10 Amazing Benefits Of Lemon

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10 Amazing Benefits Of Lemon

Whether it be in providing relief from the summer heat or soothing the body from the cold in winter, lemon has been an all season’s fruit. This bright and vibrant fruit has been popular since ancient times. 

Lemons (Citrus Limonum) are among the world’s most popular citrus fruits. They grow throughout southern Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia. 

Lemon is consumed throughout the planet in soft drinks, snacks, jellies, jams, sugar boiled confectionery, pickles, beverages, and culinary. Oil is extracted from lemon peel or skin and is used in manufacturing cosmetics, body oils, toothpaste, disinfectants, beverage concentrates, hair oils, hand sanitizers, soaps, and innumerable other products. F:\WORK!!!\lemon_1205-1668.jpg

Lemons are an excellent, low-calorie fruit to flavor drinks and food. Lemon water and lemon peels have gained favoritism among dieters. A scientific study showed that drinking lemon water regularly improved intestinal microbiota associated with weight loss and it also resulted in the improvement of overall well-being. Lemon peels also contain many nutrients. The peels can be grated on a salad, chicken, and fish dishes to give a citrusy flavor to the dishes. Peels can also be blended with smoothies and soups.  

Lemons are versatile fruit, thus blend with almost every food enhancing its flavours and bringing joy to the palate. Its sourly and tingly taste can make the taste buds pop out giving a refreshing taste.  It can be added to chutneys, salads, and desserts. Just squeeze the fresh lemon juice into salad dressings, or take a slice of it and decorate it on drinks. 

Flavonoids present in lemons have a broad range of biological activity like antifungal, anticancer, antibacterial, and antiviral activities. This has resulted in their popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Certain studies also claim that drinking lemon water daily can boost the immune system.

Furthermore, you might have come across many beauty blogs and celebrities talking about the benefits of drinking lemon water. It tends to improve skin as well as digestive health. There are also many cosmetics infused with vitamin C whether it be face creams, eye creams, or face masks. These beauty products help revive and heal damaged skin as well gives a hydration boost to the skin.

But instead of spending money on these products, just add lemon to your diet to get youthful and glowing skin. It is like an elixir for the skin. It can work wonders when consumed in its raw form or applied externally on the skin. 

Here are 10 incredible health benefits of lemons:

1. A Powerhouse Of Vitamin C

Lemons are an excellent source of Vitamin C. 

One lemon gives 31 mg of vitamin C, which is 51% of reference daily intake (RDI).  They are the easiest source for obtaining this daily requirement. 

Lemons also consist of antioxidants. Antioxidants scavenge free radicals that can damage cells, from the body. 

Lemons are also rich in potassium (can lower blood pressure and improve heart health) and vitamin B6 (assists in converting food into energy).

2. Enhances Heart Health

Research shows that consuming fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C can lower the chances of heart disease and stroke risk. 

The theory behind this is that vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the body cells against dangerous free radicals. 

Plant compounds and essential oils in lemons have been found to lower bad LDL cholesterol and keep arteries flexible. There is a plant compound called hesperidin which is a type of antioxidant found in lemon. This compound can strengthen blood vessels and prevent the buildup of plaque inside the arteries thus preventing atherosclerosis. 

Folic acid also present in lemon juice can prevent cardiovascular diseases. 

3. Prevents Scurvy

Lime is popular as a cure for scurvy, the disease which is caused due to deficiency of vitamin-C and characterized by frequent infections with cough and cold; cracked lips; ulcers in the mouth; swollen and bleeding gums, etc. that nowadays even a toddler can tell you that. Since its cause is the deficiency of vitamin-C, its remedy is none apart from vitamin-C, and lime is blessed with this vitamin. In the olden days, soldiers and sailors were given lime to stay safe from scurvy, which was a dreaded disease then. Even now, it’s distributed among the workers working in polluting environments like those working in furnaces, painting shops, heat treatments, cement factories, mines, etc. to protect them from scurvy.

4. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer 

A 2011 study published in the Asian and Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention found that lemon extract applied in vitro to breast cells induced cell death. These results suggested powerful cancer-fighting properties in lemons.

Flavonoids can function as antioxidants and free radical scavengers and can inhibit cell proliferation thus lowering the risk of cancer formation. 

Lemons are also rich in compounds called limonins. This compound has been linked to a lower risk of cancer. 

5. Gives Healthy And Glowing Skin

Our skin is subjected to a lot of damage because of sun exposure, pollution, and other lifestyle factors. This makes the skin vulnerable to acne formation and blemishes and wrinkles. But instead of worrying about it, just make drinking lemon water a part of your daily routine. Your skin will thank you for it. Drinking lemon water promotes hydration and flushes out toxins from the body, resulting in healthy and glowing skin.   

Moreover, vitamin C plays an essential role in the formation of collagen. Collagen is the support system of the skin. There are many cosmetic products available in the market which claim to boost collagen production. But instead, face masks can be prepared at home and applied to the skin for charging up the skin. Preparing a paste of gram flour with a few drops of lemon juice and then applying it on the skin can give a smooth and glowing skin. When applied externally on the skin, its acid scrubs out the dead cells. It also cures dandruff, rashes, bruises, etc. 

6. Increases Iron Absorption

Iron deficiency is the leading cause of anemia and is very common in women. It can make skin look pale and cause a feeling of tiredness or fatigue. 

But pairing vitamin C with iron-rich foods can maximize the body’s ability to absorb iron. So instead of eating plain green leafy vegetables, just squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on it and then savour it.

7. Boosts Immune System

Drinking warm water with lemon juice and honey in it has proven to have tremendous health benefits. This simple home remedy is quite popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It is because of the presence of a high amount of vitamin C and antioxidants, which helps to neutralize the free radicals in the body, the immune system gets strengthened against germs that cause common cold and flu. Moreover, vitamin C helps in protecting leukocytes, which produces antiviral substances. 

8. Prevents Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are quite common and sometimes people get them repeatedly. 

Lemons and limes are very beneficial for people suffering from kidney stones as these fruits contain most citric acid.

Some studies show that citric acid prevents kidney stones by producing more urine and increasing its pH, thus creating an unfavourable environment for kidney stone formation. 

9. Improves Digestive Health

Lemon contains certain soluble fibers like pectin which has numerous health benefits. It can improve gut health and lower the digestion of sugars and starches. To get the benefits of eating this fibre, the pulp of the lemon needs to be consumed.

Furthermore, ancient Ayurveda says that drinking lemon water daily in the morning can help jump-start the digestive system. It acts as a laxative to help prevent constipation. By stimulating the digestive system, it allows you to digest food more easily and helps in the removal of toxins. The flavonoids present in lime, stimulate the gastrointestinal system and increase secretion of digestive juices, bile, and acids and also stimulate the peristaltic motion. This is the rationale behind having lemon pickle with lunch and dinner is an age-old practice in India and a few of its neighbouring countries. 

10. Supports weight loss

Nowadays lemons have gained popularity among celebrities and dieticians, as it has been theorized that drinking lemon with warm water can help in weight loss. Studies have shown that pectin found in lemon peel and pulp, can help people feel fuller for a long time. This can help in reducing the intake of food.   

Many people find drinking lemon water along with honey to be of immense help in reducing weight. The acid present in lime is a superb fat burner. So just have two glasses of lemon water daily and see its remarkable results within a week. 

In conclusion, lemon is a super fruit infused with lots of vitamin C and antioxidants which provide tremendous health benefits like improving skin health, enhancing heart health, boosting immunity, improving digestive as well as dental health and aiding in weight loss. So what are you waiting for, just set a reminder to drink lemon water daily and then sit back and see its benefits unfold?  

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Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.
Elakeya I am a young Physician Associate by career but always love to write! I expertise in medical writing, nutrition, cooking, and even travel and food.

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