is a non allergic material and it not at all develops rashes and eczema.


5. Hydrates Your Kid’s Body All The Time

You don’t need to give water before 6 months old. Instead you must breastfeed your baby well enough so that it doesn’t get dehydrated easily. Signs of dehydration  includes sunken eyes, dry lips,no tears while crying,less number of wet diapers than usual and dry skin.

Most kids won’t have a habit of drinking water as they don’t even know they are feeling thirsty. Here’s a tip! Make water more visible to them. Children are more likely to drink water if they see it. Place water for them to drink strategically around your home. Place a glass of water next to their bed during night.


6. Make It Tasty!

Some kids don’t drink water.Try to give them juices and they will love it! Try juices of apple, lemon, berries, watermelon and even carrots and stock some in your fridge  so it could be always available. Try making salads using dates, raisins, nuts and seeds if your kid is more than one year old.


7. Don’t Let Them Buy Packaged Juices Or Products!

Never allow kids to drink soft drinks like cola, pepsi and he should definitely avoid sports drinks unless he perform athletics.


8. Sponge Down With Your Baby!

A great way to cool your baby is to give sponge baths from time to time. Use plain water without soap to avoid stripping baby’s skin from their available natural moisturizing properties. On a really hot day,you can do it more than 2 times to make your baby more comfortable.


9. Use Cotton Sheets

Make sure the bed is not fussy for summer. Spread 100% organic cotton sheets. Avoid wearing clothing on babies when they sleep and let them be free and comfortable. Avoid waterproof and synthetic matress protectors which makes them stuffy.


10. Keep A Stroller Fan With Your Baby!

When you are outdoors with your baby on a hot sunny day,you often choose a pram to carry your baby instead of carrying in your hands. Most of the people get worried about the hot sun since they still get hot even we cover them half.

Note: Don’t cover them fully as it don’t know air for baby and raises the temperature resulting una heat stroke! A stroller fan is the best solution for them! Get a stroller fan, clip them to the cover of the pram and let your baby sleep comfortably without the concern about hot troubling weather.


11. Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is a itchy rash of small raised red spots that can cause an itchy sensation.Kids are more prone to prickly heat since they don’t have fully developed sweat glands. Creams such as zinc and castor oil protects their skin.These same creams are used for a solution of diaper rash.Changing their clothes more often and giving rapid wash may also help.


12. Don’t Set Temperature Too Low!

Don’t set the temperature too low when you have an air conditioner.Setting a temperature of 24°C to 26°C is low enough.


13. Sunscreen Is Not Recommended Less Than Six Months Of Age!

Shades, clothing and hats are the best. After a year,when you want to try sunscreens always choose a small area of skin,apply sunscreen and look out for reactions.


14. Turn Fans On

Not only, it it keeps your baby and home cool in summer, but it also help with SIDS.
The American academy of Pediatrics recommends turning on fans to prevent SIDS at night.


15. Keep In Mind That Vitamin D Is Also Needed For Your Kid!

The American academy of Pediatrics recommends all babies to receive 400 IU of vitamin D per day due to decreased sunlight exposure and increase in rickets. While breast milk is the best source of nutrients for baby,it doesn’t provide enough Vitamin D. Infants should get sunbath for atleast 3O minutes weekly. Foods that provide Vitamin D includes fatty fish, salmon, orange juice, soy milk , cereals and egg yolks.


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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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